Thursday, January 21, 2010

I love my iPhone. I have so many applications on it that are wonderful and I'm enjoying most of them.

The Facebook app helps me stay connected to my pals and family who are on Facebook, without having to start up the computer. The email app has me checking my mail from just about anywhere I can get a wi-fi connection....and some places where I can't connect!

I love the "Live Cams" has live cameras from all over the world. I lie in bed at night, before I go to sleep and check out my favorites: the penquins in the Japanese zoo; the hotel reception desk in Russia (I love the two girls who work there most nights); the city hall square in Malmo--where Birgitta and Mats took me when I went to visit them in Sweden; the pyramids in Egypt; the doggie day care in Colorado; etc. etc.

One night, when I was spending a lot of time on the toidy, I was checking out different cameras all over the world. I found on in Hungary, it looked like a bus stop or something. It was rather dark, and there were three guys there, all bundled up in their hats, coats, boots and gloves. One of the guys was doing most of the talking, his hands were flying all over the place. The other two just stood there, listening and stomping their feet in the snow. I watched these guys for a long time.

Then it dawned on I am, sitting on a toilet Griswold CT, USA, watching three strangers in Hungary in the middle of the night....and they don't even know it! What a strange world we live in.

I'm used to being on camera--at work we are videoed most every time. Even when we are in the hallways, we are on camera. I don't even think about it anymore. I read a few years back that the average American is on camera 26 minutes a the bank, at the gas station, on the street, etc. I'll bet it's an even higher amount of time now. So, SMILE, you may be being watched by someone sitting on the toilet in Hungary!

Speaking of the camera in Malmo...when Maria and I go there this summer--we are going to call Sandy from the square, and she can go online and watch us wave to her! That would be fun!

Charmine came by for a visit today. It was nice to have contact "with the outside world." Here's hoping I'll be up to getting out and about soon.

That's it from here.

Nighty night!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Today's Tuesday, no? NO! It's Wednesday and I only know that because Carol was home today....this is her day off.

I had a looooong night. Up to the bathroom so many times I lost count. Then had some problems getting back to sleep at times. Stayed in bed today, got up, took a shower, then felt so shaky I went back to bed. Stayed there until almost 3:00! Then I got up, dressed and walked around the driveway, five times. That's what I've been doing each day, walking the driveway, round and round.

I can't stop thinking about the people in Haiti. That's one of the things that keeps me up at night. I think about how lucky I am to have food in my stomach, something to drink, a warm bed to sleep in....We have no idea what deprivation is.

Jim Calhoun is taking a medical leave. This is weird as I was thinking about him last week and thinking that he was just about "due" for one of his "spells" where he is dehydrated, or exhausted or has the stomach flu, etc. I think he should think again about retiring. He thought about it last year....time to rethink.

Something I keep forgetting to write about here, or maybe I had decided NOT to mention it....but I'm going to now. Some time last Spring I woke up in the morning and the number EIGHT was right in the front of my mind. It was a very strong premonition. Eight....and I knew it was associated with my cancer. I thought: does this mean I have eight years to live? or eight years until it comes back again? Or what? I put it in the back of my mind and didn't tell anyone...except Sandy (but I waited to tell her that--didn't say anything until the fall).

The other day I woke up and thought about the number eight again. I counted the number of months there are between March--when I last had chemo and November--when the cancer was back. Guess what? EIGHT!

I don't say that I always believe in these things...but sometimes.....

Sandy's making barbecued chicken for supper. That should help jumpstart my chemo cravings for barbecue! YAY!!! Food is tasting lasts a few days and then fades. Thankfully!

Tonight I'll watch the Husky men try to win again. They are really in a slump. But with Calhoun gone, George will be coaching and the guys really respond to him. They'll be winning one for the Gipper tonight!

Nighty night.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Food tastes terrible. It is a real chore to make myself eat. I managed to have a protein shake this morning, a cup of chicken noodle soup for lunch and a quarter of a hamburg patty, some potato and some spinach tonight. After each I sit there and go "blagggghhhh."

At least the nausea meds keep me from throwing the food up!

Last night I missed my little Rocky sleeping with me. The little crud slept with JEAN all night! He even growled at Sandy when she went in to say goodnight to Jean! He is so funny. I did have Bubbles snuggled up to me all night though.

Today, besides the appetite, I just don't feel right. Sandy suggested I try the energy drink, which I did...and it helped me to feel better! I think I'll take one of those a day for see how it goes. It can't hurt!

Oh, and I was able to do three laps around the perimeter of the driveway....up to the mailbox, around and back! Exercise helps with the fatigue from chemo, they say. So I'm going to make myself move every day. Again, it can't hurt!

Tomorrow is Ryan's birthday and everyone is going to Olive Garden. I'll probably skip it, unless I feel A LOT better when it's time to go. I'll miss seeing the "birthday boy" but I'm sure they will have a good time without me.

Now I'm going to try some of that ginger ice cream Sandy got for me. Maybe that will help "kick start" my taste buds.

Nighty night!