Saturday, October 3, 2009

We didn't go to VT...the weather was going to be horrid up there. The thunderstorm warning was the last straw. That meant Lily and Bubbles couldn't go. So, we slept in. YAY!

While slicing a roll for lunch yesterday, I sliced my "finger finger"....Sandy had to put a butterfly bandage, a pressure bandage and two bandaids on it to get it to stop bleeding. It doesn't help that my platelets are down now.

We got our "Final Notice" letter from Nancy Wyman, telling us that we have to get our marriage license in to her or Sandy gets dropped from my insurance. Good thing Sandy finally sent it in a couple of days ago!

Now we are going to veg some more by watching the "Family Guy" movie.

see ya!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sad news from Arizona. Terry and Tom's dog Chloe passed away.

I had called Terry on Monday as we were driving home, to find out how things were going. She told me that Chloe had come up lame and when the vet checked her, they found that she had cancer in her leg--it had almost eaten through the bone. It was also in her lungs. She was still eating and wagging her tail, but they gave her anywhere from three months to two weeks to live.

Chloe was such a sweet dog. We loved her and we know how much the Coney's loved her.

She will be missed.

Not much else going on here. We're resting up and getting ready for our day trip to VT on Saturday for the dogs to run in an agility trial up there. Everyone but Rocky will be in this trial. I may even run Bub or Lily in one or two things. Or, I may leave it for Sandy to do and I'll help with driving. I have chemo Friday morning, so we'll have to see how it goes.

Went to lunch at Harry's with Charmine yesterday and then we went up to the Health Center for our semi-annual Patient Instructor meeting/training. It was fun seeing a lot of my co-workers there yesterday and we got to chat with some of them for awhile, as we got there about an hour and a half early!

I booked our side trips for the cruise today....the zip-line and rappelling tour in Belize (which I have wanted to do for YEARS) and the glass kayak and snorkeling in Cozumel. The kayak is you can see the coral reefs, etc. below you as you paddle around. I may book trips for Guatemala and Key West, but I want to talk with Charmine and Pat about that. We may want to do things together or stay on board the ship and play there. I had wanted to see Mayan ruins but they want too much for that trip. It would be nice, but if I'm not up to the trip I don't want to lose that much money.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


We made it home! One final little glitch--on Rte 2 there was an accident and the traffic was backed up. We bailed out in time and used the GPS to find another way home on the back roads....we saw some stuff we wouldn't have seen and it was fun.

The dogs let us sleep in today. I got up at 8:30 and fed the dogs and let Sandy sleep. I had started doing the laundry from the trip last night and I finished it this morning. So proud of myself. I had it washed and put away by noon time.

We just lazed around today and that was fine with us. Getting caught up on our shows that recorded while we were gone: Housewives of Atlanta; Top Chef; Project Runway; and the Office. You know....all the important shows.

They are going to start showing the old English version of "The Office" on Adult Swim. I'm going to record these...I love Ricky Gervais. And I love, love, love the Office.

Oh....and we watched "Flipping Out"....we love Jeff and Zoila.

Enough of this drivel. I'm off to bed. I have to go to a training session at work tomorrow. I'm going up to Charmine's at noon. We'll go eat at Harry's one more time and then go to work. Should be fun.

Nighty night. Good to be sleeping in my own bed...with my little buddy Rocky and my little sweetheart Bubbles snuggled up to me. Oh...and Sandy too.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday in Virginia

We drove through horrific rainstorms yesterday from Tennessee all the way into Virginia. We didn't even get the dogs out of the car to pee and poop until we were almost at our destination. They weren't even interested in getting out in that rain to pee and poop. When we did get them out, Rocky peed and then shivered uncontrollably until we got him back in his kennel...then we didn't hear a peep out of him.

We saw eight accidents along the way...all but one of them were single car things. I think people were either driving too fast for the conditions (they were blowing by us) or they made the mistake of leaving their cruise control on....most of the cars we saw were down in the median, spun around the opposite way. We saw one that happened a few minutes before we got there, they were up the embankment, with their front end pointed towards the road...they had spun around and shot up the hill. We kept on driving, there were cars stopped to help them....but I did feel guilty about not stopping.

There was two accidents that involved two cars and the police were there...lots of police. One accident had ambulances on the scene. All of these just cautioned us to drive slowly and carefully. Despite all of that we only lost a half hour of travel time due to the rain.

We are back in the hotel where we stayed on the way down. This time we are in a different wing and I think they allow smoking somewhere in this section. We have a non-smoking room, but it smells of smoke. The hotel manager insisted on trying to pet the Russells this Sandy said, "Rocky earned his keep!" She pet him and that gave Sandy time to warn her about not petting Truman or Bubbles. I just whisked Bub away, back to the room, leaving Sandy to chat with her about the dogs.

This is the hotel that had the power loss as we were packing up to leave on our way to TN. Something happened in the area and the power went out all around. We had to finish packing in the dark essentially, it wasn't too light out when we were leaving.

Cindy came over again last night. She and Sandy went to Bojangles and picked up our supper, chicken biscuit for Cindy, steak biscuits for Sandy and me. YUM! I haven't had a Bojangles biscuit in years! Bob Duncan used to FedEx them to us from South Carolina years ago.

We had a nice visit with Cindy and made plans for her to come visit next year....hopefully in October. We'll take her around to get good photos. We want to go to Maine. Maybe we'll go up and see puffins!

So, now we head to Pennsylvania. The sun is breaking through, should be a good day for traveling. I have my jeans's cool out there. We froze yesterday, the temperature dropped so fast. Today I smartened up and am dressed for success!

See you soon!