Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So remiss about writing here. And it's not because I've been engaged in so many honest pursuits. Not that I have been engaged in dishonest pursuits either...I've been "pacing" myself.

Monday was the holiday and I got to enjoy a great win by the Huskies, who blew North Carolina off their own court. The only tension in the game was around Chris Daley's outfit, which was bizarre to say the least. The Huskies, on the other hand, looked like high fashion out there...their best game of the year I think.

I'm tripping on this Gnome movie...the ad for it is on now. Did you know that there are a lot of people in the world who have a phobia about gnomes? I think it's a mistake to make a movie about them. Bad karma.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to take Bob to DMV to turn his license in, get a new ID card made and get an application for a handicapped parking sticker. Also, take him to lunch and then get his paperwork to the town assessor in Putnam, to get his car taken off the tax rolls.

I've canceled the tv show for tomorrow night. I don't think I can handle running all over Eastern CT all day and then worry about the show. I think Ellen will be all right about it. I have lined up Sue Ponder to join me for the first show in February. We are going to talk about the "Sunny Fund" which is a pool of money for the Norwich ACO to use to help get animals vet treatment or spaying/neutering and grooming to prep for adoption. It's a good cause and I want to do whatever I can to support it.

My strange addiction...I need one. I need to figure out something weird to get addicted to, so I can be on that show. I used to want to be on Survivor, but what with the hernia and the problems I have with the diet....that's a no go now...Sandy and I have talked about being on the Greatest Race or whatever the hell it's called, but I can't see her being willing to leave the dogs for that long. So...I guess what's left is Strange Addiction. I see them eating toilet paper, Comet, now there's a woman who eats couch cushions! AWESOME! I'll take suggestions from send them along.

I think I could provide compelling television moments. Oh wait...there's always WNTW...Stacy and Clinton...I could give them a run for their money...for awhile, until I succumb to their wisdom. I'd love to have the Ted and Carmindy treatment too!

Oh, Sandy walked around the handbag section of Kohl's for 45 minutes tonight, trying to choose a purse. She did all right in the end, picking a cranberry one...finally...something other than black! Look how far she has come....all thanks to WNTW....we are addicted to that show. THERE WE HAVE IT...I could combine both shows....I could be addicted to watching WNTW!!!

Today I took down the glass globes for the ceiling clean them. The living room one was full of bugs...weird things. I have no idea how they get in there....there is no opening for them to get in there. One of life's mysteries I guess. Maybe one of the seven mysteries....

Anyway, when I was reattaching one of the ceiling lights in the hallway, I felt a little "pop" in my abdomen, followed by a pain there. I'm hoping it was just the mesh moving a bit. It was in the area of the original hernia, so I'm a bit nervous. I got my abdominal brace out and wrapped around me again and I skipped my plans to vacuum. Figured that would be too much for me.
Hopefully this will pass and I won't have any lingering effects. This mesh thing is so weird, it takes some getting used to.

Okay...enough. Time to get my ass upstairs and into bed. It's nice and cold up there, the windows open, the fan on. Sandy turns my mattress warmer on to 40% when she goes to bed...for Rocky's benefit. He loves it. I have to get him to move over when I get in bed. Most nights he will sidle over a bit...but some nights I have to slide him a bit and sometimes he isn't the nicest about it. He has become a Jack Russell...he now growls just like the rest of them.

It's nice and cozy up there and it is calling to me. Long day tomorrow.

Nighty night!