Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mystery (?) solved

Well, I finally got a call from June--who is "my nurse"...the one who usually gives me my chemo. She explained that my platelets were all right (120) but my white cell count was only 750....which Sandy says is pretty low. So, as of now, I'm rescheduled for next Friday...same time...same station. We'll see.

I crashed early last night after all that vindow vashing and viping....went to bed at 8pm with Sandy---we watched the Sox game until the Yanks pulled Joba out of the game. Then we had to shut off the lights and sleep.

Sandy got up early to head to Wrentham with Truman for a NADAC trial. I couldn't go back to sleep, so at 6:15 I was busy frying up eggs and bacon for breakfast. Then I went up and took a shower and used that new Tresemme shampoo that I bought at Ocean State yesterday. Someone told Sandy that Tresemme shampoo helps people grow their hair back nice and strong after chemo. I dunno if that's true...but it was cheap so I got it. It was the first time I've used shampoo since before Christmas! I have been washing my "hair" with Dove soap!

My hair is coming in's still stubble...but it is thick stubble. Pardon me if I have already written about this--but I am quite excited to be getting my hair back. I'm tired of wearing the buffs and I'm sick of the "sympathy" looks I get when I go around with nothing on my head. I know people mean well...but.....

I finally go around to sending out my Relay for Life annual plea for support. I have already picked up a few donations (YAY!!!) and am hoping I get some folks to walk with me. We have a good time every year. We decorate our screen house with UConn Husky gear (we are UConn Jack's Husky Maniacs, after all--that's our team name) and we bring plenty of food and drink. They give you free food and drinks at the site anyway. Lots of nice people there, the radio station always seems to interview someone from our group; and you get the satisfaction of knowing that you have contributed to something good in the world.

Anyone who wants to walk with us or who wants to contribute in support of my walking can do so by going to this web site:

The more people we have walking with us...the less we have to walk! If you can walk an hour-or five minutes--doesn't matter! Come on down and join us! It's June 27th at Norwich Free Academy...we walk from around 11am to 9am the next day.

I plan to walk at least a few times--an hour at a time. I generally walk when the walk first starts--then through the Memorial Luminaria ceremony they hold at 9pm and then in the middle of the night--when it's cooler! :) I hope to be in good physical shape by to walk for a long time. Last year I didn't walk so much--I was I know why!

Today I washed woodwork inside and hauled out the herbs I potted from the cellar (they had been under the grow lights) to the deck. I'll cover them at night to avoid any danger of frost. I filled the bird feeders-for the third time this week and then I made myself a tuna sandwich, tomato soup and chips and a of my favorite lunches! I sat out on the deck, under the umbrella...ate and did my crossword puzzle.

Today I'll watch the Sox at 4pm...that old guy--100 years old today--will be the honorary bat boy. I hope he can duck if a foul ball comes his way. I heard once that down at Spring Training they put nets up in front of the crowd, since there are so many old people who kept getting bonked by foul balls...rotten reflexes. Kind of like me trying to catch that zucchini in my mouth at Koto's the other night!

Sox beat the Yanks in extra innings last night---somehow I knew it was going to go to extra innings. I hope they pound them again today. I am malicious when it comes to the Yankees...sorry Yankee fans.

Ta ta!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Chemo Cancelled.....AGAIN!

And I have no idea why! I got home last night from all my travels--Backus for blood work; Toyota in Colchester to get the Sirius satellite installed; Uncas for Mortality Review....and there is a message from Rosa the RN telling me they are canceling my chemo and something about my bloodwork.

I call back to see if they are looking at LAST week's blood work or Thursday's, and the place is closed! I leave a message asking them to call me back and let me know why I couldn't have chemo. That was last is now 1:30 on Friday and I STILL haven't heard from them! And, I called again at 11am!

Something tells me that they screwed up and looked at last week's blood tests.....OR I am still way down on the platelet count....which is possible...but I feel very peppy.

I was able to do all that running around yesterday...leaving the house at 8:30 and not returning until 4:30 and I wasn't pooped!

Today I got up and made breakfast, then tackled the window washing job I've been wanting to do all month. The weather is perfect for it and I did the entire downstairs and part of upstairs, before I took a break for lunch and now to type at you.

Later on we'll be taking Lily and Bubbles to the vets. It's for their regular check-up, but Bubbles has developed a hoarse throat and we want that checked. She sounds so funny--when she barked at me when I came home yesterday she sounded like a chihuahua! High-pitched. She chokes alot too and last night her little nose was warm and dry for a bit--then went back to normal. She was sounding a bit raspy we think she may have a little cold, or allergies.

She doesn't want to be outside in the sun, which is unusual for her. She just wants to curl up in Lily's big bed and sleep.

Sandy and Jean have been working on the yard all morning. Jean is raking and hauling brush, Sandy hauled stuff with the tractor and just finished giving the lawn it's first mowing of the season. She was upset because Cliff, next door, cut his lawn Saturday. When one of us cuts the lawn, the whole line of us has to do it!

It is so nice to have my Sirius back in the car. I programmed it this AM. When I went to register it, I found out that the last person I dealt with opened another account in my name instead of adding my Stilletto (the portable radio) to my original account. Therefore I have missed out on my 30% discount all these months! The nice man changed that for me and it extended my subscription on the handheld until next April! It was set to expire in November! I got the lifetime subscription for the car's pricey to start but after only a few years it ends up being "free."

So, I must go back to my "vindow vashing and viping" and wait for Rosa the RN to call me back. I'm not going to hold my breath though....I think she was the one who was supposed to call me back when I first had the bad diarrhea....and I didn't hear from her for three days! It is a mystery to me as to why I was canceled out for chemo though and I would like to have the answer.

Tomorrow Sandy goes to a trial in Wrentham I believe and Bub, Lil, Murph and I will be enjoying the house alone. Maybe I'll haul out the herbs I potted--they have been growing like crazy in the cellar, under the grow lights. I'll put them on the deck and cover them at night. Sandy and Carol are still bummed about the fact that none of the stuff they planted has sprouted. I think they got taken on the seeds.

So, now I have to get back to work....finish the windows. Tomorrow I'll wash woodwork and make note of what needs touching up. Looking forward to the day I can get out the power washer!

Ta Ta!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wet Wednesday

Had a great time last night at Koto's with the gals. Diane, Ellen, Judy, Sandy, Judi, Lynne and I had a great meal and even imbibed when they squirted the saki into my mouth....twice!

Sandy and I splurged and got the lobster combo--hers with chicken...I chose the shrimp. We had the same chef that we had when we went last week--he was just as funny and talented this week!

After dinner, the waitress asked if we wanted a "saki-bomb"..(which, by the way, is the name of one of the dogs in our agility club--if I'm not mistaken)....Diane was the waitress brought it. A "saki bomb" is a half-mug of beer and a chinese tea cup full of saki....the tea cup gets balanced on two chopsticks, laid across the mug of beer. At the count of three we all hit the table...the cup flipped into the mug and Diane grabbed it and chugged it almost all the way down! She took a couple of breaths and then polished the rest of it the amazement of the young sailors at the next table! It was hysterical! We were cheering her on, banging on the table and much fun.

We were pooped when we got home and went up to bed around 11. I don't remember waking up at all during the night. This is like the second time this has happened in the past week...prior to this I have not slept like that since some time in 1991!!! I think that I am not having the hot flashes like I was before....that was waking me up frequently the last few years...prior to that it was the noise in the old neighborhood---not that it was super noisy, because it was a very quiet place...but I heard any car that went by, etc.

This neighborhood is so quiet and it is so hard to hear ANYTHING but nature from our bedroom--all I needed to get a good night's sleep is to get rid of the hot flashes, I guess.

Today I got up with lots-o-energy. I changed the sheets and put the dirty ones in to wash. Then I got the "spring comforter" down from the attic and put that on the bed. While the clothes washed, I cleaned the bathroom sinks, mirrors, toilets and changed out my winter clothes for summer clothes.

I amassed quite a pile of size 16s and Larges that I can donate to the Thrift Shop. I loaded some of it into the washing machine--a big load of jeans and slacks....and bagged up the other stuff--which was clean. I think the jeans were clean too....I washed them before I put them into storage...and haven't worn them all winter. But I like to be on the safe side---so I washed them.

Then I went downstairs and made pancakes for breakfast. I made the light and fluffy recipe that they have on the Bisquick box....they come "kind of close" to Swedish pancakes---close but not as good as. I had three mini-pancakes and then got to work cleaning the downstairs.

We had decided that Wednesday would be our day for cleaning, but I was the only one doing any work. Sandy was in a stupor in her recliner---she was out of it--I listened to her talking to her Mother on the phone and she couldn't remember words-was hemming and hawing as she talked...not like her.

She came alive though when she checked her checking account on line and found that Chase Bank has been withdrawing money from her account for the past two months ($28 and $24) and she has no idea why. Chase doesn't have any idea either. The account that it says it is going towards is not an account she has! Her bank has no idea what is going on. Chase has no idea...the whole thing is rather scary. Good thing they aren't taking out hundreds of dollars and good thing she checked. Now she has to mail them a transmittal request thing so they can figure this out and stop stealing money from her!

Pam Childs came to visit in the afternoon. We hadn't seen each other in years.....we do keep up on each other via email...and she reads this blog. She brought me a fantastic walking stick that she had made for's a birch stick that has twists in it where bittersweet had wrapped itself around the branch. It is beautiful. I have always wanted a walking stick. When I hike in the woods, I usually pick up some stick and use it as I walk, then leave it by the trail head as I leave, so the next person can use it. Now I have my own stick!

We had a great time chatting and getting caught up on the latest. I toured her around the house and we talked birds--she gave me a great tip for attracting Baltimore Orioles (I know they call them Northern Orioles now....but old habits can die hard) to the yard.

We have a lot of common interests, Pam and I. I'm hoping that when I'm feeling stronger I can join her in walking at the Pomfret Audubon Center and we can do some kayaking together. Hopefully she and Jan will come down some night for dinner out on the deck. Friends shouldn't wait that long between get-togethers...we've been separated for years! That cannot happen again.

Tomorrow I have to bring the car up to Colchester to the dealers to have them install my Sirius satellite radio. Sandy is paying for it for me....and I will pay the subscription to the service. I was hoping to be able to hang out with Charmine while they worked on the car--but she has to go to work for I'll be hanging out there--or hiking into town to check out the shops. Maybe I'll grab something to eat at Harry's while I'm there...make the big sacrifice.

Then I have to have my blood work done and then off to Uncas for Mortality Review at 1pm.

Big day I will go watch the Sox...they were delayed by rain but will be starting up at 7:55--they just announced.

Nighty night! GO SOX!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

A new family member?

I didn't post about a potentially new development in our lives...I got side-tracked with the rant about the need to take better care of ourselves.

Well...there is something that could be happening for us. Our friend Patty, who is a veterinarian and a member of our agilty club, saved a Jack Russell terrier from being euthanized. His name is Rocky and he is 11 months old. He was hit by a car and his owners didn't want to/couldn't pay the money needed for the surgery. Patty didn't want to have to put this little guy to sleep, so she had them sign over ownership to her...then she operated on him, pinned his leg and took him home with her later.

Patty and Todd have rescued a lot of dogs...they are wonderful. They immediately thought of us and are hoping we would take this guy into our family. They talked with Sandy about him and she agreed to let him stay in our tent at the agility trial this weekend. She kept an eye on him, took him out of the kennel to pee/poop and to stretch. She even got him to eat and drink--he hadn't been doing that enough.

We have been looking for a playmate for Bubbles-she wants to play so bad--she pesters Lily relentlessly....she even tries to get Truman going--he will do a little bit of play with her...not much. Lily just puts up with her licking, etc....but won't play. It is a given that Russells are difficult little dogs...especially ours---and female Russells are terrible with other females.

Bubbles ignored Rocky the whole weekend. She didn't get ticked off when I took Rocky out of the kennel and held him on my lap. She didn't growl, bark or react to him in any way. Truman did grumble and did snarl a bit at him. But that's Truman...and he has to be top dog...well...after Lily anyway.

So, we talked about it and decided that we want to pursue this further. We would like to see how the dogs do with Rocky when he is healthy. He is a cute, sweet little dog....but he's under the influence of pain killers now. We don't know how active he is when he's not knocked out a bit.

He is used to being in the kennel and doesn't mind it...which will help with his need to be kept quiet right now so that leg can heal.

He was living with an Asian couple and the wife didn't speak english. Rocky may know obedience commands, but who knows what language he "speaks"...which makes it interesting.

He looks like he probably came from a pet store...but he is a sturdy dog, great markings for a JRT and an undocked tail--which makes him look cute. He licked my face the first time he greeted me...which endears him to me of course. He needs a little weight on...he hasn't been eating well since his accident. He will probably have the pin removed later on when he is healed.

He may not end up being an agility dog...but we could give him a good life here, in a safe yard, removed from nasty cars.

The most common cause of death in Jack Russells is "hit by car." Responsible Jack Russell owners have safe, fenced-in their dogs cannot bolt to the street.

We'll see...if it's meant to will happen. Rocky has already won our hearts....whether he moves in to live with us depends on how Truman and Bubbles react to him.

Nighty night!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Great Weekend!!!

We had a great agility trial at the Chester Fairgrounds this weekend. The weather was great, the dogs and the people had fun...and I managed to make it through the weekend in one piece.

I drove myself down to Chester both days....just in case I crashed and had to come home early. Well, I left a bit early on Saturday, but today I made it through the whole day and even was able to help tear down the ring at the end of the day! I surprised myself. Of course, I did have to use the 5 Hour Energy drink---that helped!

Lynne came Saturday and was very pleasantly surprised at how much she enjoyed the trial, the dogs and everything that was going on. She asked a lot of if she is trying to learn everything about agility trials all at once! I do think that someday in the future she will have a dog and will take agility classes, at least.

Sandy ran Bubbles and Truman. Truman hurt his shoulder early Saturday and didn't run the rest of the weekend. He has hurt it before...he aggravated the injury this time. Rest will do him well. Bubbles, on the other hand, wasn't hurting at all! She benefits from running with Sandy...she runs faster with Sandy than she runs with me. She ended up qualifying in five of her six runs for the weekend! Unbelieveable! She got four first place ribbons and one second. She has come so far, my little gir. I told Sandy that from now on, she will run Bub.

I got to wear my new Tilly hat and it works head didn't overheat and the brim protected my face from the sun. It was very sunny, both days. I did put sunscreen on my bald head as I went around with the hat off part of the day each day. No burn.

I think my hair is coming in faster..and thicker now. I don't think it will be too much longer before I look like I used to when I used to get my hair cut real short....except now it may be curly! I am really getting impatient...I want to see what it's going to look like. It seems that the hair on the top of my head is coming in white---in the back of my head the hair is darker.

My cousin wrote to me (I won't say WHICH cousin) and admitted that she had not seen a "female doctor" in 5-6 years. I want to say this: PEOPLE!!!! Don't skip the trip to the doctor for those annual check-ups. Get those mammograms; the pap smears; pelvic and rectal exams; the prostate exams; that colonoscopy; the baseline check by the dermatologist; etc.....GET 'EM DONE!

What the hell are you waiting for? I got mine done every year and I think it's because of that habit that I am sitting here writing about being antsy about my hair returning....instead of talking about what I want in my memorial service!

DON'T BE FOOLISH! Use your heads! Be smart!

Now my cousin will be upset with me for saying that...but she is smart now....she is taking care of business. I hope the rest of you do the same...get in the habit now.

I use my birth month--August--as my reminder that I need to get all my check-ups done. It's one of the ways I celebrate my things that help me to insure that I will have many more birthdays to come!

End of lecture...I have to get to bed...all this fresh air has me POOPED!

Nighty night!