Saturday, December 13, 2008

Smooth Saturday

I realized tonight that I can afford to go down to 131 pounds, which was an adult weight for me...granted I was 21 and teaching school at the time! This is good news as I weighed myself this AM and am down to 141...I now weigh the same as Sandy! I'm not going to stress about this anymore, after Weight Watchers says I "should" weigh 136.

The only concern I have is, will I have to go broke buying new clothes? My clothing hangs on me now...not a good look, for sure. I got addicted to my credit cards and clothes shopping after I lost the weight from the gastric bypass...I can't afford to go that route again!

I got up all on my own this AM and let the dogs out. No problem. Jean was the witness that I could do it by now she feels better about leaving me on my own tonight.

In addition, this morning I got up and took a shower, on my own. I did my clean clothes out, showered, toweled off, dried my hair, and got dressed! I even shaved my legs...a job that needed doing LAST MONTH!

Sandy did come up and put lotion on my feet and got my socks on for me...but that was because after all that effort I was prone on the bed! I laid there for awhile, recuperating. She brought me my protein shake to get me going...which did the trick.

I came downstairs and had oatmeal, cup of joe and the protein shake for breakfast.

Mike called and they wanted to come for a visit..I told them, "come on down!" Which they did. It was so good to see the two of them. Bob kept his distance because he still has a bit of a cold....which I appreciated.

After they left I ate some lunch and then when Sandy got up, went up for a nap. Sandy took the dogs for a long walk tonight and came home freezing. It's in the 20s and falling fast out there! I'm glad I'm nice and warm in here.

Sandy is making steak tonight...yum! I'm hoping I have a repeat of last night's supper, when I ate double helpings of the fish and the spinach. Tonight, steak, peas and stuffed potato. I think I'll add either stewed tomatoes or applesauce to that mix. Decisions, decisions...

Don't forget, the Huskies are playing tomorrow at 2pm I believe. Maybe on ESPN?

Nighty night!

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