Saturday, June 19, 2010

Went to an agility trial in Greenfield with Sandy and the dogs today. Sandy surprised me by asking me if I wanted to run Bubbles in Chances. I walked the course, factored in the knowledge that Bubbles is a lot slower than before and I said "yes!"

We ran...she did good, didn't want to work "away" from missed the chances part of the course, did everything else properly.

Afterwards we ran back to our tent to get her treat...the way we always used to do.

I was very hot and very very tired, but it felt great to be out there running with her for the first time since June 2008!

The rest of the afternoon I collapsed in the tent, taking it easy and keeping an eye on the dogs while Sandy worked and ran Truman and Bubbles in other races.

Got to see Vicki, Gina and Tracy and Maureen. Haven't seen them in ages, except on Facebook! Vicki had left a spot for us next to her tent and so we got to visit off and on during the day.

I'm tired and happy. It was fun.

Last night Mark and Carol came over and we cooked out but ate inside...too hot outside. Then we watched PT 2 of the Reunion show for Real Housewives of NY. We had been looking forward to this all week, and we weren't disappointed. It was just as nuts as the whole season had been.

I have tomatoes growing on my "topsy turvy" planters. Both the cherry tomatoes and the romas are coming in good. I also have been able to make scrambled eggs with cottage cheese and chives...snipping fresh chives from the deck. Yum! I'm looking forward to the peppers growing and making my own salsa.

The orioles haven't brought the babies out yet, but we think it may happen soon. I'm putting out two oranges a day and scoops of jelly. I can't get a shot of them that isn't through the screen. They are too hinky for me. I sit quietly on the deck and they come and eat, but no matter how slowly I raise the camera, they spot it and take off.

Other birds have been coming up too...the catbird likes the oranges and the woodpecker brought a baby to the suet and fed it in front of me. I did get a picture of that. The mockingbird has made a visit and a finch was out there as well the other day. We have so many birds out there and more and more of them are liking the orange and jelly feeding station I made.

Rocky killed his first mouse and promptly ate it whole last night. He was out "hunting" near the wood pile out back last night when it was time for him to have supper. He didn't come when I called and I couldn't see him anywhere. I panicked for awhile until I came upon him stalking the woodpile. Well, I'm not Sandy, who moves the wood for the dogs until the mouse is exposed, so suffice it to say he wasn't pleased with me. He didn't come in to eat until an hour later and promptly skipped his after dinner biscuit to run back out there to renew his vigil.

When Sandy came home she moved the wood---what a tool she is! I heard her and Carol say (in unison) OH ROCKY...and then EEYEEW! I knew what had happened. ISH!

Later, when Rocky started coughing in the living room, Carol yelled, "Rocky, you better not cough up that mouse on the floor!" Very funny stuff.

Tomorrow I travel to Putnam and Phil and I will take Bob Miller out for Dad's day. I think we may try to see if we can get into the Lake Tavern, one of his favorite old places to go eat when he lived at the lake. Or maybe not...we'll see.

Oh...Lily is getting weirder. I caught her hanging out the living room window....her front legs right out over the sill...back legs scrabbling on the floor, trying to jump out. She was one story up....she would have landed on rocks out there. The screen will have to be replaced...second time I've had to replace that screen because of her.

Sandy and I compared notes and came to the conclusion that she had to have opened the window to do what she did...the window was NOT already open. Now we lock all of the windows, even those no one could climb into...because now we know Lily knows how to open them. She is very clever.

It seems that she was panicking because the wind had started blowing. She probably thought it was going to turn into a thunderstorm...she was wrong. Or maybe she is just losing her mind. It's sad really.


Nighty night!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Since I have heard from several readers that I better update my blog after my MD goes!

If you hear a whistle would be blowing three long times...the official "ALL CLEAR" sound!

The CT scan showed I'm still clean as a whistle! She said, "look how short the report is!" It was half a page, instead of my initial, multiple page report last November!

I still have to go back for check-ups, once every three months for CT scan and then MD exam. I'm scheduled for the first follow-up on Sept 1st.

No more blood work! YAY!!! I just get the CA125 done the same time I go for the CT scan...that's okie doke with me.

AND....I can see the doctor in Norwich now in their new sattelite office on Sachem Street, no more having to go to New London or Providence! YAY YAY YAY!!!

I do have a hernia, just as I thought. I'm going to have Dr. Valin, my gastric by-pass surgeon handle that for me and maybe I get a little tummy tuck at the same time. I'm also going to see if Dr. Valin can do my colonoscopy. I'm overdue and it's going to be more complicated now, since the two surgeries, the bowel resection and the parts of the rectum removed and all the adhesions from scar tissue. I trust Dr. Valin, so f he can do it...all the better. AND, I will combine that with a trip to IKEA!

But first comes July and then Sweden! After that we'll think of hernia repair, etc.

Right now I'm going to focus on getting my blood levels (white and red cell counts) up and then walking, exercising and working out to get in shape for Sweden.

I am so happy and relieved. Sandy is happy and relieved. We are ALL happy and relieved.

Now I'm going to have dinner and then watch the Sox and later the Celts go for the championship---this reference is for Cindy, who complains about my writing about sports in this blog!

I have fulfilled my obligation to provide information....

Nighty night!