Saturday, December 17, 2011

Just a quick visit here before I have to jump in the shower and get up to Putnam to see Bob Miller.

That situation is driving me a bit nuts.  Wini is having a lot of trouble remembering things and I see things going downhill fast up there.  I got upset with Bob's hygiene and took have of his clothes home to wash, sort out and throw out the junk.  I'm bringing stuff back today and taking the rest of it and repeating the process.

Bob tends to wear the same clothes daily and they get all stained up...he does have that "hole in his lip" and food and liquids just dribble all over the place.  I can relate, I inherited the same condition.  For some reason our lips cannot handle food and drink without dribbling.  

He has too many clothes in his closet and I think it's overwhelming to him.  I'm going to "shorten up" the stuff hanging in there...make it easier for him to choose.  Wini and I agreed to put a sign on his hamper, reminding him to put his dirty clothes in there, not to hang them back up in the closet.

Bob is also having trouble shaving, missing great swaths of beard along his jaw line.  I am going to investigate how he would do with an electric razor.  At least if he had one (which he's never had in his life) someone else could run the razor over his face before he goes out in public.

I think it may be time to get a home health aide, or homemaker in the house.  I'm going to see how Wini feels about this.  She keeps telling me that she is tired and can't do all that needs to be done.  Let's see if she remembers that when I talk with her about getting someone in there to help.

I wouldn't mind her not remembering so much, if she wasn't so insistent that her memory of an event is correct. And if she didn't get her dander up so much when we discuss things that she is defensive about.  I can understand the defensive part, but I really struggle with her "nastiness" whether it's directed to me or other people.  She doesn't get nasty with Bob, thankfully!

It's all so frustrating to me, especially since I'm at some distance from them and just "dropping in" is not realistic.  I know plenty of other folks who have been through the same thing...but that doesn't make my experience or emotions about it any easier.

At the doctor's I was told that even though I can get my iron level back up, I will still be tired all the time-it's a byproduct of the chemo.  So, that's that.   As long as I can do my normal routine, they are not I guess I shouldn't be concerned either.  I know now that I just have to make myself get up and get going.  And I have to pace myself.  Save my energy for the things that are important. 

I have been doing a better job of getting into bed earlier.  Sometimes I sit up, under my bathrobe (to hide the light) and play word games on the iPhone, and sometimes I go to sleep.  Either way, I am prone at an earlier hour....and it seems to help a bit.

The party season has begun.  Last week we had the gang from the hospital here for the Terry party, this week I went to Lynne's holiday party with all my fellow retirees--that was great to see all.   This coming week I'll be getting stuff prepared for our family get-together, which we will be having here on Christmas Eve day.  I have to pick up a few more things for gifts and then stuff for our smorgasbord. 

Friday Maria will be arriving to help and Saturday the festivities start.  Oh...Wednesday we are going to Jean's for Christmas with the kids.  BUSY BUSY!  YAY!

Now it's time for that shower and off to Putnam...I'm going to bring Rocky with me....that will amuse Bob.