Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Long overdue, my apologies, I finally put my fingers on the keyboard to update this blog. 

Since last we talked, I found out that my chemo regimen is working!   The last CT scan showed that the tumors are shrinking (or rumors are shrinking) and my CA 125 level is down to SIX!   It had made it up to 44 the last time it was taken.

Of course, I knew that the chemo was working.  The chemo ALWAYS works for me.  I hate to sound jaded, but I didn't celebrate too much when I heard this news...I knew the answer before they told me.  I did high five Sandy....again...as we have every time we get the good news. 

I also wasn't too excited because I felt so darned rotten.   I don't know if I had written about the latest situation--on the day I went for my first workout with my personal trainer, I came home feeling ill and quite weak.  I also got the chills, which didn't quit.  Sandy took my temp later in the evening and sure enough, I had a fever!  It was 100.6 degrees, which for me is high as my normal temp is around 97-97.5. 

Sandy said there was a virus going around and I probably had it, so I decided to "ride it out,"   By Sunday, with my temp around 99.7 to 100.2 and my chest bothering me, I decided to break down and go to the hospital--Urgent Care Clinic.    The doctor I saw was SURE I had pneumonia--my pulse ox was down to 94.  She ordered a breathing treatment and a chest x-ray.  The breathing treatment brought my oxygen level right up to 99.  Good...but it didn't help me "feel" better.  The chest xray came back negative--which really disappointed the doctor. 

She ordered blood tests and prescribed Leviquin, in case I had an infection.   I started feeling better the next day and thought I was in the clear.  Then on Wednesday, I started having chest pressure, became constipated, couldn't pass gas and that is NOT good for my system.  The end result?   WICKED dry heaves that left me with my abdomen hurting....I think I may have activated the old hernia again....under the mesh.  OUCH!  

The dry heaves happened again on Friday night as we were heading to Jean's for Ryan's birthday party.  I occupied the bed in the spare room all night--running back and forth to the loo to heave--as the rest of the family sat out in the other room, wolfing down steak tips, stuffed potatoes and other goodies...and birthday cupcakes.   CUPCAKES!   Jean also made fried onions that night and I think I shall always associate the smell of fried onions with dry heaves.

Okay...Sunday night, dry heaves again.  So, three strikes and you're out!  I stopped taking the Leviquin and haven't had any problems....yet.  I called my doctor and left the message that I stopped taking the meds and why and looking for guidance as to what I do now.  Haven't heard word one....I'm really getting pissed about this doctor's office.

I went for my second workout session--and we cut it in half to see if that helps.  I came home very tired and ill feeling.  I'm scheduled to have the other half of the workout on Friday--but I'm thinking I will delay until next month.  I need to rest up for Costa Rica, which comes up at the end of the month.

I have been working on Wini to accept help in the house and I am really going to push her tomorrow. 
She seems to be more amenable lately.  I think there have been several folks talking to her about the matter and perhaps this will get her to finally make a move.  I keep trying to pin her down on getting an appointment to speak to the Homemaker people, she keeps telling me she wants to, but comes up with excuses and diversions ("I need new shoes")  about what her current priority is.  

I know I can't keep going up there indefinitely...something has to give.  I have to work on getting myself in shape or I won't be any good to Bob, Wini or anyone. 

I spoke to the doctor about helping me manage the chemo side effects--most notably the waaaay high blood pressure.  I am now keeping a  diary.  My BP shoots up right after the chemo treatment--and usually drops down before the next one...but two times in a row, my BP has been high (for me) when I there for chemo and this last time it didn't come down within acceptable limits and they had to get "special dispensation" from the doctor to give me the chemo.

So it looks like I'll be taking blood pressure medication and I hope I get it soon...before I go to Costa Rica.  

Oh...speaking of which...I am working on my packing for the trip.  My goal is to have one carry-on piece of luggage and my backpack...period.  Nothing goes below decks.  The reason is because 1) I usually overpack and I need to learn how to pack lighter and 2) we are going to be moving every few days while we are touring Costa Rica and I don't want to schlep around a bunch of bags. 

I have most of what I am bringing for clothing in one medium sized plastic bag.  I just have to add underwear/sandals/walking shoes/and my camera.  Oh...and my meds.  UGH!  I think I will have room to spare!   Not that I buy a lot of souvenirs---I tend to let my pictures be my souvenirs.   I think I'm going to do this!

This is one of my "souvenirs" from our trip to Sweden in 2011......I can still remember the heat of that day....

We have our first snow on the ground today.  I know lots of folks are hoping that's the end of it...but I do have those new cross country skiis that are calling to me...so I'm hoping we get more. 

The Patriots are surprising me....I thought they didn't have a chance of making the Super Bowl....I was wrong.  They play this weekend...of course the game starts at exactly the same time as our SNEAK club meeting on Sunday!  We'll have to set the DVR and watch it when we get home.   And OF COURSE, if they DO make it to the Super Bowl, that game will be played when we are in Costa Rica!   I'll bet I can find it on tv down there, somewhere.  That seals it though...now it's a guarantee that they will go to the Super Bowl...and they will lose.  That's what happens to the Huskies anyway, when they are in the Final Four when I'm at Disney World.....that's life.

Okay...enough of this crap.  I'm outta here!