Saturday, August 1, 2009

August is here, my friends...

First, my eye is much better. So much so that I forget to put the salve in at night. I have to try to remember...but I have so much trouble with my memory now due to "chemo brain" that it's a wonder I remember to put on my glasses!

I went to chemo Friday...Richard came with me in case I needed someone to drive. Poor guy...I had to be there early because they forgot to order a urine test so I had to do that on the day of..and I had to see the nurse practitioner to get the ok for chemo. Then for some reason it took forever to do the urine test and I didn't start getting my chemo until after 11:30! And my original start time was supposed to be 9:30. We didn't get home until about 1:30....and I didn't need him to drive.

He left, shaking his head and wondering why he had to come with me at all. Well...don't you know as soon as I got out of the car I started feeling all weird and then I got the bad I didn't make it onto the toilet in time. It was bad.

That totally proves I'm getting the chemo....not a placebo. I had been constipated all week and I go for chemo and BAM I get the runs????? C'mon!

I told the nurse my concerns about the symptoms I've been having...the bloat is back; the constipation; the weight gain and the running to pee constantly. She did a pelvic and felt nothing...which doesn't mean a thing to me. I had a two centimeter cyst on one ovary and a three and a half centimeter tumor on my right ovary and no one felt a thing!

She agrees and says that the CT scan will tell the tale. I go next Wednesday. Insult to injury...they didn't have any of the flavored "chalk" they make you drink. I talked to the nice lady at the CT scan office and she suggested I come in two hours early and they will have the "nice" berry flavored drink for me. I said YAY!

The CT scan "beverages" are the worst part of this whole ordeal. They are the WORST! I'm happy to have the scan though, considering the symptoms. I'm hoping that they are connected to something else, of course. We'll see.

I told the nurse about my continued sleep problems. I'm so irritable and downright nasty from lack of sleep. She told me to try Tylenol PM. Sandy got some for me (the poor thing, she's probably desparate) and I took some last night. I did sleep better--I woke up a few times, but didn't have trouble going back to sleep. I got up feeling fairly refreshed. Let's hope it continues.

We had our SNEAK picnic today and I was responsible for making sure we had all the food/supplies we needed. We had a small turn-out due to the change in the picnic date, but it was a beautiful day, we had good food there and a nice group of folks. I got to sit outside and not have to weed anything for a change.

Tomorrow I go back into the yard to work on stuff. Trimming and weeding. Have to pick up some mulch. Sandy is going to do a quick mow---she'll do the complete mow again on Wednesday. Then I hope she's going to put the TV table together and we can get the new TV installed. Can't wait to see that satellite picture on that big screen.

What is with the tornados in Connecticut? Another one yesterday. This weather is so crazy. Thank goodness we have a new thunderstorm routine for Lily that works. She has gone into the closet with the lights on and has done well...I'm happy for her. It kills me to see her so anxious. The weather isn't I'm glad she has found her "safe place."

Here's hoping we don't get the t-storms that they say we may get tomorrow.

Oh, Martinez just got his first hit as a Sox---drove in a run. YAY!

Nighty night!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Achy breaky

Tuesday I worked in the yard again and ended up with a scratched cornea. Dunno how it happened, but I got some kind of tree branch or pine needle in my eye. I ignored it after awhile as the sensation of pain died down. I almost forgot about it, but when I took my shower it stung again.

Sandy urged me to go to see my eye doc...which I did. He found a scratch and gave me salve and drops to use. It's already almost 100% better.

Yesterday I said that if the weather was rotten I would not work outside, but go to the gym instead. The air was rotten and so it was off to the gym for me! After going to get my bloodwork done of course. I did about an hour workout...the treadclimber for 20 minutes, 20 minutes on the dumbbells and a few of the resistance machines; 20 minutes on the bike and then my warm-down routine--mat and the "stretch chair." I love that "stretch chair!"

After all the working in the yard and the workout at the gym I am aching a lot. My knees are aching almost as much as they used to when I was waaaaay overweight. I have new "sneakers" so I don't think it's the shoes....unless the shoes are wrong for me. I've been thinking I should go back to the pedorthic guy that I saw in the past and have my feet checked. I keep getting red marks on some of my toes and the edge of my foot...maybe I have to find out what size my foot is!

Sandy was off last night so we had go shopping! YAY! Finally got that tv I've been wanting to get and because I'm paying for it...I felt free to get the 46" model! We got a table to put it on too....decided to not mount it on the wall. Sandy says she will put the table together on Sunday, so I have the tv for my birthday on Monday.

Of course, on my birthday Sandy and Frank are installing the new kitchen sink and faucet I bought a couple of weeks ago. So, I'm getting lots of good stuff for my birthday! But now that I type this stuff...I realized that I have paid for all my birthday presents! HA HA!

Oh wait, Sandy did buy the Sirius satellite radio for my birthday! How could I forget?

Uncle Dick is coming early tomorrow to go with me to chemo. They called me tonight to let me know that I was supposed to have a urine test done and it wasn't done. I told them it wasn't done because "they" didn't put it on my lab slip! I wouldn't have even had a lab slip if I hadn't insisted to June that she give me one! So, tomorrow I have to have the urine test done before my chemo...AND I have to see the doctor/RN practitioner for an exam before my we have to be there early.

I'm trying to NOT be paranoid, but I'm having symptoms associated with the cancer. Bloating; constipation; frequent urination and a sudden jump in weight (5lbs). It may be nothing...but I'm going to bring it up to him/her tomorrow. Also have to remember to ask about whether or not I can get immunization shots prior to going on the cruise in late October. I don't know if they let you have shots when you are on the chemo. If they don't, I'll probably have to stay on the ship instead of going ashore, but that wouldn't be the end of the world for sure!

I hope I can sleep tonight. I have been having lots of trouble sleeping lately and it's making me quite crabby....a real "chore" to live with...poor Sandy! My temper is very short. I'll mention that to them too...although I think that a night of sleeping without Bubbles and Rocky would do the trick! Next time Sandy is off I think I'll sleep in the guest room, see if that helps.

Rocky "tosses and turns" all night, Bubbles overheats and gets me overheated too. Then she has to crawl out from under the covers and later, crawl back under. All this activity wakes me every time. I am too light of a sleeper.

So, I'll probably NOT sleep well tonight. It's the formula for disaster sleep-wise: Sandy's working; it's the night before chemo and Rocky and Bubbles will be "doing their thing." The only thing that could make it worse is if we have a thunderstorm and Lily goes nuts. Then I might as well sit up all night!

Nighty night to the rest of you....

Monday, July 27, 2009

Went for my annual dermatology visit today...was told I "look great!" Yay!

Worked out in the front again, weeding. Unbelieveable how those weeds grow....and the rain has certainly helped! I'm going to take Sandy's car tomorrow to get mulch and maybe some more annuals to fill in the blank spaces out there. I bought some big planters of petunias--all different colors on sale at Walmart the other day...for $10 apiece! I may go back and get some more stuff on sale.

I love Ikea....I think most folks know that about me. I love everything about the place and I love the products. Call me cheap and conventional...I don't care. Well...I finally found something I don't like about Ikea.....their Swedish pancake mix!

I love "plattar" the way my mother used to make it...with loads of eggs and milk....and sugar. Well, I thought I'd try the pancake mix. WRONG! You mix it with water and it's supposed to taste like way! It has no sugar in it just tastes flat! I had to load it up with lingonberries and no sugar maple syrup to be able to eat it! Maybe if I add Splenda to MIGHT taste half-way decent. I think I'll donate the other box of it.

Steve is working on a job in Montreal. His second stint in Canada. Also his second incident of trouble with thieves being interested in his truck. Last time they stole his Sirius satellite radio...this time they stole the whole truck! Fortunately, his company is footing the bill for a rental car for him and he has theft coverage on his insurance. He loves that truck and was almost done paying for it. Now he'll have to get a new one.

He should have Sandy do the wheeling and dealing for him. Probably get him an extended cab model for what he paid for the old truck!

Tomorrow I work in the back yard weeding and hacking back the overgrowth. That will be better--there's shade in the back yard. I almost threw myself into the garden pond again, trying to cool off! Instead I set a chair up in the garage and took breaks there in the shade. I felt like a Memere...sitting in the garage and watching the cars go by!

He he. Like a Memere.