Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Happy New Year!   Finally "coming to" after my chemo last Thursday...I got behind the game in the nausea dept and have been trying to play catch-up ever since....that doesn't work.  My sole resolution for this year is to make sure that I get anti-nausea meds before the chemo treatment!  I can't take another post chemo spell like I just went through.

I am no nearer to eating solid foods than I was back in early November.  Yesterday I tried Nutella on toast and that was a big mistake....so I learn my lesson, slow and steady wins the race.

I was able to stay up last night and watch the New Year come in, with Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper. I never used to stay up for New Year's....Sandy was usually working and it just didn't interest me...but ever since some genius put Anderson and Kathy together on the Big Night....I can't resist.  Last night was solid gold, just as we have come to expect.

Jean continues to come up from Waterford on a daily basis to sit with me.  Well, mostly she sits by herself as I'm still not up that many hours in a day.   I come down stairs around 9am and last until noon or a bit beyond, then I'm back upstairs and in bed.   I come down later for "dinner time" and to be with Sandy and back up around 7 when she hooks me up to my TPN.   I'm getting around 1,000 calories a day from this nutrition, fortunately...as I can't always get the calories in the "old fashioned way."  It's difficult to explain, but I just don't have the energy, or desire to eat....it is such an effort to eat!  I know I should eat...but if Emeril himself was preparing my meal, I wouldn't be tempted.  Well...that seems to be improving now though...now that the nausea is under control.    Have to keep it under control.

I have to be able to wrangle the dogs by myself before Jean will leave.   I feel so bad for her...it must be boring as hell to have to sit here day after day.  I am working on getting my own protein shake in the AM, and getting my supplies up and down the stairs by myself.  So far, so good.  Next it will be getting the dogs in and out of the kennels, in case someone comes to visit, etc.  I have the nurse coming once a week to do blood work and the guy comes to deliver my TPN "food."   I have to be able to handle all that...it seems like it should be easy...but it's not.  Working on it.

Been enjoying the Huskies whupping Stanford and the Pats whupping the Fish...it was a great weekend for my teams...they provide a great distraction from the nausea, pains and discomforts.  I am so happy I have sports in my life....and it's the teams that win....I can't imagine how I'd feel if this was Red Sox season!  HA HA!

I have a break from chemo this week.  Next Thursday I see the doctor and then start the round of chemo again...I go for three weeks in a row than a week off.  I'm hoping the CA 125 test shows that the cancer is responding to the treatment...then maybe I can get an idea of how long I'll have to do this.  Of course, if I can manage the nausea, it will be that much easier to go through...

Looking forward to the Huskies winning the National Championship, perhaps the Pats winning the Super Bowl,  trips in the RV, going to the "Russell Tussell" in August and so much more.  It would be so nice if I didn't have to have chemo at the same time! 

We'll see...