Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mission Accomplished!

Got up at 6am and we were on the road about 7:15...not too bad, we had planned on leaving at 7!

Dawn was already there at the yacht club when we arrived. I almost didn't recognize her...I was looking for her Toyota pickup and she is sitting in a snazzy looking BMW two seater! WOO HOO!!

We went out on the dock and I immediately spotted two mature bald eagles circling in the distance! YAY!

We never saw any up close and the time (two years in a row) that we had a golden eagle fly right over our heads, but we did spot quite a few birds, including one on the "new nest" that sat there for a long time, we assume it was a female.

We went upriver to the Pettipaug Yacht Club and saw one far off in the then we were getting cold, Dawn especially, so we took her back to her car and we headed north to the ferry landing...Dawn headed to Old Saybrook.

Sandy and I checked out the action at the ferry landing in Chester...there was no action and then we hit the little restaurant up the road at the junction of Rte 82. I got a ham and cheese on some nice mult-grain bread...she got chicken salad. We went down to Eagle Landing and parked there, looking across the river at the Opera House and the airport...we spotted an eagle way up in the clouds there. We also spotted some people taking their potbellied pig for a walk! It was so cute, wearing a maroon coat to keep warm. I took some pictures of it and may post them here or on my Facebook page.

Then it was off for home, listening on the radio to the UConn guys play Seton Hall, as we drove. When we got home I was unloading the car while Sandy sent the dogs out. I was just coming back into the garage from getting the mail and I hear her say that Truman caught a squirrel.

Such excitement! He dropped the poor, dead thing when Sandy asked him to...and she held him as I raced a stick of string cheese to her. She gave him cheese as a prize for dropping the squirrel, but everytime she let him go and tried to pick up the squirrel, he would grab it again! I lured him with cheese, giving her a chance to get the pooor, dead thing (as it will now be known) into a plastic store bag. Then she thought it would be a good idea to show him where the squirrel was, so he would "understand." Sure enough, he grabbed the poor dead to be known as "pdt" out of the bag!

What a comedy of errors! I wasn't laughing however, I was feeling pretty sorry for the "pdt" and went into the house in disgust, trying to ignore the fact that Sandy was showing Truman how she was putting the bag with said "pdt" into the garbage can.

Of course, now everytime Truman goes into the garage, he runs to the garbage can and you have to holler at him to get his ass into the house!

All that said, I give the old boy credit...I can't believe he ACTUALLY caught a squirrel!

The poor dead thing.

I cleaned the bathroom, wiped down the appliances and dusted downstairs while Sandy was vacuuming upstairs. I did my part. Now I will lie down for a nap.

Oh..."Oh Brother Wherefore Art Thou?" is on this afternoon. That is an AWESOME movie...and they give it only 2 stars! What the hell are they thinking??? I have the soundtrack to that movie and I love singing along with it...the music is so twangy! Just the way I like my country music.....all nice and twangy.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Cooler Heads Prevail

Change # 68...Sandy gets up from her sleep and reminds me that there is no way I can go do the UConn job. Monday is smack dab in the middle of my "period of confinement," when my immunities will be so low that I have to avoid "the public."

So, I called the professor back and told him "no can do." I hope he finds someone else, but he shouldn't have waited until Friday to call me about a job on Monday, now should he??

I find that some of these professor/doctor types are not always on the ball about the timing of things and planning ahead.

It's too bad, really....Sue was going to give me a ride and I was looking forward to getting "back in the saddle again"...alas, it is not to be.....this time.

Let's see if the guy gets his messages...I had to leave a voice mail for him. If he still calls me tomorrow as planned, he's in BIG TROUBLE! Oh well...that will teach him.

Sandy made a nice steak dinner, with stuffed potatoes (cheesy) and peas. I top it off with my favorite...V8. Now that's a meal!

Looking forward to watching "Friday Night Lights"...the best show on Friday nights....and then turning in early...we want to be on the road by 7am tomorrow..heading to Essex and the eagles!

Friday the 13th!

Still tired...tired of being tired. "nuff said!

Got a call today from a UConn professor, asking if I would be willing to work Monday the Storrs campus...doing training on the physical...the interview part. They wanted Patient Instructors who have a "more complex medical history" than other PIs.

I almost laughed aloud at that one! It wasn't that long ago that my medical history was a lot less complicated.

Now I have to figure out how I'm going to get up to UConn....they want to meet at Kathy John's beforehand, to plan what we are going to do and how we are going to do it. I'm not sure I will be up to driving myself up and back....and doing the class.

So, if there's anyone out there who would like to take a trip to Kathy John's, late Monday afternoon and sit in a med school class from 6-8pm and give me a ride home afterwards, let me know! HA HA!! I'm sure I'll have LOADS of takers for that one! Sandy can't take me because she has class with Lily at 6pm. I'll be willing to bet she's not going to be too happy about me taking this gig...but this is good for get back to work.

Tomorrow we have the eagle count on the river. I will rest up in the car as much as I can...but I do plan to get out and get as close as I can when we spot something! When I'm feeling better, I have to take Trudy and my Dad (but not necessarily at the same time) down to the river to see the eagles. Trudy has NEVER seen them and my Dad hasn't seen them in a long time.

Well...I've been up since 10's 2pm now..time to go back up and take a nap!

Nappy nap....

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Another Reason Why I Love Sweden!

Most Swedish pastors willing to wed gay couples

Published: 23 Jan 09 08:28 CETOnline:
Nearly seven in ten pastors in the Church of Sweden are open to performing marriage ceremonies for gay couples in churches.

Out of the 1,700 pastors who responded to a poll conducted by Sveriges Television (SVT), 68 percent answered positively to the question of whether they could imagine officiating gay marriages in churches.

In addition, 21 percent answered no, while 11 percent gave no response.A bill presented to the Riksdag earlier this week by the Moderate, Centre, and Liberal Parties, calls for same-sex couples to be married in churches in Sweden as of May 1st, 2009.

The Church of Sweden plans to consider the issue at a meeting scheduled for next autumn.“There’s a very clear majority that is open to this. And having so many pastors on board clearly makes it easier for the Church of Sweden to take such a decision,” said archbishop Anders Wejryd to SVT.
TT/The Local ( 656 6518)

Catching up last post was "Later Tuesday"....I should have done another one, "Even Later" the excitement happened just before I went to bed.

Sandy went upstairs to get ready for bed. I was watching the dog show...and got up to start shutting things down. Bubbles was on the recliner so I didn't want to disturb I got up off the end of the recliner, instead of putting the foot section down.

I do this all the time, so I really didn't think much about it. However, I did feel funny when I stood up...and I broke out in a sweat over my entire body. I turned down the thermostat and went into the kitchen, (noting that I was getting "tunnel vision") and got another bottle of G2 out of the fridge to take upstairs. I shut off the stove light and thought, "I'm not going to make it to set the alarm system."

I made it to a chair and started hollering "Help!" to took her three times of hearing me say "Sandy, HELP!" before it dawned on her that I needed help. She came and got me up and into the bathroom, immediately diagnosing that my blood pressure had dropped and I was having a vagal response....good thing she got me onto the toilet. She put a cold, wet cloth on my neck and kept my head down. This worked almost immediately...avoiding a total black0ut.

After that she helped me upstairs....I was VERY WOOZY and as soon as I got into bed I felt SO much better! When I had to get up in the middle of the night, I dutifully remembered to sit on the edge of the bed and count to 10 and then stand up and count to 10...worked like a charm!

I was thinking it was overkill for Sandy to call out FMLA to stay home with me Tuesday night...I didn't feel the same after this incident! Good thing Jean wasn't with me....she's no good in situations like this!

Avastin causes blood pressure problems...and my blood pressure has been up for awhile if I needed further proof that I'm getting the avastin. I guess now it's dropping instead of staying up. So, I just have to be careful.

Sandy took me to get my bloodwork done in the AM. I was still shaky but did okay. Afterwards we went to Wendy's and I got a single meal...I didn't eat the whole thing, but felt sick by the time we got home. I went back up to bed and slept for all afternoon. That was after being up for only about 3 hours...just to show you how tired I am!

Lynne called in the afternoon and we had a nice chat. She and David are flying to Mexico this weekend and will be back next Saturday.....I'm envious of them being in a warm clime....but I wouldn't have the energy to sit on the plane right now!

Jean came up last night to stay with me and brought some of her fabulous mashed potatoes and some nice pieces of haddock, which Sandy baked up with bread crumbs and seasoning. We added fresh spinach and VOILA! a great meal...which I will have again tonight as leftovers. YUM!

Watched the Huskies (both teams) last night, shuttling back and forth between the channels. I am so upset that the BIG EAST scheduled the men's and women's teams to play at (or close to) the same time at least three times this year! CPTV hates it too...they don't get the same number of callers as they do when the games are on different days....times.

So, both teams did it...the men were great against Syracuse, a team that is one of their great rivals. The women had a bit of a tough time against St. John's, who are really improving year after year.

I made it up and out of the recliner last night, uneventfully....I even made it up the stairs by myself!

My neti pot arrived yesterday. It's a sinus lavage kit that my doctor recommended for my bloody noses...and it arrived not a moment too soon! This AM the bloody nose started again. So, I got out the neti pot, stirred in the salt and the solution and tried it. You are supposed to stick the pot up your nose, getting a firm seal....tilt your head and pour the solution into your nose...letting it drain out the other nostril. Of course, this doesn't work for MY nose....which, due to being broken and cracked so many times is not very straight, despite the surgery I had years ago for this. So, I can't get a tight seal...the solution went in, and came out, the same side on the left....and on the right, it seemed like it went to some cavity located right behind my right eye...and collected there!

Now it feels better that I did the lavage...but it took a lot of blowing solution and other stuff out of my nose! YUCK! But I guess that means it worked to some will take a lot of nerve for me to try it again....

So, today I can eat a bit more than bowels are behaving better. I'm still tired, so I can already predict an afternoon nap is in the offing....

I just hope all this is behind me by Saturday...Sandy and I are going to Essex in the early AM for the annual bald eagle count on the CT River. I have been doing this for about four years now and don't want to miss it...especially since Heidi is in Florida with her mother who is in the Heidi won't be making it.

Dawn is going to meet us down there, as she does every year and after the count we will be getting something to eat....probably at that place we like near the bridge at the Opera House. I will have to wear my mask as I will be in that stage again, so we'll probably end up lunching in the car.

I hope we see lots of eagles! Last month they had no sightings....lately there have been a bunch of birds out there.

Just a note, the governor wants everyone who has hit 55 and is in Tier 1 to retire by March 31st...which means a lot of my pals may be joining me in retirement! Maybe we can get some golfing in....or kayaking, or both! I feel for my buddies who AREN'T 55 yet and who will miss out on this they have been anticipating for so long! I was very lucky...being able to go when I the age that I's all been wonderful for me...and I hope for the same for them!

Okay...I'm caught more excitement...just naps and good, healthy food.

I'll start with a couple of squares of that Newman's Own Dark Chocolate I have stashed in the pantry!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Later Tuesday

Well...I slept for a few hours, got up and ate and am now watching the doggies at Westminster. Always one of our favorite shows. Of course, the Russells never win nothin'!

Carol is down there and Porter's relatives made it pretty far in the lab class. Porter does well at confirmation...maybe someday he will be in "The Big Show!"

This was the year I was hoping to make it to NYC for the show, going with Carol and Mark....not to be...this year. Next year we'll go. I've never been. Sandy went with them a couple of years ago and had a great time. Now we will look for Carol in the crowd.

Tomorrow I have to get up and go to get my blood work done. I hope I have more energy by then. Maybe I should add an iron test to my blood work....maybe I'm anemic again. I doubt it though...the way this came on it seems that it's directly related to the chemo.

Congrats to my buddy Mike DiMauro...who won the Best Sportswriter Award from his peers...for the third year in a row. I emailed him to congratulate him and he was so nice, inquiring about my health and giving me his cell phone number, in case I ever need anything! How sweet is that!

So many people have been so nice to me during "my period of confinement"'s really been special to me. BTW...I have to come up with some term to describe this episode of my life...I'll entertain suggestions....

The Clumber Spaniel is SO CUTE!!! I love that face! I wouldn't have a spaniel though, unless I had a pond, pool or lake for them to swim in. We have the right kind of yard for the dogs we have....lots of nooks and crannies for the Russells to explore, dig in, loads of little animals to keep them occupied; rocks to sniff around; etc. They can't get into trouble and yet they are occupied!

The dogs I seem to be naturally attracted to: the Staffordshires; the labs; the Russells; PBGVs; the affenpinscher; the Swedish Valhund; the Nova Scotia Tolling dog.....oh, there are SO MANY I am attracted to!

Pitchers and Catchers report next week I think....Life is GOOD!

I sign off on that note....nighty night!

Tired Tuesday!

I am surprised that I am still this tired. Went to bed at 9:30...slept pretty good and got up at 9:30....still tired.

Sandy is staying home with me tonight. She's afraid I might try to get up with the dogs if they need to go out....which I'm pretty sure I can do...she just doesn't want me to do it. Jean was going to come up...but then Taylor and Ryan got sick and she had to go to get Taylor at school.

I don't want to get Jean, who has now been exposed to the illness...whatever it is....can stay in Waterford, thank you very much!

Sandy went shopping and to the post office to return the Tilley hat I bought...too small. She's going to pick up white rice and egg drop soup for me from the Chinese place downtown. That is becoming one of my post-chemo meals it seems. Bland bland bland

I did lie in bed and watch Obama's press conference last night...and Young Frankenstein was on another channel...I got to see most of my favorite quotes! That is my all-time favorite movie and I've seen it close to 30 times now! I do own my own copy on DVD too.

Sandy wanted me to go upstairs before she left...she thinks I can't do stairs now? I told her I would stay downstairs until she comes home...but I really want to go take a nap now. So, I'll shuffle up there, slowly and carefully and be happy to sink into that comfy, king-sized bed, have my little Bubbles dog snuggle up next to me under the covers and go to sleep.

Maybe I'll post more later...maybe about A-Roid, maybe not. Right now Bubbie is on my lap, with a Canada Goose stuffed toy in her mouth and it's blocking my laptop screen! I have to keep moving the goose's head to see what I'm typing! See, I can handle that without Sullenberger's help....I'm doing all right!

Later I hope.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Too tired

Not to be dramatic (something new I'm trying), but I'm too tired to write anything.


Too darn tired.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sleepy Sunday

The cortisone they give me during chemo wears off after the second after yesterday's flurry of activity on my part--doing laundry; washing dishes, making supper, etc....I crashed today. I stayed in bed until afternoon, got up, took a shower and went downstairs. I was ready to go back up to bed about an hour later!

I stayed downstairs though and will stay up until after the Extreme Make-Over Show is over tonight. I want to see the show and how they built the house.

I do feel very very weak today....and very very tired. I don't think I'll have trouble sleeping tonight!

Nighty night!