Thursday, April 16, 2009

"No Go" Thursday

Went to get my blood work redone this AM. Good thing they had restocked the face masks at the lab--I didn't have one with me and the waiting room was full of kids! I grabbed one and put it on--apologizing to the little kid who was staring at me like I was a "bad guy." I don't know what kids think when they see an adult wearing a mask like that. Heck, I don't know what ADULTS think when they see someone wearing a mask.

Afterwards I ran over to Lazizah and got soup and half a falafel wrap--a new choice they offer. The soup was chicken and corn chowder...delicious!

Iffat gave me a slice of challah bread to try...OHMYGOD!! Was it GOOD! It was the first time she had made it and she wanted feedback....I think the sight of me cleaning up every last crumb gave her an indication of my feedback.

She also gave me some black bean and squash soup to take home--to help my platelets. I haven't had it yet, but I'll bet it's yummy!

I came home and to be honest, was exhausted. I felt so yucky. Just from going out and about for that short period of time.

Therefore, I was not surprised when Anne-Marie, the nurse from the Cancer Center, called and told me that my platelets were bad. She said they had only gone up one point since 24. They want your platelet level to be 100 before they will let you have chemo.

They will reschedule my chemo for next week. I guess I'll have to go again for blood work. UGH!

This will throw off our schedule for the year...if my chemo happened tomorrow, it would put me on a good schedule for our trips to Tennessee in Sept and the cruise in late October. Now it's all off.

Oh well, as I said, may this be the WORST thing that happens! I've been very lucky so far.

This is just a slight glitch. I will survive!

Nighty night!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ryan came last night...slept over. He stayed up too late, I'm sure...because I got up to use the facilities and it was about 1:30 and the tv was still on. That's okay...we made him get up when we got up.

I made a big breakfast for them...bacon, homefries and eggs. Ryan ate every morsel. He always eats when I make him breakfast. Then he played Zelda on the Wii. Later he and Sandy went out and played lacrosse in the yard.

It was a beautiful day, but quite windy and, as a I hate to look the gift horse in the mouth, but I would like it a bit warmer. Maybe tomorrow.

We drove down to Waterford, picked up Jean and then it was off to Koto for dinner. At first Ryan had the "puss on" and we thought, "uh-oh!" But then he really got into the "performance" of the chef...and he enjoyed himself. We did too...and the food was wonderful! I was proud of Ryan...he's not a "salad guy" but he tried it at least! He tried the soup and ate all of it. He liked t he steak, rice and veggies. I had steak and salmon combo---excellent. Sandy and Jean had the steak and shrimp combo. We all came home with doggie bags...tomorrow's lunch!

Sandy and I will be going back to Koto next Tuesday with the Seaside ladies.....I can't wait to see them trying to catch the bits of zucchini that they launch at you! I couldn't catch one bite....damned new glasses! I had them bounce off my head, my lip and finally, my glasses! With that the guy gave up! I can see Ellen now, laughing her ass off as the zucchini whizzes by!

Then it was back to Waterford to drop Ryan home, then drop Jean home and then we headed north. Oh, stopped at BJs to buy snacks for the workers at the agility trial this weekend. And we stopped at Ocean State Job Sandy could buy 20 boxes of bandages for her poison ivy. That should take her through the weekend...poor, pitiful, pathetic thing!

Wish me luck tomorrow getting my blood work done....luck that my platelets and white cell count is up and luck with the needle stick itself...that the hematoma it leaves be as small as possible! I'll be able to tell how my platelets are just by how much I bleed after the needle stick. Low platelets...I'll bleed a bit.

Also, since all of you have such good vibes; prayers and great positive thoughts, please keep Judi's sister; Jane's brother and my friend Jimmy in your thoughts. Judi's sister is having stem cells transplanted; Jane's brother was just diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer (guys....don't be stupid, get tested!) and Jim sees his doctor tomorrow to find out if he needs to undergo radiation therapy now or if the chemotherapy got it all. These are great people and need all of our good wishes.

Also, keep some good thoughts for Claude, Lynne's cat; Jay Jay--Deanna's cat and Daisy, my brother Ernie's dog---they are all sick and their illnesses are very, very serious. Maybe some good thoughts going their way will help them get better, or help them have a peaceful journey to the Rainbow Bridge.

On that note, I bid you....

Nighty night!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lachance Tuesday catch up: Monday I arose before Sandy, fed the dogs (first time in a LONG time) and the cat. Started cleaning the house, including vacuuming. Lynne called and came over--she had been on a home visit in she was "right down the road." We visited for awhile, then ran over to Milano's for lunch...I had the cheeseburger deluxe (all that means is that they add french fries--it's all in the name). This time they toasted the bun really good! Excellent!

Then Lynn dropped me off and I finished cleaning downstairs. Sandy had gotten up around 11 am--which means she slept for over 12 hours...and she was in a grouchy mood. She and I kind of avoided each other--successfully for the most part...all day. She cleaned upstairs and then she washed the floors, upstairs and down. All done!

Come supper time--she still wasn't right and when Mark called to say he was staying home from Rally-O class, she decided to stay home too...good decision. I volunteered to run Janet's sunglasses down to her and pick up Sandy's prescription--which I did. Nice little ride in my wonderful new car, to Norwich at twilight...very nice.

I even took a spin through the old neighborhood to see if Chris and Todd were home--car wasn't there, so maybe Tyler had lacrosse or something.

Sandy is battling bad poison ivy. She got it the day she and her Dad and Mark cut down the trees and hauled them away. I told her to shower with Dawn and "Tec-Nu" but she didn't listen. To her credit, when she tells people about her affliction, she does give me credit for trying to prevent this from happening. I don't think she can even look at ivy...she has it on her arms and legs and they were covered up!

Anyway, she's all bandaged up and it's weeping something awful. She said it wept through the bandages and her uniform last night and onto the office chair at work! She had to clean it thoroughly! Poor thing...but if she had listened......

This AM I got up early, fed the dogs and got into the shower before Sandy got home. We went up to Providence and I had my blood work done and then in to see Dr. Lachance. He told awhile to come in--found out it was because he wanted to see my test results...which were poor.

My platelet count is dangerously low and he quizzed me about bloody noses, gums bleeding etc. I told him that my nose hasn't bled in about a week and I did have a bout where my gums would bleed when I brushed/flossed. One night I didn't think the gum bleed would EVER stop!

So, he starts talking that I might need a platelet transfusion. He must have seen my reaction on my face--I DO NOT want ANY kind of transfusion!!! Then he spotted a bruise on my forearm, which I didn't know the origin of, and told me that if I start bleeding and it doesn't stop I must call him and I may have to have a transfusion.

We agreed that I will go have my blood work redone on Thursday...that's going to be fun--both arms are all bruised now--the right one from the CT Scan IV on Saturday and the left one from the blood work I had done today. I should be nice and bruised by the time they are finished with me this week!

If the platelets and white cell count are still bad on Thursday, he will probably cancel my chemo for Friday and have me come back next week for more blood work and chemo (if the blood work comes back okay).

He told me that this is not necessarily a sign that I am getting the Avastin...but it could be from the other two drugs I had been getting--they have finally knocked me right down to nothing and now I have to start rebuilding.

Funny, I do have more energy lately...I thought I was doing good. One look at how easily I bruise now though, tells me that there is other stuff going on that "ain't right"....

On the way home I figured out where I got the bruise on my forearm....I knew it hadn't been there this AM when I took my shower. I got it when I went into the rest room to get a urine sample for them...on my way out, I didn't want to touch the door handle, so I pushed down on it with my forearm. That little bit of contact created that knot on my arm and that big bruise.

There's my proof that the platelets are way down....who the hell needs to go through blood work when you have that kind of evidence?

Oh, according to him, my CA 125 level is still FOUR. He laughs at me...saying I'm "so competitive" (which he is right about) when I am mad it hasn't dropped to zero. I'm wondering if he was reading the very last test I had or if he was looking at the one before that which was four. I will double-check with June when I go for chemo.

Also, the CT Scan shows things continue to "resolve"...nothing showed up on the scan, which is a good thing! The scan hadn't been read by a doctor yet..."only" a it's not the official word. He said he would have the "official word" by Friday. we wait...I ice my forearm to stop the bleeding underneath the skin and I have to be careful about whacking myself. Sandy says I should eat the red I may go check the freezer for steaks.

We took the dogs with us, so they wouldn't be locked up while we were gone. Bubbles is doing really good eating the ginger really helps settle her stomach. No throwing up in the car...which she was doing consistently before we started giving her the ginger. She likes it--just like her Mommy does.

Got some peony supports at Ocean State Job Lot on the way home...and Sandy got a tarp for the tent and more bandages for her ivy problem....poor thing. Now she is asleep--she'll go pick up Ryan later--he is spending the night. Tomorrow we have him with us, then off to dinner at Koto with Jean tomorrow night.


Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday

HAPPY EASTER, ANNIE! That's an inside joke in my family. 'nuff said.

Woke up this AM to the sound of a smoke alarm chirping upstairs. Suffice it to say, it was scaring the dogs, so I let them out and then brought them back in....and I climbed up and disconnected the alarm in the hall. Just as I get it unplugged and am struggling to open the door for the back-up battery--I hear the one in the big spare bedroom chirping! Oh well...I get down from my perch and go get the one from the bedroom off the wall.

I take them downstairs and pry them open with a screwdriver. Of course they squeal as I remove tht batteries. I go back upstairs and get back in bed.

I can hear the damned things still chirping downstairs, even though I removed the batteries! Bubbles climbs all over my head and then pees all over the pillows. I get back up, remove the pillow cases and the sheets--while I'm at it...throw them in the washer and start it up.

I drag out clean sheets and change the bed...which is when I spy Truman, cowering in the corner near the attic door---the poor guy is still afraid of the chirping sounds.

I go back downstairs and put the alarms in the garage---where the dogs can't hear them anymore.

I come back up---call Sandy and leave her a message to pick up batteries--lots of them--on her way home--I'm assuming all of the batteries have to be replaced and I think we have at least six alarms in this house! I go back to bed--it's 6:15 by this time---Bubbles climbs right under the covers--she's happy. Truman is still worried and he comes around the other side of me...very odd--he usually stays on just one side...up against my back. He sat there looking around for a long time...then I finally convinced him he was all right and he laid down.

Sandy tell me she was just leaving WalMart--where she had gone to get the batteries--she was en route to the house and would be there soon. I'm like..."why is she telling me this?

She says..."so I'll be there in a minute so you can get them out of the garage and let them out."

I'm like "WHAT?" Then I realize she thought I put the DOGS IN THE GARAGE!!! As if I would do that! I was laughing so hard. I tell her, "no I put the SMOKE ALARMS in the garage!"

So then she says, "where are they, on the floor?" Again, I'm "WHAT!!!??? No....I put them on the freezer." As if I would leave the alarms on the floor so she could run over them.

I told her..."you are tired...just come home and go to sleep!" We were both getting a good laugh out of this miscommunication.

We went to Jean's and Frank's for dinner---awesome! We brought all of the dogs and Nami did well with them...we were concerned as we don't want her jumping around too much on her bad leg, she's not supposed to do that much until May--when we have to start exercising her slowly.

Anyway, the kids hunted for Easter Eggs, if you can believe that one! Each egg had a quarter in it and there was 40 eggs. Taylor found 21 of them, beating Ryan. It was fun watching them--we couldn't believe that they would still want to do that....thought they had outgrown it.

We had a great meal and then we played a card game...I forget the name of's a rummy game--I like rummy games. We had some good laughs with this and I surprised myself by staying up and playing.

Then we took the kids home and came on home ourselves.

Sandy is already up in bed and I'm still typing away...I didn't take a nap today...I'm hoping that helps me sleep tonight.

This week I will start doing the Wii Fit again. My goal is to do it three days this week. Sandy will be my coach. Start up.

Tomorrow Lynne might come for a visit...YAY!

Tuesday I see Dr. Lachance for follow-up.

Wednesday we might take the kids out to eat.

Thursday--day off.

Friday--chemo...but just the "little chemo" or maybe NO CHEMO at all---keep your fingers crossed that's how it goes--I don't get chemo any more--unless I really need it.

Saturday and Sunday we have our agility club's trial at the Chester Fairgrounds. Come on down and see great dogs run agility....but don't bring your dog--unless it's's a small area and we can't have extra dogs running around. I'm hoping I can make it through the whole weekend. It will be quite the challenge for me.

Wish me luck! :)

Nighty night!
Posted by Ann Miller at Sunday, April 12, 2009