Monday, December 15, 2008

Big Day

Big day today. I got up early and took my own shower, standing up in the shower this time. More hair coming out...but still no bald spots. Got my clothes out and got myself dressed. I was even able to put my foot up on the bathroom counter top to dry my legs off!

Then I had breakfast and Sandy drove us over to Lindsay and Jim's to see their new motorhome before they leave for Florida this week. It was such a treat to be riding in the car and not be heading to the hospital, doctor's appointment or bloodwork!

The motorhome is BEAUTIFUL! We just fell in love with it...with it's four slideouts, custom cabinetry, kitchen island, the whole thing is gorgeous!

Lindsay had some "books on tape" for me...some more stuff to do while sitting for the eight hours at chemo appointments.

I started fading a bit after about an hour, so we headed home. When we got home I realized Deanna had called and I had missed her call. I tried to call her on her cell..she wasn't answering. I took a chance and called Lazizah...sure enough! They were there and Iffat was just telling them that I loved the falafel sandwich and she was adding a bowl of chicken corn chowder!

It was great talking with Iffat for a minute or so...I miss going down there...that's one of my next drive myself to Lazizah for a falafel sandwich.

Deanna and Lorraine showed up bearing the gifts of good food. We all ate in the dining room and got caught up on the latest. We haven't seen them since September I think it was! Then they got on the internet and showed us the house that they are is beautiful! Love the grounds...the details in the house...the tub and shower, the kitchen...everything.

After they left I went upstairs and took a three hour felt good. I guess I got rundown a bit from all the travel and visiting.

Oh...Ellen O'Donoghue emails me and tells me that she can't wait to write on my bald head! I love that idea! I'm going to have people sign my bald head like you have people sign your cast when you break an arm! Isn't that the best idea? Thanks Ellie Belle!

Keep those good ideas coming. You know, some time ago I posted a concern of what I would do if I had to call 911 in the middle of the night...what would I do with the dogs? Well..Lindsay came up with the idea of putting them in soft-sided kennels in our bedroom. Sandy went out and bought two kennels cheap and they are all set up in the bedroom. I don't have that concern any more! If I hadn't posted that in this blog, Lindsay wouldn't have come up with the idea!

I have such resourceful and creative friends...keep those ideas coming!

I'm actually looking forward to being bald now.

Going to watch the Huskies (guys) play tonight...I want to see Stanley Robinson back in a UConn uniform...I love him!

Nighty night!

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