Saturday, January 30, 2010

Watching the Huskies today. The guy's team disgusts me now. They are ridiculous...lots of showboating and lacking in the fundementals. The women's team on the other hand....well, night and day.

Tina Charles just went over 2000 career points. Unbelievable! I remember when he had to BEG her to shoot! Now she is a scoring machine, probably will be Player of the Year and the #1 pick in the draft.

I'm looking forward to seeing her play for the Sun next year.

Sandy said Five Guys was great. The hamburgers are huge and the fries are like the ones we love to get at the Woodstock Fair. I'm looking forward to going there someday! They had a good time last night, went back to Jean's and played Phase 10 (a type of Rummy) for awhile, and texted me. It was nice, I felt included.

As for me, well, I snuggled in the bed with Bubbles and watched "Along Came Polly." I remember that this was the in flight movie when we were coming back from Italy. My father loved the movie and Sandy says that's one of the things she remembers about the trip...Bob Miller laughing at the movie. I think that's a nice memory to have.

I had another "up and down" night last night, finally settling in around 4:30...but then I slept like a log until around 10am. I felt energetic when I got up...something new I'm trying.

Okay, it's time for me to eat my warmed-up egg foo young. I got it the other day from the take-out place in town...they make the BEST egg foo young....this time I got shrimp instead of pork. No's all good!

GO HUSKIES!!! They are winning 59-34. What else is new?

Nighty night!

Friday, January 29, 2010

It's GONE!

Darlene came over for a visit yesterday. We got Chinese take-out, had a nice lunch and then settled down to the real business...the head shave.

Sandy did the deed, Darlene videoed it and gave Sandy good advice on how to shave my head properly.

It came out great. My head looks good and this time there were no nicks!

It is so cold out there now and the wind is terrible. The doggies don't like the drop in temperature. They go out to do their business and come flying back in immediately. I don't blame them one bit!

I was going to go with Sandy to Frank's birthday party at Five Guys, but at the last minute felt woozy and decided it's best I stay home. I could just imagine myself feeling exhausted at dinner and having to leave. I don't want to wreck it for the doggies and I are home, snug and warm.

I slept until two today as I was up again most of the night, until around 3:30, when I finally "resolved" things in the bathroom and was able to get to sleep. I wonder how long this new "ritual" is going to go on?

Heard from my favorite nurse at W & I, Marcia. She will be working next Friday, and wants me to come for a visit. I'll go after my chemo session...hope she will still be on duty. I haven't seen her in a long time. I miss her!

Okay, time to watch the news and then make my supper. I'm not eating enough. Have only had one meal so far today: bacon an egg and a piece of multi-grain toast. I have to start getting up sooner or something, to get more food into me!

Whoever would have thought that getting enough food would be a problem for me?!!???

Nighty night.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hair today....Gone Tomorrow?

Well...I've been wondering when it would happen and yesterday I felt the tell-tale first sign. A little sore spot on the top of my head. This morning when I washed my hair, more hair hurt.

When I got out of the shower I tugged gently at my hair, sure enough, a couple of strands came out. The other day when I did that, nothing came out.

So, my first thought was that I would have Sandy shave my head Saturday. We're taking Frank out for his birthday Friday night and I didn't want to be bald for that.

But now I'm rethinking this decision. Tomorrow Darlene is coming over for a visit. I'm thinking that maybe I'll have Sandy shave my head and have Darlene video it for me. Or vice versa. Either way, I'll be the one getting the head shaved.

We went to see Avatar for the 12:30 showing today. First they came in and told us the movie would be five to ten minutes late. Then they came in and said that the projector was fixed but we couldn't see the movie. We had to come back for the 2:15 show. They offered us an opportunity to see another movie while we waited. We turned that down and went to Home Depot and checked out kitchen cabinetry, countertops, bathroom cabinetry, countertops, sinks, tubs, tile flooring, you name it--we looked at it.

Then we went back to the theater and chilled out waiting for the show to start.

We loved Avatar. I mean REALLY loved it. I'm glad I went

Now I look forward to going out to Five Guys hamburg joint for Frank's birthday. Just found out it's switched to Saturday, so I'm glad I decided to get shaved tomorrow.

I wait to hear the President's State of the Union address.

Nighty night.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Grits and eggs for breakfast, made by moi! Great stuff!

A good day, even though it was blowing like it was March out there and raining like it was monsoon. The "stream" next to the house was boiling over. We are very happy the house sits on a hill and everything drains past it to the back yard.

Caught up on housework and then we caught up on some of our recorded favorite shows, "Project Runway" and "Millionaire Matchmaker" specifically. More great stuff.

I crashed a bit in the afternoon, but felt better when I laid down in bed and played with the iPhone...then got up in time for spaghetti and meat balls and a nice salad, with the salad dressing from Olive Garden--MORE GREAT STUFF!

I forgot to note that I found Ray Belding on Facebook. Ray was our (Mary Anne and me) mentor when we did our field placement for college, back in the day. We loved him and learned a lot from him and never forgot him. We did lose track of him though and the other day I took a chance and entered his name in Facebook. Lo and behold, there was only one Ray Belding on FB and it was "our Ray." I wrote to him and we have all renewed our acquaintance. I love Facebook for that.

Ray retired as a school social worker and is still very into birding. He inspired me in both areas. I wish I had his expertise in birding. Maybe soon we'll get together for coffee or something. Maybe I'll get him to take me birding.

I'm watching the Huskies dismantle Villanova....another taped event that I am "catching up on." This was a debacle...but aren't they all this year?

I love it.

Nighty night!

The Rest of the Story.....

Documents reveal Paul Harvey’s long friendship with FBI
By Ric Bohy
January 25, 2010 at 11:15am
Folksy radio commentator Paul Harvey ,who died a year ago at age 90, was a sub rosa broadcast voice for the FBI who maintained a mutually beneficial friendship with bureau director J. Edgar Hoover for two decades.
The relationship, and an instance of Harvey naming “known Reds” for U.S. Sen. Joseph McCarthy’s ruinous anti-communist House Unamerican Activities Committee in 1956, were disclosed with the release of nearly 1,400 pages of FBI documents to USA Today, the Washington Post and other news agencies. The previously secret materials were turned over in response to a one-year Freedom of Information Act request.
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Harvey, who for nearly 60 years concluded his broadcasts with the signature, “And that’s the rest of the story,” enjoyed an audience of as many as 24 million listeners who were unknowingly fed FBI propaganda to promote both the bureau’s work and the crime-busting image of its often vindictive director, Hoover.
J. Edgar Hoover
In the kind of irony that was a constant thread through Harvey’s broadcasts, the journalistic subterfuge began in 1951 when the Chicago radio and TV commentator, then 32, was caught trespassing on the grounds of the Argonne National Laboratory, a nuclear testing facility near Chicago.
Setting out to prove that security could easily be breached at the lab, Harvey drove there at night, threw his overcoat on the barbed wire topping its fence, and climbed over. He had intended to scratch his name on objects inside the fence to prove he’d been there, but was caught by security guards almost immediately after entering the property.
The U.S. attorney in Illinois assembled a grand jury to consider espionage charges against Harvey, but it declined to indict him. “Nothing in Harvey’s file suggests Hoover did anything to help,” The Washington Post reported yesterday. “But Harvey appears to have been grateful for something.”
Soon after, Harvey’s friend, Illinois Republican Congressman Fred Busbey, asked the FBI if he could bring Harvey in to thank Hoover. An internal FBI memo written in response noted that Harvey “has a history of emotional instability” but seemed to have been “rehabilitated” as an effective anti-communist.
Harvey met Hoover, and their back-scratching friendship began.
Among the disclosures also contained in the previously secret FBI documents:
Harvey corresponded regularly with Hoover and his minions, often submitting his radio scripts for their input and approval. In at least one case, Harvey read verbatim FBI revisions to his report.
In 1956, Harvey sent tips about “known Reds” at a Texas Air Force base to McCarthy and his witch hunters, whose paranoiac anti-communist crusade destroyed the careers of federal bureaucrats, Hollywood intelligentsia and others before McCarthy’s demagoguery was challenged and exposed by pioneering CBS News correspondent Edward R. Murrow.
In 1959, Harvey and the FBI colluded to go after author, psychiatrist, and educator Bruno Bettelheim after he had been critical of Hoover as well as U.S. law enforcement’s handling of juvenile delinquents.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wow, what a difference a day makes now! Yesterday was my best day since before surgery. I felt really good. Got up late, again. yTook a shower, got dressed and waited for Roxie, who was coming to visit.

She arrived, we chatted with Sandy (who had to get up, the dogs were making such a fuss) and then Roxie and I went to Ruby Tuesday's for lunch. Sandy stayed home because Jean and Frank were coming up with a load of firewood.

We had a great time, chatting away, getting caught up on stuff. Andrew goes back to school today and Virginia is doing good. I even got the salad bar and it was good!

Then we came home and visited some more, having some good laughs with Sandy. Roxie had to get home as she had housework to do.

Sandy and I watched Clint Eastwood in "Gran Torino" and we loved it. We love Clint anyway, but this one was special. I know people didn't like the racial and ethnic slurs in the movie, but you have to understand that there are still people who talk like that. People need to get over themselves.

Unfortunately, we had to keep pausing the movie while I ran back and forth to the bathroom. Finally, at 9pm we decided to stop the whole thing and finish the movie later. So, we went up to bed, Sandy promptly fell asleep, I kept up my bathroom adventures. Sometime in the middle of the night, things settled down a bit, so I could get some sleep. Sandy let me sleep in this AM, again. It's getting to be the routine for me...get up at noon, go to bed early....up and down to the bathroom all night.

I don't mind it though...things are flowing, if you know what I mean. I much prefer that to being "stopped up."

Sandy is reading about a new Disney resort that they are building on Hawaii. We love the sounds of it so much, we have just pledged to save our $$ so we can go there when it opens in Sept 2011. Or maybe we'll wait until it's been open for awhile. I think it's a very worthwhile goal!

Now I just have to get back to work to make more $$$!!

Watching the Jets beat the Colts (so far) and loving it. I'm rooting for the Jets and the Vikings, don't know exactly why, but it feels right.