Thursday, December 9, 2010

Got to work as the director for the Baton's Show on Monday. Guy and Gary couldn't make it. Guy usually does the directing and Gary handles the sound board, while I do the camera that picks up the close-ups.

Since both of them were gone, I had to run the camera controls and manage the sound board. It was fun and I remembered a lot of it from before. Piece of cake and a lot of fun.

I got a call from Ellen tonight, asking me to direct a show on next Monday for some ladies who talk about books or something...guess I'll find out what they are all about. Maybe if I help them, they might be willing to help me sometime if I'm having trouble getting someone.

Jen Gamble called the other day and said she'd be very happy to come on the show every three months or so like she used to and answer people's vet questions. It made me feel good to hear that she was very enthused about being on the show again. She said she really loved being on the show and missed doing it. So do will be fun to be back on the air again. I still don't have the word from Ellen as to when I can announce the day and time of the show...she still has to get in touch with the guy who has the slot now (and doesn't use it).

I got my new glasses yesterday. I think they be lookin' they would say in the hood.... I do like them and got a few compliments on them today at work. Of course, my good friend Charmine looks at them and offers, "they're different!" HA HA! Yes, they are different. I like them.

Worked today doing the smoking cessation gig. Reminds me of how happy I am that I quit so long ago. All that money I saved....and maybe I kept myself from getting some serious illness. Oh, wait, I DID get a serious illness. Well, maybe I'd be dead now if I had kept smoking.

Heard good news today quickly followed by horrible news. First I hear that the Sox signed Carl Crawford (who I've always liked) and then I hear that Aretha has pancreatic cancer. UGH.

Then I get in the car and learn that my buddy Howard signed a five year contract to stay on Sirius AND they now have an iPhone app that would let me listen to him when I'm out of the car! For some reason I can't listen to him on the computer ever since I switched to Apple. Haven't figured that out yet, but it would be nice to listen on the iPhone, I could listen in the yard, etc.

Today he made me laugh so hard on the way home from work. It was something that as usual, was so wrong, but so funny. It was over him imitating Dick Clark after his stroke, broadcasting on New Year's Eve. Have you heard Dick since his stroke? You can barely understand what the hell he's saying. Anyway, Howard starts imitating him and then says, "if I ever had a stroke, you'd never hear from me again, I won't have you bastards imitating me and making fun of me." Then he proceeded to talk like he had a stroke and was doing his show....I almost wet myself.

Anyway, the Huskies won tonight, paving the way for Sandy and I to see them tie the record at MSG on the if we ever had a doubt.

I work three days next week, including a special gig that I picked up today, Carol and I made up a scenario, utilizing my own medical history. That was fun and interesting. Then we go to New York for the game on Sunday...should be a fast week!


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Busy busy busy. Worked on Friday in the AM...that was great, then I went to see Dr. Sansone, I was supposed to go Tuesday, but she had an emergency.

She gave me a clean bill of health. I don't have to go back unless the diarrhea at night starts up again. I do get up once in the night now, for the past week, to have a BM...but no more diarrhea. I just get up, do my duty and then right back to sleep. I can live with that!

If things start up again, she will put me back on the medication, and that should take care of that!

Yesterday Jean came up in the AM and she and Sandy worked outside again. They cleaned out the yard out front and Sandy hauled all the flower pots; leaves, etc. that were out there to the back. I went out later and put up the tree lights in the cherry trees out front. I also put lights on the arbor and the front porch looks nice out there. Oh, and I put the red bows on the picket fence.

Then I came into the house and decorated the tree and the downstairs with all of our Santa collection. Next Sandy put out the lighted reindeer. Now we just have to put the candles in the windows and we are all decorated!

Sandy just came in and announced that she has the snow blower all ready to go. Does she know something I don't?

Oh, I also sliced the tip of my finger nearly off yesterday afternoon. Damned Cutco knives. It's only the third time I've done such a tune on my fingers....and have had cuts in other places from those knives. Who was to know they would still be so sharp all these years later?

Anyway, Sandy had just left to get the propane tanks for the grill filled up for the winter, so I was home alone. The aforementioned finger is on my right hand, so I was having trouble maneuvering the butterfly bandaid onto the wound. Also, the darned thing was bleeding VERY profusely....blood all over the place as I found out later--when I had to clean it all up.

After a couple of fruitless attempts to self bandage....I broke down and called Nurse Carol, who came right over and did her best to bandage me. She wasn't much better than I at it, and insisted on sticking my finger under water, which made me yelp. It really stung.

She said, "come on! Suck it've gone through surgeries and chemo and you're going to whine over a cut?!"

So I put my "big girl pants on" and sucked it up, she was right.

Later Sandy and I went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Pt 1 at the Lisbon theater. Sandy thought the movie started at 4:45 so we got there a bit before 4:30....only to learn that it started at 4pm! I had already ordered the popcorn and drinks when she came in from the ticket window to tell me. I made the command decision that we see it anyway, and I was right...we missed very little of the movie.

The movie was really good and I was able to figure most of it out, despite the fact that I didn't read the book. The special effects were fabulous and the scenery was gorgeous. I give it two thumbs up. Now we wait for Part Two...and then it will be all done....

Came home and watched the Huskies beat USF in football, to get their first EVER BCS bowl invite. They will be playing in the Tostito Bowl in AZ or the Orange Bowl....can you imagine? It was a very exciting game, decided on a 52 yard field goal with 17 seconds left in the game. Sandy had gone to bed but I didn't care... I whooped when they won. She never heard a thing.

Oh last night I was naughty and I bought myself a cross country ski set, boots, poles, skis and bindings, on sale from LL Bean. I'm so excited. They had a great sale and I couldn't resist. I haven't been able to go skiing for a few years bindings were wrecked and I couldn't get them replaced....they didn't make them anymore. So, for years I've wanted another X Country outfit....and soon I will have it! Now I just hope for snow.