Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mary came over this AM and washed the a way that they have never been washed before! They sparkle!

Mary wanted to come again tomorrow and power wash the house and do the floors with Rejuvenate....but Sandy put her foot down and said it's "too much" and I have to agree. I felt sick after Mary left, I was so tired. I guess I hit the wall, all the work I've been doing caught up with me.

I did the woodwork downstairs and tonight I washed the upstairs windows...not as nicely as Mary's job downstairs, but they are clean.

Tomorrow I have to go to the store and buy the rest of my supplies; cook my hams and get stuff laid out. Saturday morning will be a whirlwind and then I plan on cruising thru the afternoon, visiting with folks.

Terry may come over later in the day...she's visiting from see Lily, her new granddaughter (her first). I hope she does come, so she can meet Lynne.

Audrey and Luke are Audrey will get to meet her "Yoville" friends, Lynne and Leon.

Actually, a lot of people are going to meet each other for the first time on Saturday. I just hope people mingle, getting to know each other, instead of staying in little "clans" in the backyard!

Sox just lost to the Yanks....their first loss to them this year. Let's hope it's the last. I'm beginning to dread John Smoltz's starts for the Sox. He has been a big bust so far....I know he's an Hall of Famer...but PLEASE!

I'm I'm off to bed. It will be time to make the donuts before I know it...

Nighty night!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Went for the CT Scan this afternoon. Stood in the waiting room and drained that first bottle of berry flavored chalk in about 20 seconds...then sat down. They took me to the other waiting room-the one with the TV...and "let me" drink the second bottle about 30 minutes later. I drained that one right down too. UGH!

Now we wait for the results.

Went shopping and got the hams and lots of other goodies tonight. That's done.

Tomorrow Mary Carroll is coming over to help me clean. She says she's a bit "OCD" so that will come in handy. We're going to wash windows, woodwork and start dusting. I vaccumed this AM...upstairs and down, but not the thorough vaccumming, that will come on Friday and again on Saturday.

Maybe I'll see if I can go over to Mary's afterwards for a swim. Haven't really done that this year (go for a swim)...only once---last week---in Jean's pool. I need to swim more. Mary has a beautiful place on Pachaug Pond. With a beautiful dock to jump off of. Yep, that sounds like a plan.

Everything is shaping up nicely for the party. I'm going to see some folks I haven't seen in a long time. It will be a nice mix of people. It's going to be nice weather---so they say. I know we are going to have fun!

Nighty night.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Worked for 4 hours in that that heat. It felt good actually. I weeded and trimmed and mulched to hide the rest. I think mulch "dresses up" the yard. And it does hide a lot of sins.

I think I'm pretty much set for Saturday. Tomorrow is a waste--I have to spend most of the afternoon on the stupid CT scan. Getting there two hours early so I can drink that nasty stuff. I'll probably finish straightening up my upstairs office and computer area. I stashed the boxes back in the closet, so it looks better up there. I have to do some serious work on those boxes. I've pitched out a few loads already, but more has to be done.

I found my appointment book! It was on the shelf above my computer. And then I found my Mickey Mouse towel that I thought I had left in Maine....I forgot I had used it to wrap Mustafa, the UConn gnome, for protection as we traveled.

Yesterday I went back to work and had fun. It was good seeing some of the old gang again, and the "gig" was an easy one that I have done before. I'll be working every Monday this month and three Fridays. I have to skip the last Friday as I will have chemo on that day, but by then I'll probably be sick of the scenario I'm doing.

Sandy and Frank installed the new sink and faucet in the kitchen and it looks wonderful. They did a great job. After Frank left (late afternoon) Sandy got busy putting together the new table we bought for the new TV. When I got home she had the steak on the grill and had made squash and green beans from her garden. It was oh, so yummy.

Then she went back to work on the table. Carol came over and she and I were "sidewalk supervisors." Sandy finished putting it together sometime after 11pm. We put the TV on top and I had it fired up and was "ooohing and ahhhing" by midnight. It's fabulous!

For the party I'm going to cook a big ham and I ordered four cooked turkey breasts. People can make sandwiches. We're going to have egg salad and tuna stuffed in those little rolls. A potato salad. "Baked beans" chips and dips and desserts. Soda; coffee; tea and water to drink. If people want alcohol, they can haul their own to the party. I'm not going to sweat anything. If we run out of food, I'll send out for pizzas. Or some huge grinders from Subway...or something.

We'll have tables inside and out back in the shade. I heard from my cousin Nancy that she's coming and then her uncle called tonight and got directions, so he's coming too. Scott texted me to let me know he's coming...hope he brings the new g/f. Dan from work is coming with his g/f. I talked to Trudy today to thank her for the beautiful flowers she sent me...she's coming with her b/f! We are going to have a diverse group there: relatives; friends from work; agility club friends; old neighbors; new neighbors; childhood friends and new friends.

Audrey and Luke are Audge can meet Lynne and Leon who have only met her on Facebook. Hopefully Lisa Ginetta will be there...I've only met her through "Farm Town" and "FarmVille." It's a goofy world.....but I've met some nice people that way.

A few people have "come out of the closet" and admitted to me that they too, have "fluffed their britches" in the past. That makes me feel better, but I am going to be more cognizant of my "intestinal fortitude" after chemo!

Now it's the 12th inning and the Sox and Rays are tied. The Sox have only one reliever left to play in the game. What will happen? The suspense is great and is enhanced by the fact that I am watching it on the new 46" Sony! I better quit this entry and watch the game....they just announced that 405 pitches have been thrown in this game already!

nighty night....hope I see you on Saturday!