Saturday, January 31, 2009

Basketball Again!

Went up to Providence for the women's game. Mike and his son were there to take pictures, it was good to see him again. I hiked the stairs twice, (three flights once and four flights the second time)....that was it for me.

Mike Thibault, the coach of the CT Sun sat next to me...he was there to scout Angel McCaughtry, who plays for Louisville (PC's opponent) and a player who is probably going to be in the top three in this year's draft. The Sun don't have a prayer of getting her, they don't have a high enough pick in the draft.

I had to take my hat off during the head was sweating. The media box is in the balcony and it gets hot up there. I could tell Mike was dying to know about my bald head, but he wouldn't ask. I waited until the end of the game to tell him what was going on. He was very nice, asked questions about my diagnosis and chemo. I told him I intended to make it to all the Sun games and that really pleased him. It pleases me too!

The game was close for the first ten minutes and then it turned into a rout. Angel put on quite a show...she had a career-high 43 points. I got to interview her after the game and boy, has she changed! She used to be a pouting baby, she has become quite the articulate and gracious young woman.

At half time they honored former Providence players. When I heard that I immediately started looking for Laurie St. Jean and sure enough...there she was. I was able to catch up with her after the game....and we got to talk about the "old days" when she played for Pam at PHS.

I told her that if she and Kim Belliveau were playing high school ball today, they would be recruited by Geno and Pat, I have no doubt in my mind. They were that good in their day....they would be WNBA material if they just came along at a later time. Oh well...they helped pave the way for the players of today....and I loved watching them....I enjoyed every minute.

I remembered when Laurie scored over 50 points in a game. I told her that Mr. Belliveau tape recorded that game, which she did not know. Ray filmed just about every game. They should get those old tapes would be so much fun to see them!

Tomorrow Jean and Frank are coming up and Sandy is going to make a recipe for Philly cheese steak that she invented....she's making it using filet mignon! It sounds delish!

Oh...Mike told me to type in "Bacon Explosion" in my search engine...he made it today and says it's too die for! Of course it has 5,000 calories in it! Serves's made with bacon and sausage...and more bacon.

Check it may make your heart stop!

Nighty night!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Lynne Joins the Band!

No blog yesterday...I was busy...EXCUUUUUUSE ME!

Got up and went down to Backus to have my bloodwork done. The tech "tssk tssked" over my veins...which he said were all "scarred up." He asked me "what have they been doing to you, poor baby?," which I kind of resented, because I am NOT a poor baby!

I explained to him that the damage to my veins was done over the years by the American Red Cross, when I donated platelets. I used to donate platelets every month. They have to use a really thick needle and the needle had to sit in my veins for over an hour, which is how long it takes to donate. That's what wrecked up my veins...nothing poor baby about it!

Then I came home and crawled into bed, I just felt icky. Lynne called to see what we wanted for lunch and I got up. She brought us grinders and we had a nice lunch, visiting all the while.

After lunch, we dragged out the Rock Band drums, microphone and guitar to show her what it's like. She played the drums and failed...just like I do. Then she took over the microphone and did really good with that. Then we convinced her to try the bass guitar. She failed three times, but we were able to "bring her back" with our playing. Her score was 1%!!!! She got ONE NOTE right!!!! I was laughing so hard, telling Sandy, "I have never seen a score that low!!!" We couldn't stop laughing...and she was all flummoxed.

Then, we figured out it wasn't her fault....Sandy had failed to properly inservice her on how to play the guitar! After she learned how to do it, she did improve her score...about sixty points!

We had a great time and I think Lynne loved the band. I hope she comes back with David to play Rock Band with us again. I'm pretty sure she will.

Then Lynne left and I went back up to bed...wiped out from all that laughing I guess. Got up around 6:30 and just in time for Mary Anne's arrival. She came up after work and after a trip to Motor Vehicles to get her license renewed. She is on a diet and couldn't join us for dinner...but we ate in front of her anyway...she's a good sport that way. We had a very nice visit and then she skedaddled off home to Putnam.

This morning we went to the gym. First time I've been since October. I did 10 minutes on the treadclimber; did some resistance machines; did ten minutes (or more) on the bicycle and then my stretches. I felt a bit weak in the legs after the biking...but mostly I felt GREAT!

We ran errands around town and I got a hamburger from Wendy's...I've been fantasizing about burgers for the past week...the trip to Wendy's cured me of that. Then we went grocery shopping...I stayed out in the car and read my book (Dispatches by Michael Herr). Sandy ran into Nancy Dow in the store and sent her out to see me in the car. Haven't seen her in was nice to chat.

On the way home we stopped at our favorite store, Ocean State Job Lot. I got two more of the "Bula" hats I've been wearing indoors. I really like those hats. Now I think I have five of them...they aren't the best for outdoors in the cold, but for wearing indoors, they are the greatest!

Deanna just called, they moved into their new home today. We have seen pictures of it on the internet, can't wait to see it "in the flesh!" She sounds beat...I know what that feels like. We were exhausted after our move. I remember I collapsed, but Sandy kept going and going, until she got the garage all emptied out and her car parked in it! That's what drove her to keep going...that car!

Speaking of cars, that's my next get a new car. I'm debating between a Prius and a Camry hybrid. Decisions, decisions.

Tomorrow I go to Providence to cover the game vs. Louisville. It will be great to be back at the media table again!

Nighty night! See Lynne, that wasn't so bad!!

When I got home, I put the groceries away and

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's all about the weather today, folks! Stay inside...if you must go careful! Hopefully there won't be the flooding like we had in Occum and Baltic a few years back when we had the same weather conditions...loads of rain on top of a thick ice pack.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Basketball and BRAT diet

Went to Ryan's basketball game---they lost. Ryan played very good...he plays under the basket, even though he's not the tallest one on the court. Taylor was home sick, where she has been since the birthday party Sunday. She started puking as soon as we left--Deb was afraid because she didn't want me to get it.

Puking is something that's going around I guess---Janet and Jess had it too...only worse--like food poisoning...if you know what I mean. I HOPE to HARRY I do not get that!!!

Did I mention I haven't thrown up since 1986 and I want to keep that streak going from here to eternity???

I had a random thought today: I wonder how much tax payer money is wasted by state employees reading this blog on work time? The thought scares me.

I focused on the BRAT diet again today...combining it with the imodium. I know people are probably sick of hearing about this shit...pardon the pun....but I am still dealing with the runs. I don't mind it too weight hasn't gone below 140 so far. The thing I don't like about it is the fact that the worst bouts always seem to come around 2-4 AM...why the hell can't I have them during the day time? When it's bad the cramps are wicked...and I can't sleep. The fetal position helps and so does the heating pad...but I have a safety feature on the heating pad and it shuts off every so many minutes...which wakes me up again and I have to turn it back on. Still that's better than slow cooking my abdomen and doing damage to myself.

We swung by the store and got bananas, I'm going to try them again--we questioned if they had the opposite effect awhile ago. I got a large order of white rice and egg drop soup (for my protein) from the Chinese restaurant. I ate all of the above....and applesauce....oh--and toast.

So there's all the components of the BRAT diet....I'll repeat the same tomorrow. I also slug down the imodium. Hopefully all of the above will work to end the runs...and then it will be time for my next chemo and we start the whole cycle all over again.

That chest thing came back and is intensifying the further out from chemo I get. We don't understand it and the doctor doesn't seem to think it's connected to the chemo--but it might be. There does seem to be a cyclical component to it. That "sobbing breath"...the ones that "catch" are happening more frequently and the bottom section of both lungs feel very heavy at times. It's weird. A mystery that keeps coming back.

I have a media pass to the Providence Louisville women's basketball game this Saturday. This will be the first time this season I'll be able to cover the game for Sportspage. Sandy and I are going to cover the game in February when PC plays the Huskies. Sandy will do the photos and I'll write the game article. It's going to be so good to back "in the saddle" seated at the media table again!

So, snow tonight...figures. I will venture out in it tomorrow to get my blood work done...and to go to Arremony's to buy a loaf of rye bread (yum!). If I "have to" eat might as well be bread that I love!

Well...I have to go watch "Homeland Security"...I love that show!

Nighty night! Drive safely!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Birthdays and Wakes

Ryan's birthday party was fun...we even got to play some Rock Band...I sang of course! Sandy is getting better and better on the guitar. I'm going to have to branch out and take a chance on the drums and up my skills. I can't hide behind the microphone forever!

We forgot Ryan's card at home...and the Garmin that we were going to bring back to Best Buy. I had forgotten my camera and went back in the house to get it...Sandy was on her way out...she grabbed my camera and left the other stuff on the table. We didn't discover it until we got all the way to Waterford...she was going to turn around and go back, but I told her that would take over an hour (both ways) we had to go into the party looking like dopes.

We have to return the Garmin I got her because it doesn't seem to have a battery! It's supposed to have one installed...but it doesn't hold a charge, nor does it indicate that there is a battery. Of course, I apparently threw away the reciept...and the extended warranty we have to hope that Best Buy accepts the "I got it as a Christmas gift...." explanation.

Today, despite the fact that I am still in nadir, I will be going to May Landry's Mom's wake. I will wear my mask which will make me stand out like a sore thumb...fortunately I'm a Leo and love any kind of attention...even negative! I'll go to the wake early, sneak in to see May and scurry home before anyone so much as breathes on me!

I never got to meet May's Mom, although I feel as though I have known her for years. A few years back May asked me if I would be interested in the "job" of being her mother's companion for a few weeks to accompany her to her home on St. Bart's. At the time it was impossible for me to leave for that period of I have regretted that! Not only because I missed out on a trip to St. Bart's...but May's mother was such a character and I missed out on spending time with her...getting to know her. I'll bet we would have had quite a time!

You know May's Mom was a character...look at May, I mean COME ON!

It's going to snow again this week. That's nice. I AM SO SICK OF BEING COLD!!

Sandy is trying to figure out how we could afford to sneak off to Florida for a long weekend...but we have to save our money for our upcoming trips to Tennessee in September and the cruise at the end of October. AND, for the Open House I want to have the first weekend in August...for my 60th birthday; our 25th anniversary (which will be coming up in October); for folks to see the new house and for the end of chemo! Well, the "big chemo" anyway.

So, if you are reading this, consider yourself the date...the first weekend in August...dunno which day yet, probably will go all day.

Well, I gotta go get showered and dressed to go to the wake. I've dropped more weight, so I'll be wearing the size 10 slacks Jean picked up for me last month. Unbelievable.