Sunday, February 27, 2011

Photos of RV

the kitchen
queen sized bed
the bathroom
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We traveled out to Warwick yesterday for our driving lesson in the Winnebago. It was a resounding success. Sandy went first, doing turns and back-ups in a commuter lot, then it was my turn. Then Sandy took it out on the road, driving backroads back to Warwick. Then I took it on the highway and then down back roads to the RV place.

It is so comfortable to drive. Our salesman, who's name is Dave Cowen, interesting enough, is a great teacher. I really like him...he's so low key and HONEST!

We made an appt to come back on March 12th for our two hour inservice on all the features and how to operate the slides, jacks, etc. Then we will hook up my car to the RV and drive both of them home!

We talked last night of how long we have been dreaming about this, and now we are doing it. Just as we dreamed of having a bigger yard, all fenced we are getting the RV for the dogs and us, so we can all travel in comfort together.

Jean is already amassing items for the RV, from her "stores" in the basement. While she is here dogsitting for us as we play in Disney, she will go through our stuff and pull out extras. The rest we will shop for at Ocean State-where I have already spotted the Mr. Coffee pot for only $12...a Consumer Reports Best Buy....and other places like that.

I am getting so excited about can't believe. We were hoping to make a trip to Maine in the beginning of May with the RV, but we have yet to find a campground open at that time. Think I'll ask Jack about this...maybe he knows of a place. We were hoping to get something near the water.

I guess the first time we will use it will be at our SNEAK agility trial on Easter Weekend. Can't wait!

Sandy wanted to get everything installed right off the bat, but the satellite dish for our Direct TV was going to cost $2,000! I said NO to that. The guys told us that we didn't need it...we could just use the installed digital antenna to pick up local stations. I reminded Sandy that we didn't need a tv anyway...we never watch tv when we are camping, we have the DVD player already installed (right in with the AM/FM/CD player) and we have our iPhones for the internet, to get the news, weather, etc. We are going to be "camping" in style!

Of course, just as we are purchasing this rig, gas prices go up! Well, they can't stay up and now that we find out we can't tow the Highlander, the Camry hybrid will help offset some gas prices!

I hate to say it, but if Lily were still alive, a lot of this would be so much more difficult. With the three little dogs, it's so much easier. Their kennels will fit on the dinette benches and can be seatbelted in place. Their folding kennels take up very little space. And it's easy to fit them in my car and still have room for three adults, if we stack two kennels and put one on the floor (Rocky or Bub) or have two stacked and one next to them. It's just easier, that's all I'm saying.

Today I'm going over to Marci Pillsbury's to visit with her and Pauline. Haven't seen Pauline in some should be fun, and interesting, as always. I was supposed to see Grace for dinner tomorrow night, but she has a bad cold, so we are going to hold off on that for a bit. Hope to have some of that pizza I've heard about at that new place in Gales Ferry.

Oh, speaking of new places...Bob and I went to lunch last week at the new barbecue place in Putnam...Grampy's Barbecue on Providence Street and was it GOOD! We had the pulled pork sandwiches, delish! The guy told me that he was in touch with Food Network...guess they are interested in coming out to video. So, now I have a barbecue source when I head up Putnam way. Too bad we don't have one here in central Eastern CT.

The newspaper article was finally in the paper yesterday and aside from a few errors, she did a pretty good job. The one thing I gasped over was her referencing Sandy as my "wife." I don't like that. It's okay if other people want to use that term, but for us it's not right. We say "partner" or now, "spouse" and that's how it's going to stay.

Okay, time to get ready for Pauline and pizza!