Saturday, June 25, 2011

By Popular Demand.....

Happy Birthday Birgitta!

Pam wrote and inquired when I was going to do another blog post as I  haven't been too faithful.  I seem to be on a once a week schedule.

Worked this week, doing a new "scenario"...medical error.   The student has made an error which resulted in me being admitted to the hospital.  They have to admit the error, apologize and tell me that their system to make sure that it never happens again.  Well, they are not recognizing that the scenario says that THEY made the mistake, they are saying that someone in the practice made an's all very interesting.  And, they aren't too good about coming up with a plan of correction.

I used to have to submit Plans of Correction when the Health Dept would inspect the homes and find deficiencies.  We had to develop systems to insure that the deficiency wouldn't happen again.  These students need to learn how to do that.

I point out to them that a lot of folks, when they sue, make the statement, "I'm not doing it for myself, I'm doing it to prevent this from happening to someone else."  Hence the importance of telling the person what you are going to do to accomplish this!  No brainer...

It is an interesting case though and it is a curve that the students are not expecting.

I'll be working two days a week for the next couple of months.  Nice.   I'm also working Monday on a different case, one I've done in the past, but I can barely remember.  I'll have to brush up on it tomorrow.

Got a bad fingernail, again.  This happened the last time I weeded out back, I got an infected nail.  I weeded again the other night and lo and behold, the same nail comes up infected.  It's all hot, red, swollen and, unfortunately, filled with pus.  UGH!   I went on line to find out what to do and guess what?  It was exactly as Sandy told me!  Ha!  I'm hoping the home remedy works and I don't have to make a trip to the doctor.  I don't have time next week for that.  It does make typing difficult with a big bandaid on your finger.

Went for my CA 125 test Monday and haven't heard a peep from them about the results.  I went to have this test before the three months was up because the last test was elevated a bit--although still within normal limits.  Still 16 is a bit more than the 2 that I had been at for some time.  Anyway, I'm not calling to get the results--bad mojo I think.   I'll wait until July 20 when I go back to the doctor, because that's how I roll through life.

Bob and Mike came down for dinner Wednesday and we were so happy to see them.   We had a great time, talking talking we are wont to do whenever we get together.  We showed off the RV and they may the appropriate cooing noises.  Mike was telling me lots about green smoothies which he and Bob prepare at home.  I like the sounds of the whole thing and will be looking into buying a good blender and then stocking up on spinach, kale, etc.   Trudy used to call me and beg me to eat green leafy vegetables as they are great cancer fighters.  Well, they are great for a lot of things and I'm going to get with the program.  I want to increase my fruit and veggie intake, per Michelle Obama's orders, and a smoothie is a good way to get both!

So, thank you Mike!

Our neighbors are already preparing a huge launch area for their illegal fireworks for next weekend.  UGH!   Bubble freaks out, we have to keep all the windows closed and the AC on...pull all the blinds, turn on the lights and turn up the volume on the TV.  The light show next door goes on for about two hours!   The next day they come through our yard and pick up debris....large hunks of cardboard from the works.  Unbelievable.   Carol and Mark have to take Porter out for a ride while this is going on...he can't stand the noise and lights.  They were going to talk to the guy to tell him not to do it, but I don't know if they did.

Last year I let him know how much it affected our dogs and their dogs, but that doesn't seem to faze him.  If someone had told me what I told him, I'd feel horrible and I would never do it again.  Not this guy.

I think we will be calling the cops.

The governor is going to be starting the layoffs.  I'm sure I will know people who will be losing their jobs.  So sad.  The deal he was offering was not that onerous, I don't understand why some union folks would rather see their co-workers lose their jobs.   I think they think it won't affect them...they will be wrong.  Everyone is affected by lay-offs.   I was a manager and I hated lay-offs.   It caused such heartache and pain for everyone involved.   The job picture in CT is going to look bleaker.  Who knows, maybe I'll be one of the ones who gets a lay-off notice.   I am a state employee after all.

On that note I'll sign off and go back to concentrating on the Sox game...they are losing.  I'm beginning to dislike these interleague games.