Thursday, January 27, 2011

Long time no see....

Last I wrote I believe we were in snow up to our knees. The only thing that's changed since then is that the snow is now up to our waist....thanks to last night's droppings. We must have gotten a good foot of new snow yesterday and thru the night. Fortunately, it turned out to be the light, fluffy stuff, not the wet, heavy stuff they predicted originally.

Sandy does such a good job running the snowblower and shoveling the areas that need to be shoveled. I helped out by sweeping the deck frequently yesterday as it was snowing, to keep it from piling up too high. I also was responsible for poking the awnings with a broom, to reduce the build-up of the white stuff.

We are going to have to get new awnings this year. We have decided to go with aluminum like we had at the old house. They hold up to snow better than the canvas ones. They cost about the same as the canvas ones too. We'll buy them and Sandy and Ryan will install them, under Frank's supervision. That's the plan.

Got my car in for service on Tuesday and ordered the new key, to replace the one I lost. It's going to cost about $400 to get it and program it. Fortunately, our Family Care plan should cover least that's what it says on the brochure we got. They found our copy of the care plan info in the folder they have on us at the dealership...we never got it. Sandy has to call Friday to start the claim, since she put her name on my car and B comes before her name is the name of record on the plan, not mine. I don't like this, her name being all over my car...even at the dealership they call "Brouwer" when the car is I am making her do the calling for the mistake I made (losing the key)...I figure it's only fair....

Talking to Charmine about Social Security the other day and I decided I will start collecting it when I hit 62, which is this year, goddammit. I figure the money I get will go a long way's towards a nice payment on a motor home. Now we can afford to get that Winnebago we fell in love with. Sandy is happily researching everything online, knowing that the money will be there soon. First time in awhile that I can't wait to be older!

Here's the link to the one we are looking at:

We like the way they are made...from the handles you grab onto as you enter the coach to the lay-out, the safety features (like side view cameras) and the self-leveling feature. I love the cabinet and color choices.

Can't wait!

I work tomorrow, snow is coming again tomorrow and Saturday and Sunday we have plans to spend time at Charmine and Pat's with Deanna and Lorraine. It seems like forever since we've all been together! Can't wait for that either.

Okay, I've done my little chores, now we all nap in the recliner, with the ambient music on the laptop....and then it's time to get to work again.