Friday, December 19, 2008

Hair Today...Gone Tomorrow

Okay..I've just about had it with the hair! It kept coming out last night in the bed, getting in my mouth, my eyes, etc. So, when I took my shower this morning I just knew that it was the last time I'd be shampooing my hair for awhile!

Sure enough, in the shower, the hair rained down almost as hard as the water. It was sticking to my arms, legs, bunching up in huge clumps on the thing we have over the drain to catch hair...oddly enough! I couldn't clean it all up from the floor of the shower, Sandy said she would take care of it.

So, I'm sure that tonight I'll send Sandy to look for the clippers I used to use on Toby..many years ago, when Toby was still alive. If it's good enough for a's good enough for me.

In the meantime I have my head wrapped up in a pink bandanna. I had it wrapped "babushka style"...which Sandy apparently didn't she rewrapped it for me to make it more stylish.

Janet and Jess are going to try to plow their way here through the snow. It hasn't started snowing yet, so they just might make it! It is really supposed to snow heavily between 3-8 they say. Should be interesting. Oh's not like we don't have room for them if they get snowed in! That would be fun...a pajama party! But they won't have pajamas....

I was able to hike up to the mailbox problem. When I was coming back into the yard this car comes flying down the driveway with two women who I don't recognize in it...and they are all smiling at me! They jump out of the car and I'm like, "who are you?" They say their names...they are the Relay for Life chairpersons and they came to bring me a thank you card for being a team captain.

So I tell them that something new I'm trying this year is ovarian cancer as a motivator for people to donate money for the relay. They are SO EXCITED to hear this! LOL! I tell them that I'm getting ready to jump start my team...which I am...but I want to wait until after Christmas and all the distractions. I think we will get a lot more walkers this year and will hopefully raise a lot more money.

Last year I think our team was the top "small team" in fund raising for the Relay. We compete favorably with some of the bigger teams and every year we raise more money.

It was very nice of those two to drop off the little gift and card. I think there is candy in the little package they dropped off...I'll dig into that after lunch!

Ta ta...time to go and watch the snow fall!

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