Sunday, December 14, 2008

I forgot to note that yesterday, when I woke up, I couldn't help but notice that my scalp was very sensitive in a big spot in the back of my head. This persisted as I shampooed my hair and then I noticed some clumps of hair coming out of my head...and when I looked in the mirror, other clumps sticking out weirdly from the side of my head!

I told Sandy about this...and she, who has been doing ALL the research on this illness and the progression of chemo, etc...informed me that this signals the start of my hair starting to come out! A bit early perhaps, but it's beginning! This means that as I suspected...I will be bald by January sometime. Good thing I have those hats from Marie and Linda! Thanks Gals!

So...that was the other big news from yesterday. Big Whup!

Today I had to climb those damned stairs twice to get the dogs out to pee in the AM...that damned Truman, wouldn't get out of bed! I had to traipse back upstairs and flip the covers back, and he looks at me like..."what? you want me to get up??" As if I wasn't yelling for him for five minutes downstairs...trying to avoid having to go upstairs again. That little crud!

I called Sandy at work and asked her to pick up waffles for me on her way home...she was going to the store anyway. She did and I made myself two of them for breakfast. Yum!

Today I'll be watching the Huskies on CPTV at 2:30...then the Patriots at 4:15...oh, and I'll be recording the Lady Vols playing Texas at I can watch that one later. Big day!

I am so cold...that loss of muscle really reduces the insulation! I'm wearing my new sweats that Jean got for me...they hang on me and I wear my Sox sweatshirt with hood up...I look like a monk! All bundled up in the throw that MaryAnne Bouthillier brought for me...I love it!

Now I have to nap, so I can enjoy the games.

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