Monday, September 24, 2012

NOCC Run/Walk


Annie's Army:  L-R Sharon, Steve, Pam, me, Patty, Carol, Todd, Sandy and Lindsay and all the doggies.

Janet and I put together the gift bags for the doggies registered for the Walk/Run...bags and cookies donated by Janet's friend, Gail.

I would load more pictures here if I could find the damned things.  I just downloaded the pics and now I can't find all of them!  So weird.

The NOCC event was a huge success for the organization, for our teammates and for me personally.

The organization held the biggest walk ever.  Raised the most money ever.  This is the third year for this event and it's growing nicely.  

My team members did well...Steve was second male in his age group in the 5k Run...bettered his time from last year by two minutes!   WOW!  

Sandy and Rocket averaged a bit over nine minutes per mile in the run.  Rocket really helped with this, pulling Sandy just about the whole way.  He and she loved it...they had a great time! 

Carol successfully completed her first-ever 5k, despite blisters and being sore from previous injuries.  So proud of her!

The walkers on the team all finished the course, most of them had doggies that they walked with....and the pooches had a great time too!

There were over 160 dogs pre-registered...this is the first year we have allowed dogs in the run/race and it was much appreciated by people and a HUGE success!

Our team exceeded our $2000 goal and the money continues to come in.  Next year we hope to add more team members (and doggies) and raise even more money.

The weather was wonderful, the food vendors were great and everyone really enjoyed themselves and left the event happy and satisfied.

It was a great time for me because I was able to make it through the whole day, even though I worked hard and long the day before on helping with set-up for the event.  Last year at the walk I was totally out of it...I was soooooo tired and confused.  This year was TOTALLY different...for the better!  What a difference!  YAY!

Now I'm looking forward to our trip to Acadia, we leave on Saturday.  Poor Sandy, she's exhausted...and actually said she didn't want to go to Acadia...but I told her I would load up the RV and I could help with driving...contrary to what she thinks.  She now feels better about it.  We are going to have a good time, exploring the parts of the park we didn't get to see last year, poking around in the area.  The dogs will love it and we will relax and enjoy ourselves.  I hope the weather holds that's all.

This week before we go I'm going kayaking with Jessica on Wednesday.  Probably the last time of the year...which is a shame as I have only gone out on the water one other time this year!  Sandy has yet to get in the water.  Maybe if we have Indian summer in October we can go.  I hope to have Joyce over for lunch, maybe Thursday or Friday and show off the bathroom. 

Joyce and I are starting to look forward to our trip to Stonewall Kitchen in November...we are going to take a cooking class up there...and spend the weekend in Ogunquit.  Can't wait to take her to Billy's Chowder House.  It's going to be a weekend of eating and playing...YAY!

Okay, signing off...things are great, I feel great and life is GREAT!