Monday, August 8, 2011

Back from Vermont

Jean traveled with us to Vermont this weekend and I think she enjoyed the trip.  We went up Friday afternoon and got there in plenty of time to set up in the daylight.  We had a campfire that night and sat outside, enjoying the fire and chatting.

Saturday AM Sandy went to the agility seminar, taking Rocky and Truman with her...leaving us with Bubbles.  That's a piece of cake!   Jean and I dozed in our chairs outside under the awning and Bub stayed in the RV.  It was so peaceful out there, in the shade, with a nice breeze blowing, we felt like we were puddles in the chairs, we couldn't rouse ourselves awake if our lives depended on it!

In the afternoon, we hiked over to the camp office and I went swimming in the in-ground pool.   There were two birthday parties going on and lots of kids in the pool, which is why he dumped a horrific amount of chlorine in the pool I imagine.  I won't say there was a lot of chlorine in the pool, but I was afraid to open my eyes under water, I was sure my eyeballs would be burned out of my head!

It was refreshing though and I'm glad I got to cool off and get the exercise.  While I was swimming, Jean and Sandy went for ice creams...I skipped it.  That made me feel good.  I was burning calories and skipping the sweets.

That night we had another campfire...sweet.  This is the first time in a long time we've gone camping and had a fire.  It started raining and Jean and Sandy headed into the RV, but I stayed out listening to the rain drops on the was nice.  

Poor Rocky was exhausted from the seminar.  He had to do a lot of thinking which isn't exactly his forte.  He collapsed when he got back, first on the dashboard and then in the bed.  He was flat out for the duration of the weekend.

On Sunday Sandy went back for another seminar, this time Truman participated.  He and she did good...working on distance work, using only hand signals and footwork.  This is crucial as he can't hear anymore and he needs to get all his cues from her through her body motions.  Sandy learned some of the things she was doing wrong and how to correct them.  A good day!

We headed home around 3pm and got home around 5:45...not too bad, considering we got stuck in some traffic on the Mass Pike.  We decided to listen to the Garmin and take the Mass Pike, instead of going Rte 2 to 91....and we agree with her that it is miss having to drive through East Htfd and Springfield.  I think we'll take that route from now on. 

I got up early and headed to the gym this AM.  Did some time on the elliptical, then a double round of the machines and then my stretches and home.  Had to go shopping for a new mailbox...did I forget to mention that I hit the mailbox with the RV on my way out of the driveway on Friday?   YEP!  I put the first dent/scratch/nick in the looked a lot worse than it was.  After we wiped off the scrape it doesn't look so bad.

The old me would have agonized, swore, worried and swore some more about this little incident.  The old me would have gotten all depressed and anxious about the fact that I scraped up the new RV....well, I like the new me.  I had shaken it off by the time we got to the bottom of BMW Drive....and forgot about it all weekend. 

Sandy, on the other hand, was all shook up.  I told her that was her right...but in the scheme of LIFE, this was extremely small potatoes.  It's funny how having cancer makes you change your perspective on things like that.  Why do we have to go through an experience like cancer to learn this lesson?  Dunno.

My new HD camcorder arrived and I'm figuring it out.  As soon as I have some decent video footage, I'll post it here.  Now the pressure is on to get some decent video footage....something with the dogs, yeah...that's the ticket!

Oh...and I couldn't believe all the birthday wishes I had sent to me on Facebook, in emails, cards and private messages!  It was wonderful...did a Leo like me a world of good to get all that attention!