Thursday, September 15, 2011


This erlichiosis is KICKING MY ASS!  I can't believe how much it wipes me out...about as much if not more, than chemo did!   I have to take two naps a day and in-between I feel nauseous (from the stupid pills) and out of it. 

Going up the driveway to the mailbox wipes me right out...stupid, damned ticks!

I am probably going to have to cancel out on working next week.  I was supposed to work three days...a lot of moolah...and go to a Sox game on Wednesday....and the walk on Saturday....

Well...I have my, no work next week, but we WILL make it to the Sox game and the Ovarian Cancer walk!

The Sox seem to need the presence of a Miller in the crowd in order to win lately.  The only game they've won in the past week was with Maria in the stands, cheering on Tim Wakefield to his 200th!  YAY!  He FINALLY made it!

So we are scheduled to go see them on Wednesday when they host Baltimore...that SHOULD be a win for them, but we'll see.  The last two games that I have gone to see them play they have lost, despite having Beckett on the mound both times.  I hope he isn't scheduled to pitch on Wednesday.

The big drama around these parts has been Missy, the missing Mastiff.  She was in a car accident and took off into the woods.  Folks searched for her for almost a week and she was finally found.  The lesson to be learned in this is to seat belt your dogs in the car...or put them in a kennel.  Both mastiffs disappeared, the male was found the next day.  AND the husband, who was driving was EJECTED from the car...guess he wasn't properly secured either.  A lot of heartache and pain could have been saved if only all of them were a secured in the car. 

More drama, the race for the nomination of the Democratic party candidate for mayor in New London and the gay guy won!  He beat "Big Mouth" Buscetto, who sets a new low for whining and griping in at town that is so accustomed to whining and griping.  He even whined about losing...hinting at improprieties.  I am so glad he is out of there, and I don't even live in New London!  Maybe now they have a chance of cohesion, not the divisiveness Buscetto preaches.

So happy for Mary McKay who is making good her escape from DDS, by taking an early retirement next month, instead of February as she had planned.  She is so happy and I celebrate right along with her.  She's earned this one for sure!

My email has been screwed up so much lately, I don't know what mail I have or how to find it...nothing is synching the way it's supposed to.  I'm not going to use the anymore, people should email me at if they want to get in touch with me.

This isn't making sense at all....I swear I am still feverish at times.  I'm hoping the weather hurries up and turns cool.  I can't go out in the sun because of the meds and I'm hot all the time, even with the air conditioning on.

Oh, and we are supposed to go to Wells this weekend, for our big trip with Jean.  Figures that I still don't feel good.  Probably should stay home.  But I'll probably go and end up sleeping all weekend in the RV. 

Wonder if I'll be smart and stay home? 


We go to the Trailer Trash Party

Sandy and I are all dolled up for the trailer trash party

My "Tramp Stamp"....Mike is Sandy's boss, he was the one having the party

Sandy with boobs, something you will NEVER see again!