Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rainy Saturday

Went to Megan's 5oth birthday party today. Saw Pam, Robin, Karen and Sharon, Scott and Val and Megan, of course. Oh...and Laura Jutras, daughter of my old pal, Anne Champeau of Chapman Street. I write that for Maria's benefit.

Had a good time, but got very tired and came home early. It's been a busy week, with the beach and boogey boarding on Wednesday and going down to Jean's on Thursday and Friday. Sandy was off several days this week, so we got to do things.

We went to the movies to see Harry Potter one day...I forget if that was this week or last! Huh. Anyway, it was good. We hadn't been to the movies since that last Die Hard movie! Long time.

The beach was awesome...again, it had been a few years since we went to the beach. The waves were great for boogey boarding and we got some good rides. Carol came with us and we all agreed it was a great day. She and Mark came over for pizza that night and we had a good evening visiting and watching the game.

While we were enjoying ourselves, someone was breaking into the house down the street where the older couple live. They go out every Wednesday night from 6-8 for dinner and someone knows that...they broke in and took weird stuff....47 cans of tuna included! Who the hell has 47 cans of tuna or KNOWS the exact amount?

We are going to start a neighborhood watch for sure now. We lock our doors, even when we're home and we keep the windows locked at night. I think we are pretty safe...we have the alarm system, plus the dogs, plus the fact that we don't work regular's tough to say when we are going to be away from the we don't have alcohol in the house--that's another thing they are after---wine and hard liquor.

One house had something like 65 bottles of hard liquor who the hell has that much booze in their house? Somehow these thieves know what's in there. They aren't taking electronics though. Booze, jewelry and prescription drugs...those are the common items taken. They even left coins that were lying around in one house and a coin collection in this last place that they broke into. Odd.

So, work one day next week, out to Ikea and to Lenny and Joe's with Lynne on Thursday and to see the doctor (DiSilvestro's partner) on Wednesday. Friday there's something going on too...oh, Sandy may be off and we may go to the Woodstock Fair. Saturday is Richard and David's wedding picnic. Sunday I'm watching Janet's dogs while she is in Maine, so I may spend some time over there.

The time should fly.

Sox are beating Toronto (again) with Bucholtz spinning a beauty on the mound. Great game. Gonna go watch it.

Nighty night.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Follow up to yesterday's post

I forgot to include what happened while we were at Foxwoods!

When we got back to Janet's house, we saw that my car's lights were on....we were puzzled...and then realized that the car was still running! Sandy had forgotten to turn it off. It ran on some gasoline and mostly the battery for almost six hours. I dare anyone without a hybrid to do that!

My mileage notice read 26.4 mpg after this...prior to this it had read 38.7 mpg...when I turned the car over to Sandy.

I don't blame is so easy to forget to turn the car off and it's so hard to realize that it is still running. It's so quiet. However, she did say that she heard the car beeping at her as she locked the doors. That's the alert we need to pay attention to.

And Jean told me that as she and Dorothy were leaving the gaming area after the show Saturday night a guy got up from his chair in front of a slot machine and just dropped to the floor. She was pretty sure he was dead. Sandy says that happens frequently at the casinos. They call them "casino cardiacs." I bet (get it?) that people ignore the symptoms so they can continue gambling. That is sad.

I can't believe that I forgot to include these tidbits...they are arguably the most interesting things about the weekend!

Oh, and I love the Lutherans! They are allowing non-celibate gay clergy to continue preaching.
Good for them!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday and the Sox are going down..... the Stankees. UGH! Oh well, maybe they will snap out of it in the ninth!

We ate outside on the deck tonight, steak, stuffed potatoes, winter squash and we each had an ear of corn picked fresh from Sandy's garden. Three years she's been growing corn...tonight is the first time I had any of it...and it was very, very good.

Went to the Schultzberg Family reunion yesterday. Always a great time....and yesterday was no exception. Couldn't stay long as we had a dinner date and tickets to an event at Foxwoods in the evening. Went to pick up Bob and Wini on my way to Uxbridge and they had forgotten all about it...Bob was in his shorts and t-shirt, bare footed, standing on a stepstool, washing the kitchen cupboards when I got there. He looked very cute with his new glasses. Makes him look 20 years younger!

Wini was trying to convince him to go with me, but he felt it would be too much for him and I have to agree. He doesn't know everyone there and it creates anxiety for him. It's too confusing now for him to be in large groups of folks he doesn't know well. I told him I would have Shirley and Gus come down for dinner and invite him and Wini to come too. He liked that idea and so did they. Jean and Dave will bring Shirl and Gus. It will be nice.

So I went alone and stayed for a couple of hours, then flew home in time to throw some different clothes on and get in the car to go to Janet's. We made it there in time, met Barry for the first time and really liked him. Janet, Jess, Barry, Sandy and I loaded into their van and off we went to Foxwoods. We met Jean and Dorothy at California Pizza (Dorothy's suggestion) and we had a very good meal there. I would go again.

Then we played some slots, I got ripped off by one of the machines....I had $18.45 credit, punched out and took the slip to another machine to play. It wouldn't let me play and pushed out a ticket for .20! I took it to a machine attendant who traced the whole thing...the machine ripped me off...but someone came along behind me and played the rest of my credits! I didn't see anyone at that machine...but that's what the printout Maybe that's how the casinos make their money now. Good thing I gamble only about once a year and limit it to $20!

Then it was time for the show: "The Legends" show. It was comprised of celebrity lookalikes/singalikes. "Garth Brooks, Gwen Stefani, Bette Midler, Elton John and Elvis." Most of them were pretty good and it was fun singing along with them. We had a great time, laughing and singing.

I really like Barry and Sandy did too. Jean and Dorothy couldn't get over how easily he got along with the four of us who he had never met before. He is an easy-going guy and we are very happy for Janet! She deserves the best!

Well...there is one out in the ninth, doesn't look good for the home team. I've taken my night meds and should be crashing I'll say:

Nighty night.