Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday Kayak Adventure

Dori arrived bright and early and we wrestled my kayak (actually Sandy's kayak) onto the top of the truck and secured it. I put the dog's in their kennels and we drove the sounds of Rocky's pitiful howling.

There were about 18 or so other paddlers. There was a brief talk about the cove, the estuary, the importance of protecting marshlands, etc. Then we shoved off into the water and we were on our way.

Dori and I didn't try to keep up with the crowd. It was supposed to be a "slow float", but everyone seemed hell-bent on proving their paddling we let them go. They went down to one end of cove and we rejoined them when they had to come back...then they went down to the other end and we trailed along behind, and joined them again when they came back. In the meantime, we got to see all the birds that they flushed out of their hiding places.

We saw osprey, great blue heron, kingfishers, swallows and a chimney swift nest under a bridge. We checked out the houses along the way, imagining what it would be like to live there. Some of them were really pretty remote. We decided that the stink of the marsh when the tide goes out may make living there a little less desirable. I think one would get used to it though.

I did get tired about an hour out and since I have a UTI, I have to pee alot, so I had to pee almost as soon as we left shore! It made it hard to totally enjoy the experience, but the sun came out, it was nice and warm, the nature scenes were wonderful and Dori's company was, as always, delightful. It was a very nice trip.

Came home and had lunch. Then I took Rocky out in the back yard and let him loose. I did it because he was so miserable, scratching to go out, going out and seeing that he was stuck in the little yard, scratching to come back in and then repeating the process all over again in a few minutes. I also did it because I'm a negligent mother.

I did block the back gate with stuff so he can't get out there...he keeps going to it and looking. He could fit himself through the space around the's bigger than we told them it had to be when they installed the fence. We're going to have to put a permanent barrier there, to keep him in the yard.

He ran free, for the first time since his accident, and loves the back yard. I sat and watched him and would call him to me every once in awhile. He rolled and rolled on his back. He tried to eat little cherries that have fallen off one of the trees. He pooped, he peed. He rolled again. He pooped again, he peed again. He was happy.

He's sleeping on my feet now. My feet have been tingly and numb the past few days, I really can't feel them now!

Tomorrow Jess comes up early and we drive to Greenfield for the CPE National Trial, where Sandy is. Terry and maybe Tim or Kate or all three, are coming up at noon time. Later Martine, my old Putnam pal, will be coming over after she gets out of work--she works at a hospital in Greenfield. So, I will be seeing a few people who I haven't seen in YEARS!!!

Sandy called. Lindsay was making more snackies and then chicken thighs for supper. Sandy was going to be dining with them. Nice.

I made a can of Campbell's special soup: Maryland style crab soup. Well, let me tell you...what a waste of money. I couldn't find a trace of crab, not even a taste of crab! Don't fall for the "healthy and special" lable. It's not worth it.

So, I guess I'll have a donut for supper! :) To bed early, I'll sleep good tonight!

If I write an entry tomorrow, you'll know I'm a IRON WOMAN! I'm going to take my "Five Hour Energy" drink, just in case. So I can make the drive home. Then I'm going to crash, until it's time for WORK on Monday afternoon! YAY!!

Nighty night....

Friday, June 5, 2009

Visit with MAFO

Lynne provided the picnic lunch and picnic supplies, as we had lunch with Mary Ann at
Bridebrook, where she residing for rehab.

Lynne did a great job, we had the checkered
napkins, the paper plates with straw plate
holders, pasta salad, tuna salad, great bread, another kind of salad (lots of very tasty stuff in it); iced tea, and grapes and brownies for dessert!
It was YUMMY!
As a matter of fact, Lynne provided two of my meals for the day. Lynne brought me spare ribs that David had barbecued and I had three of them for supper tonight, with Annie's pasta and sauteed spinach. That was YUM too!
Mary Ann is hoping to be out of this place soon. I have my assignment--to get Jean's toilet chair; one of the suction grab bars Jean got for us when I got out of the hospital and I have to research where to rent a temporary ramp. She'll need one to get in and out of Robin's place at Black Point--which is where she will go to finish her rehab. I also advised her to get a "Life Alert" know "Help-I've-Fallen-And-Can't-Get-Up" thing. I know Bob Miller and Wini have this service. It really works.
It was a nice visit, a wonderful lunch...a great way to spend this grey, rainy day.
On the way home I went grocery shopping for the first time since November. I also did something else today that I haven't done since November....I scooped the litter pan! Not without Sandy's blessing, however. She told me I could scoop as long as I wore a mask. I always wash my hands immediately after scooping...but she is concerned about airborn germs that you can get from litter pans. So I wore my mask. It sounds stupid, but it felt great to scoop the poop.
Sandy and the two Russells are in Greenfield MA. Truman ran in three events today and screwed up each one. Some of our friends did much better: Lindsay and my man Deco qualified three of three and Vicky and Jacques also went three for three. I guess Truman and Sandy are in cruise mode since they got their big national title. Sandy is enjoying herself, she's camped behind Jim and Lindsay and they are treating her to their hospitality. When I talked with her tonight, Lindsay way making hors d'oeuvres and Jim was grilling hamburgers. andy was heading over there for dinner. Some camping!
I hauled the kayak down off the garage wall and have all my stuff loaded up, ready for tomorrow. Dori is coming early, we'll load my kayak into the back of Brad's truck and off we'll go to Poquetanuck Cove for the nature "float." I'm trusting it will be a lot warmer and nicer than it is today!

One good thing about the rain, Sandy's garden looks fantastic! It's like it exploded overnight. I'm sure that the warm weather we're going to get Sat and Sun, after this rain, will make the garden really pop!
I have to pick up a couple of Roma tomatoes or plum tomato plants so I can plant that upside down planter thing. I want roma or plum as they are the best for salsa and sauce and I want to make lots of both this year! I love the salsa....with fresh cilantro (I have that too), onion and garlic....too good!
You know I was just looking at Rocky and I see his stitches from the surgery he had last week to remove the pins in his femur. He has NOT bothered those stitches at all! He is a good little dog. A barky little dog, but a good one!
Okay, time to concentrate on the Sox game....and then to bed. Early day tomorrow.
Oh, check out my tresses in the picture! The hair it is returning, my friends, the hair is returning.
Nighty night!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Went to New Haven yesterday to meet my "second cousin," Phyllis and her husband. They live right in the middle of "Yale Territory" beautiful buildings, tree lined streets and lots of cool shops and cafes in the area. Phyllis and I immediately set off for one of those cafes--an Irish pub that is in the basement of one of the buildings. Nice atmosphere...nice corned beef Rueben.

Afterwards we strolled past the houses that are used by the Yale President and various schools. We walked up "Science Hill" where the school of Forestry is located....a new, green building. You could see the solar hot water system collectors on the sides of the building...very nice.

When we got back to the house, I chatted with Elia and Phyllis laid out a spread of coffee and desserts! Reminded me of my grandparent's. Phyllis showed me pictures of her family...such a good looking family! Made me kick myself that I have lost the manila folder with my Swedish Family pictures. I hope I find it soon, it's driving me nuts!

Sandy is packing t0 head to Westfield for the CPE National Trials. She's taking Truman, who will be running and Bubbles, who will be going along for the adventure--they'll be camping. Lily and Rocky will be staying home with me and we'll be going up to Westfield on Sunday. I'm very excited to go...Jessica is coming with me and Terry Connolly will be coming to see us there. I haven't seen Terry in years!

Tomorrow, Lynne and I are going to go have lunch with Mary Anne. We are hoping for nice weather, we can take Mary Anne out if it's nice. If it isn't, we'll get stuff "to go" and lunch with her at Bridebrook.

Saturday, Dori will come down at 8am and we're off to go kayaking at Poquetanuck Cove with a's a "nature tour" so I'll bring my binocs. I always bring my binocs, but this time they will be really important! I hope we see some good stuff.

Busy lately, but I get tired so fast, it's kind of scary. There is no rhyme or reason for it at times. Or so it seems. I'll feel exhausted about an hour after I get up in the morning, it will pass (without me napping) and I'll go on to stay up until midnight! So strange.

Oh! Monday I go back to work! YAY!!! I'll be working in the afternoon.

Can't wait....but first I have a fun weekend ahead.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Biting Dogs

Because my dog, Bubbles, bites (because she is afraid of just about everything), I find dog bite articles interesting. Here's one I found online...along with what to do if a dog bites. I assume they are talking about BIG dogs when they tell you to become "like a rock." Audrey's Mom, my ex-sister-in-law, got bitten badly by a german shepherd one wasn't pretty.


Dog bites are scary, no two ways about it. Big sharp teeth, bared gums, that rumbling dog growl–it’s ironic how man’s best friend can occasionally become so quickly sinister. But there are reasons that dogs bite, a study published in the journal Injury Prevention shows that territorial behavior, anxiety and other medical issues lead dogs to bite (the study focused on dogs that had bitten children).
In the study researchers examined 111 cases of dog bites by 103 dogs (41 different breeds) and found several patterns that related to the dogs’ territorial behaviors, and suggested that these were the main causes of aggression in dogs:
• Young children (under 6 years) were more likely to be bitten when a dog felt the kids were threatening to take the dogs’ food or toys.• Older children were bitten when the dog felt the kids were encroaching on its territory.• Children familiar to the dog were more likely to be bitten while the dog was guarding its food.• Unfamiliar children were more likely to be bitten while the dog was protecting its territory.
Seventy-five percent of the biting dogs studied exhibited anxiety, either by being left by their owners or being exposed to loud noise, such as a thunderstorm or fireworks. Young children in particular tend to be noisy and make unpredictable movements, which could frighten an already anxious dog and cause them to bite the child, the researchers said.
Half of the dogs also had medical conditions, such as eye problems, liver and kidney disease, and diseases that affected their bones and skin. Study leader Illana Reisner of the University of Pennsylvania and her colleagues suggest that pain from these conditions could have pushed the dogs over the edge, causing them to bite.

By becoming familiar with the warnings that a dog is upset, you have a better chance of avoiding a dog bite. Look for these warning signs:

• Ears laid back against his head or his legs are very stiff.
• If the hair on his back is standing up.
• If a dog is growling or barking with his teeth showing, it means he is ready to bite.

If you think a dog is about to bite you:
• Remain motionless and look and look at the ground.
• Count to five to yourself
• Move away very slowly, sideways or backwards.
• If the dog jumps on you, act like a rock by curling up into a ball and covering your face and head with your arms.
• Don’t stare at the dog.
• Don’t run, jump or wave your arms around
.• Don’t scream.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Poor Rocky, he came home from the agility trial last night with explosive diarrhea...doing his Ann Miller impersonation I guess!

He got up at 3:30 am and let me know he wanted to go out. He's so different from Truman and Bubbles in that way...they will just poop wherever. Rocky, the sweetheart, asks to go out. When we came back to bed, he didn't want to go in his kennel. I don't blame him, he is very skinny and it was cold last night, he was shivering. So, I did the "no-no" and put him in the bed with me. He settled right down, snuggled up to my butt and fell asleep. He stayed there the rest of the night, until he jumped off the bed--just what we don't want him to do!

I went to see Kathleen, my Nurse Practitioner, today. She put me on meds for a UTI and for the stiff neck. The latter will probably make me sleep for the next week. I also have to go for massage, to try to get the neck to loosen up. Twist my arm! I'm going to call Sandy's friend Deb, who is a nurse and also a massage therapist. I was supposed to see her a long time ago..but haven't made the appointment yet--Sandy gave me $$ for a massage last year for my birthday and I've been carrying it around ever since!

Now I have a little boy dog curled up by my feet on the recliner...I'm going to have to sneak him under the covers again tonight.....but how? I'll wait until Sandy is sleeping....and then....

Oh, I realized that Father's Day is in THREE weeks, not two as I thought. This will be interesting...I have chemo that Friday and maybe kind of tired that weekend. I may have to ask Phil to help me with the driving--getting Bob and going to South Boston to get Maria and go out to eat. I'm sure we'll work something out...even if I have to get Maria or Bob to drive! NOT!

BTW...did I mention that my hair is coming in fast? I can pull it up about a half inch now. Every day it grows visibly longer. I love it!

That muscle relaxant is kicking in...I can feel it....

Nighty night!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

The "different feeling" continues today. Who knows? Maybe it's allergies, I have been sneezing more. But I do feel light headed at times and "just not right."

I called my buddy Mike, who owns and we had a talk. I was calling to cancel out on attending today's Sun exhibition game....after talking with him I realized that I probably will not be able to cover the Sun at all this season, and Mike is fine with that. He and I have been friends for over 10 years and he understands about chemo and it's effects-his wife had breast cancer a few years back.

I ate and ate and ate all day yesterday, I was like the bottom-less pit. Went to bed early with Sandy, we watched "Last Restaurant Standing" and then I tried to sleep. It was weird, I was so tired and sleepy during the show, almost dozing off at one point, but when the lights went out I couldn't sleep! I ended up getting out of bed at 11:30 and went downstairs and had a bowl of shredded wheat. I sound like my father!

Well...after that orgy of food yesterday, I weighed myself this AM....139.5 lbs! I can hear Maria saying, "there ain't no stinkin' justice!" WOW! So, today I didn't eat that weight will be back up to 145!

I did make a nice omelet this AM with fresh spinach, turkey bacon, feta cheese and some garlic in it. YUM! I'm practicing for when Maria and Bob come for Father's Day and I prepare a nice breakfast for them.

I did get some stuff done today--the laundry, which is ridiculously easy to do when your washer and dryer are located next to your closet and linen closet! I also went through the bags of junk I had in my old Camry that were piled up in the garage. Sandy had been complaining about how "junky" it looked out there. The garage. So, I picked and sorted and dumped and stored. Done.

I did that while I sat and watched the Sox. They won....yay! Big Papi hit a double, at least. I hope he gets out of this slump.

Side comments: I love the Dustin Pedroia vs Goliath Dunkin' Donuts ad, but the ad with Tim Wakefield asking for the potato salad just cracks me up for some reason! I laugh everytime I see it.

I like "Ek" but I'm not looking forward to him talking about the "cheese" and the "high cheese"'s run it's course, buddy!

Maria would be happy to hear that Don Orsillo said both of her favorite phrases in today's game:
"at the end of the day" and "it is what it is."

I called Sandy at noon time and she said Lily FLEW through the jumpers course, she was having so much fun! Sandy said it was like she was when she was a young dog! She even did some extras on the course, but we don't care because we're not interested in her qualifying...just in her having fun. She's going to run again next week, maybe I'll run her.

I guess Rocky is driving Jean nuts. He scratches at his kennel and cries every time Sandy leaves him. Lily is fine staying in the tent with Jean, but not the! She has to be right next to him.....he's such a little baby!

Time for me to get back upstairs, the next loads of laundry are calling.

At the end of the day, it is what it is....