Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I just "came to" today and realized I need to get on the stick and start ordering Christmas presents for Sandy! Thank God for shopping on the internet! I have done little store shopping over the past three years....I'm totally into skipping the store experience!

So, I got some shopping done today...that, coupled with the shopping that Jean took care of for me...should pretty much finish off the big stuff for Sandy.

I don't worry one whit about Sandy reading this...she NEVER reads my blog! I dunno why...maybe it's the same reason we don't go into each others purses without permission...or read each other's mail/email without permission.

My mother used to snoop through everything...when we were kids, we had NO PRIVACY! Not even in the bathroom were you safe...she would bust through that door while we were in the tub...sit her butt down on the toilet and strike up a conversation with us...I miss those days! But, it left me with a profound respect for personal privacy regarding mail...etc. Not about the bathroom however...as Homer Simpson says.."I'm whizzing with the door open!"

But I digress....I don't worry about Sandy reading this...I could even post what I got her...she would be clueless...but all of Backus Hospital would know...because apparently people there are reading this blog...and chatting about it! HI BACKUS FOLKS!

Tomorrow I have a big day...first I will have to feed the doggies for the first time in about a month and a half. Then Sandy will come home from work, pick me up and off we go to Backus to get my bloodwork done...Carol reminded Sandy of a little-known collection station at the hospital that is quick and easy to use...and they do "stat" work..so the results will be faxed to my doctor quickly. Then we go down to L&M to see Dr. Lachance at 9am. After that, she has to run some errands and then we will both take a nap when we get home. She, because she will have worked all night and me, because that's what I do every day and I'm sure I'll be worn out from all the activity.

Tomorrow night I get to see all my retiree buddies at Lynne's house. We're having our annual holiday get-together. I've been looking forward to this for a month now and I can't believe it's finally here! It will be so good to see everyone.

A little disconcering development is the fact that when I eat a normal meal now, my stomach has problems with it. I am afraid that scar tissue from the surgery is causing some mini blockages. I've had to deal with this before and I know what to do when it gets bad (get in a tub of hot water)..but I would prefer to NOT have to deal with this after every meal! Here's hoping I'm wrong.

What weather we are having! I had two windows open last night...it was so warm. Today we have sleet on the deck. Crazy New England weather! At least we don't have ice storms as they had up north.

I'm not liking the way this blog posts pictures. I posted an album of "hospital pictures" on my Facebook page. Here is the link to see them...feel free to list me as your friend if you are on Facebook...or if you join!


I don't know if I'll be posting another entry for today...so even though it's just noontime...I'll still say...

Nighty night!

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