Saturday, December 20, 2008

Going out....

We got about nine and a half inches of snow last night...and more of a dusting coming down now. I got up and made breakfast for us...grits and eggs...haven't made that in AGES!!! Sandy was very happy!

After we ate Sandy got bundled up and headed out to use her new toy...the snowblower we bought in September. She (and I) were shocked to see Mark and Cliff at the head of our driveway...plowing out the heavy stuff that the plow had shoved up there. That was so nice of made me think of how Todd from across the street used to plow us out when we lived on Sunrise I immediately called Chris to tell her we were thinking of her and Todd. She told me that Todd was out plowing their driveway and she was looking our old driveway...thinking about how he used to plow us out! Amazing, isn't it?

Anyhow, Sandy was able to get the whole driveway, plus paths for the pups out back, done in about two hours and she says she isn't even tired! Love that snow blower!

Tina just called, she's on her way to come and get me. We're going to Richard's Annual Open House in Central Village. I haven't seen the Dempsey folks in ages, so it will be wonderful to be there. I know Russ can't get there until later, but I'm hoping to see Maureen, maybe Maureen Cedio and some other folks...and Uncle Dick, of course!

I better go upstairs and get ready! I'm feeling really good today. Just as Dr. Lachance says, "just when you start to feeling really good, it's time for another chemo and you start all over again!" I'm going to enjoy this feeling while it lasts...just hope I don't get too pooped going out.

Talk at ya later! I'll be sure to "dish the dirt" from the party!

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