Friday, December 19, 2008


It's's all off!

Sandy is so funny. I was bugging her about my hair...saying how I didn't like it like it was...I wanted it buzzed off. She said, "it wouldn't bother me...people are funny..they get hung up on their hair...if it was me I'd just have it buzzed off." HELLO! What the HELL????!!!! Isn't that what I just said?

Anyway, she dug out the old Toby clippers and they didn't work. So, she took the scissors and hacked away. Then we figured out how to get the clipper to work so she buzzed it off. The clipper quit almost immediately. So she took them apart and put them back together again...with difficulty.

She finally finished the job...and it looks GREAT!

I had her take pictures of the whole process...and will post them here, once I finish charging the camera battery.

We are going to buy a new clipper set though...the old one is too unreliable...and I'm going to need to be shaved again I'm sure.

So, I'm a baldy and Bern (my old hairdresser) was right...the back of my head is flat! My mother always was afraid of crib death and she made us lie on our backs in the crib...flattening the back of the head. It gives me a Germanic look...or the typical Swedish "square head!"

I like it.


SueBear said...

YUP! It's just hair alright.

Here's the thing that I've discovered over the years...the shorter the doo, the higher maintenance it is. I bet ya get fuzz by the morning. How 'bout some shaving cream and a razor? Then again, I switched to electric for 'ye olde legs' cause I'm a danger to myself with sharp instruments. Safety first and all! I won't bore you with the stories...but there are stories! Does Sandy have a steady hand?

Lynne said...

A fashion statement, for sure, but not necessarily a trend setter. I think Sinead O'Connor did it first. Looks great!

Marieps said...

I like it! And the back doesn't look that bad-at least not in the picture. We'll be scrutinizing next Wednesday........

SueBear said...

Persis Khambatta did it in 1979 for her role in Star Trek the Motion Picture...I believe that predates Sinead O'Connor.