Thursday, December 18, 2008


Big day yesterday. Jean came up Tuesday afternoon to stay over and get the dogs fed in the AM so I didn't have to do it. Sandy got off work, drove right up to the garage and I got into the car and we went right off to Backus Hospital to get my bloodwork done. Right off the bat I couldn't stand up very long at the counter waiting for them to enter all my info. YIKES! I had to sit down. Not a good sign.

I had my blood drawn...very good job...didn't even feel the needle going in.

Then we were off to L&M to see Dr. Lachance. We thought our appointment was for 9am...when we got in there we found out it was still 11am! Another YIKES! But, they took us in right away and we were out of there before we knew it! Dr. Lachance breaks the news to me that I have to have a damned pelvic exam every third visit! He conveniently forgot to tell me that information before! If I had known that going into this thing, I would have said forget the whole thing! Or, I would have negotiated to get paid for it like I get paid at work!

After we were finished with the medical stuff..we went to the coffee shop for breakfast. As I was walking there I knew it was a mistake, as I could feel myself "sinking" more and more. I was pooped by the time I finished off my bacon and egg and some toast and home fries. It took all of my strength to sit in the darn lobby, waiting for Sandy to bring the car around!

We made it home...with me whining the whole time. No kidding. I was so tired and aching. I crawled upstairs and got into bed....freezing cold! I slept from around 11am to 2pm and then woke up feeling sick. I decided I was hungry so I went downstairs and got lunch. That helped me feel better, but still very achy and tired.

I didn't see how the hell I was going to be able to make it to Lynne's house for our holiday party! I put the car seat back and laid back all the way down to Jean's house. We picked her up and then went to Lynne's. I immediately set myself up in a nice cozy chair in the corner, covered up with my throw and my slippers on my feet.

It was so good being there, listening to everyone talk and laugh. Chatting with folks and closing my eyes from time to time. I ate some great appetizers...very tasty and almost finished off the plate of food Sandy got me! I will say that our gang really knows how to cook! Then we had dessert (I had one of Jean's oatmeal lace cookies) and coffee. Then we had our gift exchange...wonderful gifts this year!

I was wide awake about half way through the party and didn't feel bad at all! All those folks give me such good energy!

We came home and went right up to bed. I watched tv for awhile and then had a very restless night. At 3:45 in the AM I'm in the bathroom having a BM! Unbelievable! After that I was able to sleep better, but I'm still achy, despite taking my tylenol extra strength. I also sneezed a couple of times last night and can't help but wonder if I've caught Sandy's cold.

I had a great great time last so glad I went! Lynne is such a wonderful hostess...their house is made for entertaining and we all agree that we feel so comfortable when we are there. Great time, great folks, great food...what a combo!

Today I'm feeling like I have the flu. Going to be lying low, keeping quiet and sleeping a bit. Sandy is going out this afternoon to meet with the retirement lady at the hospital and then she is going to Ryan's basketball i will nap and then feed the dogs for the first time in ages...they'll be getting kibble. We'll see if I go down the cellar stairs to feed Murphy....I think he can wait until Sandy comes home.

Going to sign off and rest now.


Marieps said...

Ruh roh! We don't want you to get sick on top of everything!

Lynne said...

You were the belle of the ball last night. I felt like I had to get in line to kiss your hand or something. I know, I know: As it should be!