Sunday, October 30, 2011

Leave it to Pam to remind me that I need to update this blog.   Since I last wrote I "turned some kind of corner" and my health has definitely been on the upswing.   I have a LOT more energy, not having the side effects from the stupid Lexapro--dizziness, light headedness, staggering around, disembodied feelings, etc.  I was able to go to the gym last Wednesday and had a great workout.  I was going to go again on Friday, but then realized I had to work in the afternoon, so I took the dogs for a walk instead.

I worked two days last week and it felt great.  Also spoke at Kathryn's retirement party on Thursday night.  We had great fun, got to sit with Lynne, Charmine, Karen, Mary Cahill, Claire Evento, Vickie Severin and a woman named Heather who we met for the first time that night.  We told "old personnel horror stories" and had a good laugh.

It was great to see Kathryn.  Hadn't seen her in years it feels like...I bet it's been around three or four years.  She looks great, as usual and I got to see Joe too.  Haven't seen him since 2003!   Mary McKay organized the evening and was the MC...did a fantastic job.  The food was very good, the ambiance was very nice (the Hilton in Glastonbury) and the program was fun.

I have made arrangements for Sandy to accompany me to my next therapy session.  I realize that my therapist doesn't really know much about me when she admitted being surprised that I was funny.  I think I have been too serious in our sessions!  She is "dying to meet" Sandy as she wants to get Sandy's take on things.  I think it will be good for me and for Sandy as well.

This week I have to have my mammogram and ultrasound tomorrow at 9:30, then to work at 2:15.  After that, I have the week off.  I hope to make arrangements to go to Putnam and spend a day, at least, with Bob and Wini.  Have to make an appointment with a social worker at Westview to see if they can help me with the financial information on the application for Bob.  I have to get that job done!

We got about two inches of wet snow last night...very scary how the trees were bending under the weight of the snow.  We didn't lose any major branches, thankfully, but it sounds like there were plenty of other folks who weren't that lucky.  More power outages than they had with Hurricane Irene!

Again I am so happy we paid the bucks to get the trees trimmed.  It was more than worth it.  We just had Ed, the "Tasmanian Tree Devil" up to the house to check out the trimming job we want to have him do.  He brought his fiancee with him and I gave them a tour of the RV.  They are sold, they want one.  We will bring them with us to the RV show in Jan/Feb...whenever it comes to the Big E.  I'll bet they buy one on the spot.

Speaking of the RV, we brought ours up to Arlington and left it yesterday to have it winterized, and some minor repairs done.  I miss it already!  When it's ready, we'll drive it down to Waterford and park it in Jean's yard. 

Jean and Frank are going to be running a storage facility in their back yard this winter.  Our RV will be out there and Neil is putting his boat there.  Then Taylor's boyfriend, Andrew, asked if he could put his boat there also.  We told Jean that her neighbors are going to think they hit the lottery!

We are getting a cover for the RV and it should be quite interesting when it comes time to wrestle that cover over the unit!   That's 34' we're's not going to be easy!  I went shopping in the RV store and bought some stick-on levels that you use to help you figure out if the rig is level.  I can't help myself, I love buying things for the RV.

Speaking of buying things, I spent a couple of hours online today, shopping for BMX gear for Mariah.  She lost her stuff when the house caught fire.  Too much smoke damage.   So, I got her pants, shirt, helmet, gloves and shoes.  Still have to get the chest, elbow and knee pads.  It's fun shopping for this stuff, I never played the sport myself and it's neat learning about these things.

Mariah got all A's and B's last marking period, so I'm very happy to get these things for her.  She loves the sport and gets so much out of participating, as does  her mother and her sister, when they go to watch and cheer for her.  It's something I can really see has benefits for the whole family, so I'm happy to be involved any way I can.  Just wish I could be there to see her race. 

Huskies start up soon....first game next month.  Can't believe that it's already basketball time and I can't believe that we got snow!  

Oh, I went to see Dr. McCourt and got a clean bill of health.  Of course, there was a snafu.  She had told me that I only had to get CT scans every six months, so I didn't have one done before I saw her.  Then she tells me I still have to have them every three months until next May.  So, I go to get it done and they didn't have the fax that the office sent.  The office wasn't open so they had to chase her down to get the order...but at least they did that.  If I had to drink that crap and drive all the way up there AGAIN I would have been pissed.  As a matter of fact, I don't think I would have done it! 

I really get so sick of medical people screwing things up.  I'm still looking forward to my appt with Kathleen at the beginning of December so I can tell her my complaints about my primary care doctor.  I don't think I wrote that up here, but suffice it to say, I am not pleased with her or the other nurse at all!  I only trust Kathleen now...and if she ever leaves...I'm outta there!

And Joyce and I had fun at the Putnam Great Pumpkin Festival last weekend.  We rode around town afterwards and then down to Alexander's Lake, checking out our old haunts.  Ha ha!  Get it?  It's October, so I said "old haunts!"

I'll leave on that dumb note....