Thursday, December 8, 2011

I went back to work Tuesday, we didn't have work yesterday and I had to call out sick today.  I'm sick of being sick...this damned cold has really gotten to me...big time!   Oh and add the diarrhea that has kept me up all night for the past two nights and I have no stamina to fight back what'soever.

Oh's bound to go away someday.  I just get it in my head that the diarrhea isn't going to go the last time.  That lasted for almost a year!  And we still have no idea what causes it or what makes it go away.

Need to think positive.  There is too much that has to be done.

I got the house decorated inside for the holidays.  Now to get the outside lights up.  I saw a thing on one of the PBS garden shows (Allan what's his name) about how to make some cool looking lights.  I took some branches from out back and wrapped three strings of white lights around the main branch and side branches.  Then I drilled a hole in the end and put a length of twine through it.  I made two of these things.  Now I need to get them hung up outside....and hope they look nice.  They looked nice on the show.  They even had some hanging from a high ceiling at a venue where they were having a huge dinner party.  We don't have that kind of room here, so I'll stick with putting them up outside.

Tomorrow night we are hosting a "bucket party" for Terry Coney who is in CT from her Arizona home, visiting her son, daughter in law and grandkids...let's face it, the grandkids are the major draw...
We used to have "bucket parties" in the "old days" when Terry lived up here....we get a bucket of margaritas and a bottle of booze and have a party.  The Endoscopy crowd will be in the house, hopefully.  It will be great to see them again.  It's been a long time since we got together.  And, of course, we can't wait to see Terry!

I have to get up out of the recliner and get to the store to pick up stuff for party snacks and get the bucket and booze, of course.  My motivation....but I probably won't have anything to drink.  I can't handle alcohol any more...and I don't want to aggravate my "delicate system" anymore than it already is!

I think I posted here about how Truman poked a stick deep into his eye a couple of weeks ago.  He's doing much better, thanks to good doctoring by Dr. Gamble and Sandy.  I don't get involved in giving Truman those kinds of medical treatments...I don't trust him to not bite my fingers off in those circumstances...he's Sandy's dog. 

Truman and Rocky were relegated to the small yard all of last week, as we were trying to rest Rocky's back (which seemed to be having trouble) and Truman's shoulder.  They handled this restriction a lot better than I thought they would.  I was worried that I would get all kinds of shit from them about having the gate to the big yard closed...nope! 

Now that they have both been cleared by Deb Saunders (their Physical Therapist) to roam freely again, it seems I have to beg them to go out into the big yard.  Maybe they got lazy...kind of like me....we all  need to get our asses in gear.

Big week for partying coming up next week.  Pauline's party on Wednesday night at Olive Garden; the Seaside retirees group holiday party at Lynne's Thursday night and the Huskies play #1 Baylor on Sunday...and I want to have folks over for that.  In between I have chemo on Thursday and hope that it doesn't bother me too much, so I can enjoy the get together at Lynne's.

I have to finish up my shopping for Christmas for Katie and the kids, get that package mailed off to AZ, still have to get some other odds and ends for Sandy and other family members.  I don't know why but all this seems overwhelming to me right now...and I'm wondering how the hell I got everything done when I was working too.  It's mind boggling to me how people do it. 

I know that I'm feeling this way because of the chemo and the cancer and the cold...hey, all three  "C" words...I won't always feel this way.  But, at this point, I'm tired of it and want it to be over.   It kind of makes me nervous about how I would handle it if the tests show that the chemo isn't working and I have to go on something stronger, I'm beginning to question my ability to put up with that.  I have such trouble dealing with fatigue and I am fatigued for sure.

Enough whining...have to do some whining once in helps me to blow off some anxiety and get a clearer picture.  I have to cross bridges as I come to them, not waste time anticipating things that may never happen. 

A few more days to let this cold clear up and I'm going to call that personal trainer, Jessica, and get into the gym with her.  That will help with a lot of things...unless I pick up another cold at the gym!  HA!

I have been after myself to remember to blog here and to remember to call Wini....well I just stopped writing here to call her.  Made a date to go up next Tuesday--take Bob out to lunch while Wini gets Christmas shopping done.  I would imagine this stupid congestion would be gone by then!

Okay...up out of this seat and get going!