Monday, July 18, 2011

An up and down kind of week, thus far.  Still hoping for great news on Wednesday when I Dr. McCourt.  Maybe that will get me back on the right road.

Anyway, I went to see Dr. Valin last Thursday and told him about my diarrhea woes since I drank the green smoothie.  He thinks that the kale scrubbed out all my "good gut bacteria" and told me that he was going to treat me "as if you have Montezuma's Revenge."  Well, he gave me probiotics and a Rx for levoquin, which has a thick volume of warnings that come with it.

I've been taking it since Saturday and haven't noticed much difference.  So, it looks like I'll be calling Dr. Sansone again, hoping to get that miracle stuff she gave me last time.  That stuff did the trick!

Charmine and Pat stopped by yesterday on the way home from the beach (lucky ducks) and told us about a planned trip to Costa Rica, a place I have wanted to see for years.  There are rain forests in Costa Rica.  I invited myself to the trip and they told me the web site to check out the details.  I guess they don't really want me to come with them....the website was bogus.  It was about trips in England! WHAT!  They really want to get rid of me!

I don't blame them.  I can be a pain in the ass.  I know it.

Work has been great and lots of fun.  The scenario is very interesting and thought-provoking for the students.  I enjoy doing it.  This could end up being my "signature piece" for my stage career.

We are planning another trip to Dummerston VT coming up in early August.  This time we will drag Jean along, to get her "seasoned" on RV life.   Since she is coming with us to Nova Scotia, she needs to get acclimated.

Sandy also announced that she wants us to go to Las Vegas for a weekend to see Shania Twain.  Sandy is all hooked on Shania after watching a reality show that featured her, her family and her voice.  I don't mind going back to Vegas...we went years ago when I was very heavy, hot and not in shape to walk around and really check things out.  I'd love to go back and see the sights, especially the CSI labs!  HA HA!!
So, we will go to Vegas next year.

Maybe I'll run down to Reno too and visit the crew at police headquarters, Lt. Jim Dengle, Raneisha Williams, Trudy, et al....I miss them.

We are going to head back to Maine with Jean in September and will stay at Moody Beach Campground where we stayed this Spring.  Jack is trying to organize a group of folks to tandem parachute jumps sometime in September and maybe it will be when we are up there.  I'm toying with the idea of doing it.  

Truman had his annual dental work last week and as usual, it was nail-biting time.  When he leaves with Sandy I always tell him I love him and give him a kiss, just in case he doesn't come out of the anesthesia.  As he gets older, we get more nervous about it.  He gets a cardiac work-up before he goes and won't have the treatment if the tests don't come out right...but still we worry.  We did lose Trinculo years ago following a dental procedure. She came out of the anesthesia all right, but died a few minutes later.

Anyway, TMan did well and the doctor said it was his best check-up to date!  He also said that he thinks that having titanium teeth may have saved Truman's life during that fisher cat attack.  I can't say I don't agree with him.

Oh, today Howard had Gaga on the air with him....awesome interview!   I appreciate her music more now.  She sang two songs and both of them were maybe in the top five performances I've ever heard on the show.

Now I have to go hack into someone's cell phone and listen to their private messages...who knows, maybe it will be yours!???.......

Think on that....