Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bad Hair Day

Took a nap this afternoon with the pooches, slept for 2 a half hours...felt a bit better. Not so achy and exhausted.

Tonight I'm sitting here, pulling big hunks of hair out of my head. Sandy is going to get a shaver this weekend and I think if the hair doesn't just all come out...we're going to buzz cut my head! I don't want it to come out all clumpy and scattered...leaving my head looking all weird and patchy! I wanna look SMOOTH BABY!!! LOL!!

Vacillating back and forth between freezing and roasting...gotta love those hot flashes!

Tomorrow we get a lot of snow. Janet and Jess and Jeremy were going to come I'm bummed because I think it may be too snowy for them to visit. And we were going to do Chinese too...I was looking forward to having pork egg fu young! Oh well...maybe I'll still send Sandy out to get it for me...that Highlander has snow mode, four wheeled drive, etc. She should be able to travel to downtown Jewett City with no problem!

Nighty night!

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