Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas is over and it was very good.  I am glad it's over though, I was quite tired through most of it and last week some kind of infection settled in my right cheek and got worse through out the weekend.  I have an appt for tomorrow to see my nurse.  I suppose I will go back on antibiotics to get rid of it. 

Maybe this is what has been taking my sense of taste away.  I hope so...I hope it isn't the chemo.  Of course, if I don't get my ability to taste back, it might help me with the diet!

Maria arrived Friday at Mohegan Sun.  I picked her up and off we went to Lazizah for lunch.  I had the tuna wrap which is absolutely yummy...and on the diet too, as they use lemon instead of mayo.  I picked up hummus and other goodies for Saturday and got the pies I ordered and then we were on the road to Stop and Shop.

Of course, S&S was packed!  With two of us running around the store, we were able to finish and be out of there fairly quickly.  I picked up a Boar's Head ham to cook and got the roasted turkey breasts I had ordered from the deli--hint to all....the turkey breasts at S&S are a cheap, easy way to feed guests! 

We came home and cooked the ham.  Maria made a great glaze for it with brown sugar, Swedish dark mustard and apricot preserves.  That cooked up in no time.  I sure wish Sandy could eat ham...I love it and would make it more often if she did.

Saturday AM we got up a little late and got to work after breakfast, setting stuff out and then Sandy and Maria left to go get Bob and Wini.  I stayed home and dusted and vacuumed downstairs.  Folks started arriving after noon and we were off in holiday mode!

Roxie, Andrew and Virginia, Steve, Audrey, Luke (and Bingo the puppy); Bob and Wini, Maria, Jean, Frank and Sandy and me...nice group.  We missed seeing Phil and Austin, but they had their own party to prepare and Phil is on crutches, so he wasn't coming down here. 

We had Bob and Wini open their gifts first after we all ate.  They had to be back to Putnam by 3:00 so they would have a chance to nap before it was time to go out again to Wini's son's house.  Bob didn't seem to get what the gifts were, but he enjoyed himself and Wini appreciated the gifts.   Then Sandy drove them back home with Jean going along for the ride.

Then the rest of us dove into our gifts.  It was great having the gang there showing what they got for presents.  The puppy got passed around from lap to lap...she is so sweet.  She laid on my lap and fell asleep!   She certainly will be accustomed to lots of noise...if she can sleep with that group...

I got pretty tired and sick feeling shortly into the gathering...so I pretty much stayed in the recliner and let Roxie and Sandy do the work.  I am so lucky to have them!  I get pissed at how tired I get and if I let it go too far, I feel so yucky.  I am sick of it!  HA!

Tomorrow I have my first appointment with the personal trainer.  I'm going to be looking for her to come up with a daily routine I can do at home to get myself energized.  Also a good stretching program, so I can get maximum benefit from any workout I do.  Stretching after exercise is so critical and I want to get the most out of it. 

I don't usually make New Year's resolutions, but since I am in therapy it doesn't hurt to set a "therapy goal" for this year...I am going to work on how I say things to people....it has come to my attention more and more that I come across too strong in a negative manner.  I'm going to work on that.  I think that would be beneficial to others and to me.  I don't intend to hurt people's feelings, but apparently I frequently do...and that's not good.  I am also going to work on responding in a better manner when people "push my buttons. "  I studied some of my family dynamics this weekend and identified how some people do things that illicit a negative response in me. 

It's funny that it has taken me until I'm 62 to do these things, but better late than never.  Faith-my therapist-is going to salivate over this stuff....sometimes she is too agreeable with me...she tends to "take my side" in things I bring up and I'm going to tell her to push back on me more. 

Okay, enough of the long term goals, I have a short term goal I need to achieve:  get out of my new pj's and get the house cleaned!   Oh, and make some turkey soup in the crock pot...using the leftover meat and the bones....YUM!


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Just a quick visit here before I have to jump in the shower and get up to Putnam to see Bob Miller.

That situation is driving me a bit nuts.  Wini is having a lot of trouble remembering things and I see things going downhill fast up there.  I got upset with Bob's hygiene and took have of his clothes home to wash, sort out and throw out the junk.  I'm bringing stuff back today and taking the rest of it and repeating the process.

Bob tends to wear the same clothes daily and they get all stained up...he does have that "hole in his lip" and food and liquids just dribble all over the place.  I can relate, I inherited the same condition.  For some reason our lips cannot handle food and drink without dribbling.  

He has too many clothes in his closet and I think it's overwhelming to him.  I'm going to "shorten up" the stuff hanging in there...make it easier for him to choose.  Wini and I agreed to put a sign on his hamper, reminding him to put his dirty clothes in there, not to hang them back up in the closet.

Bob is also having trouble shaving, missing great swaths of beard along his jaw line.  I am going to investigate how he would do with an electric razor.  At least if he had one (which he's never had in his life) someone else could run the razor over his face before he goes out in public.

I think it may be time to get a home health aide, or homemaker in the house.  I'm going to see how Wini feels about this.  She keeps telling me that she is tired and can't do all that needs to be done.  Let's see if she remembers that when I talk with her about getting someone in there to help.

I wouldn't mind her not remembering so much, if she wasn't so insistent that her memory of an event is correct. And if she didn't get her dander up so much when we discuss things that she is defensive about.  I can understand the defensive part, but I really struggle with her "nastiness" whether it's directed to me or other people.  She doesn't get nasty with Bob, thankfully!

It's all so frustrating to me, especially since I'm at some distance from them and just "dropping in" is not realistic.  I know plenty of other folks who have been through the same thing...but that doesn't make my experience or emotions about it any easier.

At the doctor's I was told that even though I can get my iron level back up, I will still be tired all the time-it's a byproduct of the chemo.  So, that's that.   As long as I can do my normal routine, they are not concerned...so I guess I shouldn't be concerned either.  I know now that I just have to make myself get up and get going.  And I have to pace myself.  Save my energy for the things that are important. 

I have been doing a better job of getting into bed earlier.  Sometimes I sit up, under my bathrobe (to hide the light) and play word games on the iPhone, and sometimes I go to sleep.  Either way, I am prone at an earlier hour....and it seems to help a bit.

The party season has begun.  Last week we had the gang from the hospital here for the Terry party, this week I went to Lynne's holiday party with all my fellow retirees--that was great to see all.   This coming week I'll be getting stuff prepared for our family get-together, which we will be having here on Christmas Eve day.  I have to pick up a few more things for gifts and then stuff for our smorgasbord. 

Friday Maria will be arriving to help and Saturday the festivities start.  Oh...Wednesday we are going to Jean's for Christmas with the kids.  BUSY BUSY!  YAY!

Now it's time for that shower and off to Putnam...I'm going to bring Rocky with me....that will amuse Bob.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

I went back to work Tuesday, we didn't have work yesterday and I had to call out sick today.  I'm sick of being sick...this damned cold has really gotten to me...big time!   Oh and add the diarrhea that has kept me up all night for the past two nights and I have no stamina to fight back what'soever.

Oh well...it's bound to go away someday.  I just get it in my head that the diarrhea isn't going to go away...like the last time.  That lasted for almost a year!  And we still have no idea what causes it or what makes it go away.

Need to think positive.  There is too much that has to be done.

I got the house decorated inside for the holidays.  Now to get the outside lights up.  I saw a thing on one of the PBS garden shows (Allan what's his name) about how to make some cool looking lights.  I took some branches from out back and wrapped three strings of white lights around the main branch and side branches.  Then I drilled a hole in the end and put a length of twine through it.  I made two of these things.  Now I need to get them hung up outside....and hope they look nice.  They looked nice on the show.  They even had some hanging from a high ceiling at a venue where they were having a huge dinner party.  We don't have that kind of room here, so I'll stick with putting them up outside.

Tomorrow night we are hosting a "bucket party" for Terry Coney who is in CT from her Arizona home, visiting her son, daughter in law and grandkids...let's face it, the grandkids are the major draw...
We used to have "bucket parties" in the "old days" when Terry lived up here....we get a bucket of margaritas and a bottle of booze and have a party.  The Endoscopy crowd will be in the house, hopefully.  It will be great to see them again.  It's been a long time since we got together.  And, of course, we can't wait to see Terry!

I have to get up out of the recliner and get to the store to pick up stuff for party snacks and get the bucket and booze, of course.  My motivation....but I probably won't have anything to drink.  I can't handle alcohol any more...and I don't want to aggravate my "delicate system" anymore than it already is!

I think I posted here about how Truman poked a stick deep into his eye a couple of weeks ago.  He's doing much better, thanks to good doctoring by Dr. Gamble and Sandy.  I don't get involved in giving Truman those kinds of medical treatments...I don't trust him to not bite my fingers off in those circumstances...he's Sandy's dog. 

Truman and Rocky were relegated to the small yard all of last week, as we were trying to rest Rocky's back (which seemed to be having trouble) and Truman's shoulder.  They handled this restriction a lot better than I thought they would.  I was worried that I would get all kinds of shit from them about having the gate to the big yard closed...nope! 

Now that they have both been cleared by Deb Saunders (their Physical Therapist) to roam freely again, it seems I have to beg them to go out into the big yard.  Maybe they got lazy...kind of like me....we all  need to get our asses in gear.

Big week for partying coming up next week.  Pauline's party on Wednesday night at Olive Garden; the Seaside retirees group holiday party at Lynne's Thursday night and the Huskies play #1 Baylor on Sunday...and I want to have folks over for that.  In between I have chemo on Thursday and hope that it doesn't bother me too much, so I can enjoy the get together at Lynne's.

I have to finish up my shopping for Christmas for Katie and the kids, get that package mailed off to AZ, still have to get some other odds and ends for Sandy and other family members.  I don't know why but all this seems overwhelming to me right now...and I'm wondering how the hell I got everything done when I was working too.  It's mind boggling to me how people do it. 

I know that I'm feeling this way because of the chemo and the cancer and the cold...hey, all three  "C" words...I won't always feel this way.  But, at this point, I'm tired of it and want it to be over.   It kind of makes me nervous about how I would handle it if the tests show that the chemo isn't working and I have to go on something stronger, I'm beginning to question my ability to put up with that.  I have such trouble dealing with fatigue and I am fatigued for sure.

Enough whining...have to do some whining once in awhile...it helps me to blow off some anxiety and get a clearer picture.  I have to cross bridges as I come to them, not waste time anticipating things that may never happen. 

A few more days to let this cold clear up and I'm going to call that personal trainer, Jessica, and get into the gym with her.  That will help with a lot of things...unless I pick up another cold at the gym!  HA!

I have been after myself to remember to blog here and to remember to call Wini....well I just stopped writing here to call her.  Made a date to go up next Tuesday--take Bob out to lunch while Wini gets Christmas shopping done.  I would imagine this stupid congestion would be gone by then!

Okay...up out of this seat and get going!


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It seems that chemo can't get to me, but a simple cold throws me for a loop!   I have been miserable with a stuffed up nose, cough, eyes and teeth hurting...the whole works.  I called Monday to see if I could get in to see Kathleen, but the earliest was Wednesday...so I took it.   Beggars can't be choosers.

In the meantime, Sandy got me cough medicine, which helped and I started doing sinus lavages, that has helped relieve a lot of the pressure.  Yesterday was bad, today is tolerable.  Watch, by the time I get in to see Kathleen, I'll be totally cured! 

Well...I hope so.  I have chemo on Thursday and don't want to miss it because of a stupid cold.  This reminds me that I need to get some masks to keep in my purse and car, just in case.  Back to the old routine I guess.

This weekend I decided that I want to host our family Christmas gathering.  For years, Phil and Renee have been hosting it for us, a joint venture with Renee's family.  We enjoy seeing them, but it does get very noisy, because the Millers are loud people, and confusing for my dad.  We exchange gifts after the Menards leave and that makes it a very late night for all, especially the Bristol faction of the family.  That's a long drive back down Rte 44 late at night.

So, anyway, I decided to hold a gathering here this year.  We'll see how it goes.  We'll do a smorgasbord, like my mother used to do and we'll have it during the day so people get home early.   I'm looking forward to it.

I think the Menards will enjoy having some peace and quiet on Christmas Eve, maybe they will be able to hear themselves think with all the loudmouths out of the room!  Of course that means it's gonna get loud here, will have to think of something to do with the dogs.  I think we'll kennel them upstairs, with the tv on...that will keep them happy.

I missed Mary McKay's retirement party last night.  I was supposed to speak, so I sent my stuff on to Scott, who read it for me.  Sounds like it was a great time...I am totally bummed that I missed it.

I had to miss work too...this week I was scheduled to work every day...making the big bucks.  Instead I had to call out from Mon-Wed....I had already canceled Thursday due to the chemo...there wouldn't be enough time for me to get from Providence to Farmington....I'm  hoping I can make it in for Friday.

Sandy has been attending the Backus nurses' contract negotiations meetings and I continue to be struck by the unprofessional behavior of the administration.  It is obvious that they don't respect the nurses.  Last night, they came to the meeting, stayed for a half hour, caucused for two  hours and then said they were going to break for dinner.  Sandy left in disgust at that point, but what about the nurses who were on the negotiation team, who had worked all day? 

The hospital is paying big bucks for their lawyer, who still hasn't done much from this vantage point, except his big fees.   The adversarial position the administration is taking is disturbing...but not surprising, that attitude is what led to the nurses unionizing in the first place.  They are not treated with respect. 

With all the sexual abuse scandals in the paper currently, one would think that this type of news would have lost it's power to shock, however, I was shaken when one hit home.  One of my former staff was arrested on charges that he sexually abused two residents of the home where he worked.  This sickened me, as the people in this particular home cannot speak and are non-ambulatory....they rely on staff for assistance with most things.  If the charges are true, it's devastating to the victims, the families and the staff who work there.  If the charges are false, the effect is almost as devastating, if assaults occurred, who was the perpetrator.  How will the residents, families and staff ever find trust again...no matter if the charges are true or not?

Jean got a new car.  Well, Sandy did the negotiations and Jean is going down to the dealership today to pick up her 2012 Hyundai Sonata.  Can't wait to see her with her new wheels.  She said that this is the last car she will buy.  She tends to keep her cars for 10 years or so...that means she would be well into her 80's when this one fizzles out. 

Sandy and Frank got the cover on the RV...by themselves.  I was supposed to go help them put it on, but was too sick to help.  Sandy said it wasn't too bad.  The only thing is she didn't have anything big enough to put over the skylight in the shower.  The RV guys recommended that we put plastic milk crates over the fans and skylights, to protect them from the weight in case we have an ice storm.  So, if we do have an ice storm, we will have to check the shower.  At least if it cracks or breaks any rain/etc. will fall into the shower area and can drain out.

The Tasmanian Tree Devil came last week and took out a bunch of trees and trimmed all the fruit trees.  Does it look nice out back!   They took down the cherry tree by the driveway that was in the way when we parked the RV.  Now we can put the RV on a straight line along the edge of the driveway.  I still want to pave an area next to the drive and have an electrical outlet installed out there, for the RV.   Have I mentioned lately how much I miss that rig???

Looks like I'll be buying Celtics tickets for Andrew for Christmas again.  I haven't heard the latest, but it sounded positive for the NBA lock-out to be over.  Notice the silence of the fans in this whole process?  I haven't heard of anyone making a stink, pushing the sides to settle.   Once they settle and post a schedule, I'll see what I can do to get our fannies in some seats in Beantown.

The Huskies are looking good, both teams.  Both teams are young and learning and I always find that the most exciting part of the whole thing.   Seeing the kids learn, grow up and do well.  This KML kid playing for the women has already been named Freshman of the week for two weeks running.  She is another Maya Moore and she is going to be LOTS of FUN to watch for the next four years.

I wasted time in my last therapy session telling my therapist about what a horrible person Charlotte McCullough was.  Now I have to figure out why....which means I have to think about Charlotte.  That is sick...

I'm trying to think of something pleasant to overpower that last bit....

Steak, stuffed potatoes and corn for supper!  There, that should do it.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hey, look!   A second blog posting in less than three months!  Ha ha.

Just wanted to wish all a HAPPY and SAFE Thanksgiving   The weather is going to be rather nasty today and tonight, so if you are traveling...be careful!

We got the trees in the yard trimmed and several cedars cut down yesterday.  Which meant that the dogs were all wound up...most of the day.  There were two guys and big pieces of loud equipment roaming around the premises and they were SURE that we would all be killed...so they made me aware of every movement out there.

This would have been fine, if I wasn't on the phone for about three hours, with the people from Apple Care, trying to get my laptop straightened out.  The problem was such that a supervisor (who had a nasty cold and was irritated right from the start) had to get on the line with me.  In between the sound of chain saws and dogs barking hysterically, and the guy's snuffing, snarking, coughing  and blowing his nose, we got most of it straightened out.  What an ordeal!   I want to point out that I talked with three different people before I got the supervisor and all of them were so pleasant to talk to...and then he came along.  I could feel myself getting sucked into his negative vortex, but I really needed to get the computer working right.  So, I worked really hard to jolly him along, and was successful.  

I treated him the way he should have been treating me.  Funny how that happens more and more lately.

Yesterday I was miserable, physically.  Everything was aching and sore.  My mouth has sores in it from the medicine (I guess I am getting the clinical trial drug...a placebo wouldn't make these kind of sores) and my throat was hurting.  My side/kidney still hurt, my back hurt, I was just miserable.  Then the neighbors decide to burn up a huge pile of junk from the storms and the smoke rushed into our yard and stayed there.  I couldn't take a full breath without coughing and I could feel the congestion in my chest. 

It was hard to figure out if I was having reactions to the chemo drugs, a cold/allergy attack, or residual from the excessive workout at the gym on Sunday...or all three.

I took Zyrtek D last night and felt better.  I called the neighbor who likes to burn things and asked him to try to control the smoke, he apologized.  I do have a call in to the nurse at Women and Infant's but I doubt I'll be here when they finally call back.  Good thing I have Kathleen at Dr. Galan's office if I REALLY had a problem!

Okay, I'm off to take a shower, pick up my pies, see my therapist, pick up Sandy at work and then down we go to Jean's for Thanksgiving.

Have a great holiday!   Remember, no fighting with family members...it's so NOT WORTH IT!


Monday, November 21, 2011

So, I went for my first chemo last Thursday and it really was a piece of cake.  I know now that I can drive myself up and back no problem.  This is a good thing for Sandy, who can't always take off from work to do this.

Jean, Sandy, Nami and I went up Thursday.  Sandy came in with me and got me settled in, then took Jean and Nami down to Ocean State Animal Hospital to meet with the oncologist...so it was Oncology day in our families.

Nami has a tumor on her heart and they are starting her on chemo (at home)...she takes pills like I do.  The doctor doesn't know if it's a slow growing tumor or not.  We will find out in three months when she goes back and they do imaging again.  He said she is in no pain, which is a relief.

I am on the first unit now for my infusions.  I have a new nurse, Yvonne....it's really something like Yvoningle or something like that.  She is very competent and thorough....just what I like.  I will have "Little Anne-Marie" for a nurse most of the time, but will have Yvonne when AM isn't on duty.  I love it.

It took a LOOOOOOOOOOONG time for me to get one med.  I didn't need premeds, which is what used to get me all woozy and sick feeling (and what prevented me from driving myself), but it took FOREVER to get the Avastin from the main pharmacy at the hospital.  My appt was for 11:30, I got into the room earlier than that and I didn't start getting my infusion until about 1:30!  Yvonne was more upset than I was about the time.

I was having fun chatting with the women who shared the room with me, first a woman with breast cancer, and her sister--who owns a package store.  We chatted about "Skinny Girl" products and had some laughs.

Then she left and I was alone for awhile, then another woman came in with her husband.  They looked familiar and it turns out they are from Norwich and they know Briege Kavanaugh, our old neighbor!  The woman, Mary, has ovarian cancer also, her CA 125 is at 900 now, which made me grateful for my measly 30 score!   She has a great attitude and will do well.  She gets a biologic agent like I do, but had to have some premeds.  Maybe we can commute together sometime down the road.

Her daughter came down from Westwood to visit and brought goodies from Whole Foods.  It was nice chatting with them...made the time go by fast.

My next appointment is Dec 1st at 8:30 in the AM.   I was supposed to work that day at 12:15, but I canceled that as I don't know how long it will take for them to get the meds hung.  Also, driving from Providence to Farmington is not the easiest of trips...so best that I cancel out.  Think I will look for Trader Joe's in Warwick on my way home.

I am now taking two pills a day in the morning, on an empty stomach.  I have to be careful not to touch the pills, which are called Everolimus.  I have to drink a whole glass of water with the pills and have to rinse my mouth out thoroughly after taking them.  They do cause sores in the mouth, which I now have because I forgot to rinse a couple of days.  I have a prescription for magic mouthwash being filled so that should help. 

Speaking of Trader Joe's....on Charmine's recommendation I bought their pizza dough and sauce.  I made pizzas for Sandy and Jean (and Carol) this weekend, using fresh tomatoes and fresh mozzarella.  I will never make pizzas my "old way" again!  

I have been trying to eat better, incorporating lots of spinach and red onions, in particular, into my diet.  Dr. Oz says that research shows that they are good for fighting ovarian cancer.   I'm also exercising more.  I go to the gym and on the "off days" walk the dogs, do house work, haul stuff in the yard, etc.   I will be setting up my first workout with the personal trainer within the next week.  Let's DO THIS! 

Of course, I had to go and overdo it Sunday at the gym.  I did the treadmill on fat burn for 20 minutes,  no problem, that's a nice, slow and steady pace.  Then I did the Fitness Test on the Stairmaster and messed up my data input after a few minutes, so I just hit Workout 1 and did that for five minutes...that alone added up to 10 flights of stairs...I have NO idea how many flights I walked while doing the fitness test!   At least another five!  Today I'm paying for it...my legs, back and arms ache.  I'll go tomorrow and just take it easy...treadmill, bike, etc.  No stairs.

Been working too....just one more session of doing the physical exams for the Yale students, next up I have to be the smoker who wants to quit.  This is hard for me...I HATE saying that I smoke!  Even though it's not true, I can't stand it.  Takes real acting on my part!  Ha ha!

Thanksgiving happens twice for us this week, Wednesday night at Jean's with Taylor and Andrew and Ryan...and Deb and Neil.  We were together last year too and had a blast.  On Thursday Sandy and I will go up to Rhonda's in Pomfret, with Roxie and the kids.  We love to spend time with them.  I think this is the third year in a row I've gone to Rhonda's.  Great food, great company, we play games and have a wonderful time.  I have to remember to load Cranium and other games into the car.  Rhonda has "Dance Dance Revolution" which I have been wanting to try.  I would love to have that here at home.

Watching the Huskies beat Stanford tonight, good win.  They won, which is good, and they made a lot of mistakes, which is also good--Geno will have a field day pushing them in practice.  I love the new kids already...especially that Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis, who will be referred to as KML from now on in this blog. 

Now I'm watching the Patriots and texting with Katie, who is watching in Arizona.  This is our "tradition"...we text during the games.  It's fun.

Coming up on the horizon...Mary McKay's retirement party.  I'm speaking and have no idea what I will say...I'll think of something crazy I'm sure.

Okay...early day tomorrow.  The guys are coming to cut down and trim trees out back....they will be here at 7:30!  OUCH!   I have to get to bed!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Leave it to Pam to remind me that I need to update this blog.   Since I last wrote I "turned some kind of corner" and my health has definitely been on the upswing.   I have a LOT more energy, not having the side effects from the stupid Lexapro--dizziness, light headedness, staggering around, disembodied feelings, etc.  I was able to go to the gym last Wednesday and had a great workout.  I was going to go again on Friday, but then realized I had to work in the afternoon, so I took the dogs for a walk instead.

I worked two days last week and it felt great.  Also spoke at Kathryn's retirement party on Thursday night.  We had great fun, got to sit with Lynne, Charmine, Karen, Mary Cahill, Claire Evento, Vickie Severin and a woman named Heather who we met for the first time that night.  We told "old personnel horror stories" and had a good laugh.

It was great to see Kathryn.  Hadn't seen her in years it feels like...I bet it's been around three or four years.  She looks great, as usual and I got to see Joe too.  Haven't seen him since 2003!   Mary McKay organized the evening and was the MC...did a fantastic job.  The food was very good, the ambiance was very nice (the Hilton in Glastonbury) and the program was fun.

I have made arrangements for Sandy to accompany me to my next therapy session.  I realize that my therapist doesn't really know much about me when she admitted being surprised that I was funny.  I think I have been too serious in our sessions!  She is "dying to meet" Sandy as she wants to get Sandy's take on things.  I think it will be good for me and for Sandy as well.

This week I have to have my mammogram and ultrasound tomorrow at 9:30, then to work at 2:15.  After that, I have the week off.  I hope to make arrangements to go to Putnam and spend a day, at least, with Bob and Wini.  Have to make an appointment with a social worker at Westview to see if they can help me with the financial information on the application for Bob.  I have to get that job done!

We got about two inches of wet snow last night...very scary how the trees were bending under the weight of the snow.  We didn't lose any major branches, thankfully, but it sounds like there were plenty of other folks who weren't that lucky.  More power outages than they had with Hurricane Irene!

Again I am so happy we paid the bucks to get the trees trimmed.  It was more than worth it.  We just had Ed, the "Tasmanian Tree Devil" up to the house to check out the trimming job we want to have him do.  He brought his fiancee with him and I gave them a tour of the RV.  They are sold, they want one.  We will bring them with us to the RV show in Jan/Feb...whenever it comes to the Big E.  I'll bet they buy one on the spot.

Speaking of the RV, we brought ours up to Arlington and left it yesterday to have it winterized, and some minor repairs done.  I miss it already!  When it's ready, we'll drive it down to Waterford and park it in Jean's yard. 

Jean and Frank are going to be running a storage facility in their back yard this winter.  Our RV will be out there and Neil is putting his boat there.  Then Taylor's boyfriend, Andrew, asked if he could put his boat there also.  We told Jean that her neighbors are going to think they hit the lottery!

We are getting a cover for the RV and it should be quite interesting when it comes time to wrestle that cover over the unit!   That's 34' we're talking...it's not going to be easy!  I went shopping in the RV store and bought some stick-on levels that you use to help you figure out if the rig is level.  I can't help myself, I love buying things for the RV.

Speaking of buying things, I spent a couple of hours online today, shopping for BMX gear for Mariah.  She lost her stuff when the house caught fire.  Too much smoke damage.   So, I got her pants, shirt, helmet, gloves and shoes.  Still have to get the chest, elbow and knee pads.  It's fun shopping for this stuff, I never played the sport myself and it's neat learning about these things.

Mariah got all A's and B's last marking period, so I'm very happy to get these things for her.  She loves the sport and gets so much out of participating, as does  her mother and her sister, when they go to watch and cheer for her.  It's something I can really see has benefits for the whole family, so I'm happy to be involved any way I can.  Just wish I could be there to see her race. 

Huskies start up soon....first game next month.  Can't believe that it's already basketball time and I can't believe that we got snow!  

Oh, I went to see Dr. McCourt and got a clean bill of health.  Of course, there was a snafu.  She had told me that I only had to get CT scans every six months, so I didn't have one done before I saw her.  Then she tells me I still have to have them every three months until next May.  So, I go to get it done and they didn't have the fax that the office sent.  The office wasn't open so they had to chase her down to get the order...but at least they did that.  If I had to drink that crap and drive all the way up there AGAIN I would have been pissed.  As a matter of fact, I don't think I would have done it! 

I really get so sick of medical people screwing things up.  I'm still looking forward to my appt with Kathleen at the beginning of December so I can tell her my complaints about my primary care doctor.  I don't think I wrote that up here, but suffice it to say, I am not pleased with her or the other nurse at all!  I only trust Kathleen now...and if she ever leaves...I'm outta there!

And Joyce and I had fun at the Putnam Great Pumpkin Festival last weekend.  We rode around town afterwards and then down to Alexander's Lake, checking out our old haunts.  Ha ha!  Get it?  It's October, so I said "old haunts!"

I'll leave on that dumb note....


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Well, the erlichiosis killed most of my September....I did make it to the Red Sox game (Beckett pitched and they lost) and to the Ovarian Cancer 5k walk, made it but didn't walk it. 

Pam, Sandy, Charmine, Pat, Joanie, Carol and Steve comprised my team.  I got to sit and wait for them to walk the route and come back.  Steve ran the 5k and then when the walk started, ran it again!  I was so impressed with him.  A few other folks were signed up to walk but couldn't make it.  Oh well, I didn't make it either!  Next year...."Annie's Army" will be bigger and better.   We did make close to $1500 for the cause, not too shabby for our first effort! 

I had to miss a lot of work in September due to the exhaustion from the stupid illness.  Lot 'o money down the drain.  What are you going to do?

The day we left to go to Acadia I made the command decision to stop taking the doxycycline.  It was making me so sick to my stomach and I had already taken it for three and a half weeks.  I looked up on line about the criteria for taking it for erlichiosis...most said 7-10 days.  I was satisfied.

We did make it to Acadia, left on Wednesday and returned last Monday.  It was so gorgeous up there.  We stayed at the KOA right at the top of Mount Desert Island, our site overlooked the water---sweet!   The weather was great the first three days, we rode around the island, scoping things out on Thursday and Friday.  We climbed Bubble Rock...well, I partially climbed it, Sandy and the dogs climbed the whole thing.  On Friday we drove up Cadillac Mountain and hiked around up top....it was SOOOO windy!    We tried to hike down to the gorge, but it was way too steep for us and the dogs.  We had to be "content" with the hike around the top, checking out the gorgeous views of the park and the harbor. 

On Saturday the weather was nasty, rainy and cold.   We had planned to go shopping anyway, so that's what we did.  Hit Reny's, LL Bean Outlet and Marden's.   Got more socks...that's been my "thing" this year...buying socks.  I have picked up quite a few pairs of Smart Wool, LL Bean and the other brand of wool socks (the name escapes me now).   I'm all set for heavy duty, walking socks, hiking socks, you-name-the-activity socks....I got 'em all!

Sunday morning we were up and out early to hike around a pond on one of the carriage roads.   The carriage road was great...nice and broad, great surface for the us and the dogs, no rocks to scramble over, like the other paths we had been taking.  We hiked around "Witches Hole"  and got to a cross road.  Sandy asked me if I wanted to continue hiking in the direction we were traveling which would bring us back to where we started, but was 2+ miles or turn around and go the way we came, which was a mile.   I swallowed hard and said, "keep going."  

About a half mile down the road, I felt like puking.  I stopped and the feeling passed.  I took a few short breaks along the way back and made it all the way!   I was so shocked and proud of myself.  Sandy checked the distance listed for the hike and we had gone 3.2 miles!   What a difference a week makes!  And what a difference not taking doxycycline makes!

Being in Maine, without great tv reception, I missed the whole sad demise of the Sox.  Thankfully I was spared.  All I can say is, they sucked in September and I hope they got that out of their system.  I am so sorry that Terry Francona is gone, I loved him as a manager, but he had lost control of the jimokes in the clubhouse.  Grown men behaving badly.

So, now the decks are cleared for my Pats and the Huskies.  GO TEAMS!!!

We are working on getting the RV ready for winter.  It will be sad to put her away for the season.  We have gotten good use out of her this year and we are quite attached to her already.  I have to clean it inside and wash the outside....and try to wax it too.  Then we have to get it to the RV place to have them winterize the tanks, gas and water lines.  Then we drive it to Jean's and park it, until the Spring.  Already I can't wait!

We had been talking about going to Nova Scotia next summer, but after our trip to Acadia, we are rethinking this.  We may go back to Acadia and do more exploring up there.  There is so much to see and do in the park and we would be happy to do that instead of Nova Scotia.  But...we skip Bar Harbor...too commercial and too busy.  We will be seeking out the quiet places in the park.  And we will go in the "off season" of September/October again.

So, this week I went back to work on Tuesday and Thursday, yesterday went up to be with Bob Miller while Wini went off with her daughter.  Nice.

I'm feeling stronger and stronger.  Still not back 100% but getting there.  Can't wait to be strong enough to go back to gym and do a good workout.

Now I have to get washed up and changed to go out to the Fisherman for dinner with Sandy and Jean.  We will be celebrating our anniversary...number 26 or something now.  I have lost count!


Thursday, September 15, 2011


This erlichiosis is KICKING MY ASS!  I can't believe how much it wipes me out...about as much if not more, than chemo did!   I have to take two naps a day and in-between I feel nauseous (from the stupid pills) and out of it. 

Going up the driveway to the mailbox wipes me right out...stupid, damned ticks!

I am probably going to have to cancel out on working next week.  I was supposed to work three days...a lot of moolah...and go to a Sox game on Wednesday....and the walk on Saturday....

Well...I have my priorities...so, no work next week, but we WILL make it to the Sox game and the Ovarian Cancer walk!

The Sox seem to need the presence of a Miller in the crowd in order to win lately.  The only game they've won in the past week was with Maria in the stands, cheering on Tim Wakefield to his 200th!  YAY!  He FINALLY made it!

So we are scheduled to go see them on Wednesday when they host Baltimore...that SHOULD be a win for them, but we'll see.  The last two games that I have gone to see them play they have lost, despite having Beckett on the mound both times.  I hope he isn't scheduled to pitch on Wednesday.

The big drama around these parts has been Missy, the missing Mastiff.  She was in a car accident and took off into the woods.  Folks searched for her for almost a week and she was finally found.  The lesson to be learned in this is to seat belt your dogs in the car...or put them in a kennel.  Both mastiffs disappeared, the male was found the next day.  AND the husband, who was driving was EJECTED from the car...guess he wasn't properly secured either.  A lot of heartache and pain could have been saved if only all of them were a secured in the car. 

More drama, the race for the nomination of the Democratic party candidate for mayor in New London and the gay guy won!  He beat "Big Mouth" Buscetto, who sets a new low for whining and griping in at town that is so accustomed to whining and griping.  He even whined about losing...hinting at improprieties.  I am so glad he is out of there, and I don't even live in New London!  Maybe now they have a chance of cohesion, not the divisiveness Buscetto preaches.

So happy for Mary McKay who is making good her escape from DDS, by taking an early retirement next month, instead of February as she had planned.  She is so happy and I celebrate right along with her.  She's earned this one for sure!

My email has been screwed up so much lately, I don't know what mail I have or how to find it...nothing is synching the way it's supposed to.  I'm not going to use the me.com anymore, people should email me at anyeyball@aol.com if they want to get in touch with me.

This isn't making sense at all....I swear I am still feverish at times.  I'm hoping the weather hurries up and turns cool.  I can't go out in the sun because of the meds and I'm hot all the time, even with the air conditioning on.

Oh, and we are supposed to go to Wells this weekend, for our big trip with Jean.  Figures that I still don't feel good.  Probably should stay home.  But I'll probably go and end up sleeping all weekend in the RV. 

Wonder if I'll be smart and stay home? 


We go to the Trailer Trash Party

Sandy and I are all dolled up for the trailer trash party

My "Tramp Stamp"....Mike is Sandy's boss, he was the one having the party

Sandy with boobs, something you will NEVER see again!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I am so bad about keeping this blog up lately.  Seems like every post starts with that type of statement.  Oh well, I'm not going to think lose sleep over it.

Speaking of sleep, I've been taking Ambien lately...prescribed by the ER doctor on Sunday.  Long story short:  After having my knees hurt almost constantly for over two weeks, and culminating with a feverish Friday night, a horrid Saturday (except for seeing my pals at Secch's Pig Fest) and there being no let up on Sunday, Sandy took me to the ER....we went to the Convenient Care Center...(so I didn't take a bed from a true emergency) and I was diagnosed with Erlichiosis.  I thought I had a sinus infection!  My temp was up to 102, a region my body hasn't been in since I had the Swine flu...it went down a bit and then back up while I was there...even after they gave me tylenol.  Was I miserable, I was so damned cold and they couldn't give me a blanket for fear it would raise my temp even more.

So, now I'm on doxycycline, which works so good but I hate it so much.  He gave me Ambien because he said the nights are the worst and I would need it to help me sleep.  He was right, I didn't take it last night and I will say that it was maybe worse than any night that I spent after chemo!

I didn't take it last night because I needed to be able to drive to see Kathleen, my nurse, today at 10.  She told me the doctor gave me too high a dose of Ambien.  Well, I guess!  The first night, I don't remember much about what happened, but Sandy said I told her I was "couldn't figure out" my pj bottoms...about how to put them on!  Then I was dropping stuff all over the floor and other weird stuff.

The next night she told me to get in bed and THEN take it.  So I did...I got my sound machine on my iPhone going the way I like it and then went to drop the iPhone on the floor.  She reached across to get it from me and put it where it belongs and I bit her on the forearm!  YIKES!   I remember nothing.

So now I will take half the amount and Kathleen says I should be able to function in the AM, without staggering around and acting goofy.

We've had a "Big Blow" since I last wrote and suffice it to say these two Girl Scouts were prepared, most notably by having purchased that 33' Winnebago that sits out in our driveway.  We made sure we were loaded with water and turned the fridge on ahead of time to get it chilled, fresh sheets on the bed, etc. 

We didn't lose power until the storm was over, oddly enough.  It was still daylight, so we could see what we were doing when we evacuated the pups and ourselves to the "escape pod."   We even hooked up our fridge, freezer and the neighbor's fridge to the RV to keep them going!

The power came back on Wednesday....and then went out again for a few hours on Friday.  Not too bad at all.  Sandy made it to work every day after the storm and in fact, had to work extra because a few of her coworkers couldn't make it in and of course some major thing went bad. 

Another thing we did since I last posted...the day before Irene hit we took the pups up to LL Bean to see Gina jump Dory and Cue in the Dock Diving event up there.  Gina's boyfriend Andy was there and her sister Tracy too and we had loads of fun with them.  After we went to eat at a neat place around the corner and then headed home, making it with only a smattering of raindrops on the windshield.

Well, the big Ovarian Cancer Coalition 5k Walk/Run To Break the Silence is coming up and I'm trying to get folks to join "Annie's Army"...we're at squad level now, hoping to become a platoon soon.  Hey that rhymes!  Check out my page...make a donation....come walk with us!   My Donation Page   

5k isn't far to walk...a little over three miles.  If I can do it with erlichiosis and Ambien side effects, anyone can do it!

It's going to be fun....it's at Hammonasset Beach so the scenery can't be beat, there will be t-shirts for all the participants, gifts, great gift basket raffles, free snacks/drinks and great company...plus it's only $20 to register and all the money goes towards educating women about the symptoms of ovarian cancer...symptoms I didn't learn until the night before my surgery!

Anyhoo...it would be great to see old pals there if they can make it.  And I want to thank again those folks who have already signed up or donated, or both!

All right, that's enough for the likes of me...back to my pea soup (Carol made it...yum!)


Thursday, August 18, 2011


Long time no see....

Been very busy lately...and it feels so damned good!  Walked in the Deary Walk Saturday, met up with Sue, Katy and Ruthie, Wallie and Bill....all of whom left me in the dust as soon as the walk started, except for Susie...we walked together, bringing up the rear of the 8am walk group...and we finished the whole thing!

We were very pleased with ourselves and rightfully so.  I'm a little over a year away from chemo and am recovering from a major anemia problem and she is a recent pacemaker recipient...we are doing great!

After the walk I went up to Bob and Wini's...who had forgotten all about the Schultzberg family gathering.  No matter, I couldn't make it up there anyway.  We visited for awhile and then I drove a bit up the road to Katy's, where there was a cookout...I got to visit and recuperate with old friends.

I have been getting up with Sandy in the AM and taking my iron pill with OJ on an empty stomach and I think it's working to help my anemia.  I also have been downing loads of spinach. 

All this has enabled me to get to the gym more frequently (I'm going tomorrow, which will be the third time this week) and to get a lot of stuff done at home--cleaning, weeding, walking the dogs, and I got to go kayaking yesterday!

The kayaking was a real trip...I hooked up the trailer and loaded Bubbles in the car and off we went, just down the road to the Pachaug River, to the put-in just below the dam.  The water was running so high and so fast, we got swept downstream before I could even decide whether that was the direction I wanted to go in or not!

A bit downstream we saw some guys in a fishing boat, motoring their way back upstream.  They said there was no use fishing because the current was too strong, it was carrying their lines to places they didn't want to go. 

I should have turned around and asked them to tow us back right then and there.  Instead, we kept going the other way.   Until we met up with the TREE....the tree that was blown down across most of the stream.  The current turned us sideways and pushed us up against the tree.  I tried paddling to get past the end of the tree so we could continue downstream and couldn't manage to progress more than a few inches before we were pinned again.

Just when I thought I was going to have to call Sandy (my iPhone was in my new waterproof pouch around my neck), I got the bright idea to haul us hand over hand by pulling on branches on the tree.  Doing this I was able to pull us free of the tree and I managed to maneuver us in a quiet eddy on the other side of the stream.

That's when I decided it would be prudent to haul ass back up the river.  I have never seen the river this high and the current moving like this.  It's usually a slow float downstream and a mild effort to paddle back upstream.

Well, not on THIS trip!   I had to keep zig zagging across the current to be able to keep moving forward...and sometimes I wasn't successful at that 100% of the time.  Going under the Rte 138 bridge, we were forced backwards three times, before I finally got pissed.  I told Bubbles to hunker down in the bottom of the kayak (which she did....her nose sticking out) and I said, "Mommy has to be stronger than the river, Bub" and started paddling with all my strength. 

All I can say is I'm glad I've been working out and working the machines at the gym!  I dug deep and slowly but surely was able to fight the current and get us back to our launch spot.  Then I decided to keep going upstream to the dam.  Interesting enough, the closer we got to the dam, the easier it was to paddle...the stream is wider there and so the force of the water is not as concentrated as further downstream. 

I pulled over to the side, we got out and went for a swim up by the dam.  Bub loved it and I found it refreshing.  Then we floated downstream, put out and I loaded the kayak back on the trailer and off we went to home. 

It felt good to be out on the water in the kayak.  First time this year!  And this is after we bought the trailer for me to use to go kayaking more often!   Well, we have plans to go out on a pond somewhere this Sunday with Deanna and Lorraine.

Bubbles loved her "special time with Mommy"...she was prancing all day after we got home.  And this morning she rewarded me by killing two of my garden pond frogs!  The little crud!  Oh well, later on in the evening she finished off a mouse that Murphy had hauled up from the cellar and was just toying with...I had Sandy bring Bubbie down from upstairs to finish the deed.. Thanks Killer!

Tomorrow I'm off to the gym and then to shop for New Balance sneakers (Sue recommends them) and some cheap looking accessories for the "Trailer Trash Pool Party" we are going to at Sandy's bosses' house.  Well...his trailer.  His house burned down and they are living in a trailer...hence the Trailer Trash theme.

I'm going to wear one of my Survivor buffs as a tank top...leaving my heavily scarred and rather large belly hanging out, skimpy shorts to show off my ample thighs, and I'm going to be searching for cheap plastic sandals (hopefully with ugly flowers) and fake tattoos to apply.  Her bosses name is Mike, I wish I could find a fake tattoo that says "Mike".....I'm also going to "rat up" my hair and apply makeup liberally and then some. 

We are looking for fake cigarettes to use too.  Sandy is going to wear fleecy pj pants and a tank top...with fake BIG BOOBS....and a baseball cap. 

Oh...and the TEETH!   We will be sporting the "Billy Bob" teeth.

Are we missing anything?


PS...I'll take pics and post them here

Monday, August 8, 2011

Back from Vermont

Jean traveled with us to Vermont this weekend and I think she enjoyed the trip.  We went up Friday afternoon and got there in plenty of time to set up in the daylight.  We had a campfire that night and sat outside, enjoying the fire and chatting.

Saturday AM Sandy went to the agility seminar, taking Rocky and Truman with her...leaving us with Bubbles.  That's a piece of cake!   Jean and I dozed in our chairs outside under the awning and Bub stayed in the RV.  It was so peaceful out there, in the shade, with a nice breeze blowing, we felt like we were puddles in the chairs, we couldn't rouse ourselves awake if our lives depended on it!

In the afternoon, we hiked over to the camp office and I went swimming in the in-ground pool.   There were two birthday parties going on and lots of kids in the pool, which is why he dumped a horrific amount of chlorine in the pool I imagine.  I won't say there was a lot of chlorine in the pool, but I was afraid to open my eyes under water, I was sure my eyeballs would be burned out of my head!

It was refreshing though and I'm glad I got to cool off and get the exercise.  While I was swimming, Jean and Sandy went for ice creams...I skipped it.  That made me feel good.  I was burning calories and skipping the sweets.

That night we had another campfire...sweet.  This is the first time in a long time we've gone camping and had a fire.  It started raining and Jean and Sandy headed into the RV, but I stayed out listening to the rain drops on the awning...it was nice.  

Poor Rocky was exhausted from the seminar.  He had to do a lot of thinking which isn't exactly his forte.  He collapsed when he got back, first on the dashboard and then in the bed.  He was flat out for the duration of the weekend.

On Sunday Sandy went back for another seminar, this time Truman participated.  He and she did good...working on distance work, using only hand signals and footwork.  This is crucial as he can't hear anymore and he needs to get all his cues from her through her body motions.  Sandy learned some of the things she was doing wrong and how to correct them.  A good day!

We headed home around 3pm and got home around 5:45...not too bad, considering we got stuck in some traffic on the Mass Pike.  We decided to listen to the Garmin and take the Mass Pike, instead of going Rte 2 to 91....and we agree with her that it is shorter...you miss having to drive through East Htfd and Springfield.  I think we'll take that route from now on. 

I got up early and headed to the gym this AM.  Did some time on the elliptical, then a double round of the machines and then my stretches and home.  Had to go shopping for a new mailbox...did I forget to mention that I hit the mailbox with the RV on my way out of the driveway on Friday?   YEP!  I put the first dent/scratch/nick in the RV...it looked a lot worse than it was.  After we wiped off the scrape it doesn't look so bad.

The old me would have agonized, swore, worried and swore some more about this little incident.  The old me would have gotten all depressed and anxious about the fact that I scraped up the new RV....well, I like the new me.  I had shaken it off by the time we got to the bottom of BMW Drive....and forgot about it all weekend. 

Sandy, on the other hand, was all shook up.  I told her that was her right...but in the scheme of LIFE, this was extremely small potatoes.  It's funny how having cancer makes you change your perspective on things like that.  Why do we have to go through an experience like cancer to learn this lesson?  Dunno.

My new HD camcorder arrived and I'm figuring it out.  As soon as I have some decent video footage, I'll post it here.  Now the pressure is on to get some decent video footage....something with the dogs, yeah...that's the ticket!

Oh...and I couldn't believe all the birthday wishes I had sent to me on Facebook, in emails, cards and private messages!  It was wonderful...did a Leo like me a world of good to get all that attention!


Sunday, July 31, 2011

I can't believe that I didn't post my great news here!   I saw Dr. McCourt almost two weeks ago and she reported that my CA 125 is back down to nine and my CT scan report was about a paragraph long.  Not only that, but I "graduated"...now I only have to go for blood work and CT scans every six months instead of every three.  That was such a RELIEF and such great news. 

I was just about hyperventilating as I was driving down to the appointment.  Can't believe how anxious I was.  Even playing Srabble on the iPhone in the waiting room didn't do much to calm me down.  Now I can't believe that I let myself waste the last two months worrying about stuff that turned out to be nothing.  I'll pledge to not do that again, but I guess I just can't help it.

There is something to worry about and that is my blood.  I got my test results from Dr. Valin and it showed that I am back to being anemic again.  And some of my other blood counts, white and red cells, are low too.  So there is a reason why I have been dragging around again....I thought it was the cancer but it's not.  Hopefully, by doubling up on my iron pills and increasing my green leafy vegetable intake yet again, I can kick the anemia.

The day after my good check-up I went online and signed up for that trip to Costa Rica.  Then I called Charmine and Pat to let them know...turns out they hadn't signed up yet!  They have signed up now and their friends have too...so we are all good to go.  Charmine is scouting for the best air fares for us and I have every confidence that she will get us a decent deal. 

Now I have to work on a wardrobe that can pack in one small bag.  I'm not schlepping a bunch of luggage around Costa Rica!  I hope to have two pairs of zip-off pants, two tropic weight shirts (with SPF protection) and a light weight jacket.  Maybe my rain jacket too.  Then a couple pairs of shoes, a pair of sandals, hat, and my socks and undies...that's it.  I always over pack.  This time I refuse to do so.

It's my birthday this week and I'm getting myself a new camcorder...a HD one that is small, has memory sticks and can download movies to my computer for editing/copying.  I'm checking out the web sites for Sonys and Canons.  I have to make sure they are compatible with the Mac.  Don't want to screw that up!

Sandy and I drove up (well, Sandy drove) to Berwick Me yesterday, with Truman tagging along.  We went to Seacoast Dog Diving to check out what it's like.  We think Rocky would enjoy this activity.  The way he throws himself off the little "docks" we have in the swimming pool makes us think that he might be pretty good at dock diving.  If he can only get past all the "socializing" he feels he has to do, going to visit people around the area.

We didn't bring Rocket with us because we didn't know the lay-out of the place and how he would react.  Truman watched the other dogs jumping and quickly figured out what was going on...he was pulling Sandy to go around back to get in line with the other dogs and their handlers!  Smart guy!  He wanted that toy.  We doubt that he would actually jump if he got up to the edge of the pool...he'd probably stand there and bark at the toy in the water.

Rocky on the other hand, loves to jump!   We will see.

We also scouted out two campgrounds nearby to see if we could find a nice place to put the RV when we go up there again.  We did find a very nice one and plan to return there to camp.  We scouted out another one that was down a long, bumpy, pot-hole filled dirt road through the pines.  When we got to the campgrounds I went to the office, which we approached with some trepidation.  The whole place looked rather run-down and in need of serious repairs.  They had a pool area attached to the office.  It was enclosed but there was a huge green tarp over the roof, duct-taped together.  It looks like there was a storm and it had blown part of the tin roof away.

The stuff inside the office was ancient...those old camp stickers with the Indian-chief-wearing-a-headress kind of things....selling for a dime.  Who sells stuff for a dime nowadays?   There was an older couple in there, registering to stay for four days.  They revealed themselves as the owners of the converted Hostess Bread Truck, with the orange paint barely concealing the logo of the little girl eating the cupcake on the side. 

They were from South Carolina, she said, "Santee" and when I shared that I had lived in South Carolina, having been stationed at FT. Jackson, Columbia, she said, "the further south you go, the better off you are."  OKAAAAAAYYYY.....

Sandy told me a guy sitting at a campsite had insulted Truman, calling him "fat"...Sandy told him that Truman had gotten into the cat's food and had gained a couple of pounds.  The guy said that it looked like "he wants to eat cats."  HUH?   Sandy said, "well, he did attack a fisher cat" and the guy fell silent.  Later he commented that Truman looked like a vicious dog...Sandy told him, "yes he is."  And that's the last we heard from that guy.

We drove back through the ruts and pot holes to the main road and agreed that the other campground was more our speed. 

Now we are planning another trip back up to Berwick on the 14th, bringing Rocky to practice and see how he handles all the activity.  We will be driving the three hours up, spending a couple of hours and driving the three hours back.  Yesterday it took longer because we got caught in beach traffic on I-95.  Hopefully it won't take as long next time! 

And to think Jack used to drive from Ogunquit to Gampel Pavilion to see a game, turn around and drive back to Ogunquit in time for work!  And he did that for EVERY home game!   I realize even more what a huge fan he is.

All that riding made me sleepy and I'm still feeling it today.  Think I'll see if the Sox are on...I have to go to the Sun game tonight to cover it for sportspage.  I have a couple of hours before I have to get going.  Might as well watch some baseball.


Monday, July 18, 2011

An up and down kind of week, thus far.  Still hoping for great news on Wednesday when I Dr. McCourt.  Maybe that will get me back on the right road.

Anyway, I went to see Dr. Valin last Thursday and told him about my diarrhea woes since I drank the green smoothie.  He thinks that the kale scrubbed out all my "good gut bacteria" and told me that he was going to treat me "as if you have Montezuma's Revenge."  Well, he gave me probiotics and a Rx for levoquin, which has a thick volume of warnings that come with it.

I've been taking it since Saturday and haven't noticed much difference.  So, it looks like I'll be calling Dr. Sansone again, hoping to get that miracle stuff she gave me last time.  That stuff did the trick!

Charmine and Pat stopped by yesterday on the way home from the beach (lucky ducks) and told us about a planned trip to Costa Rica, a place I have wanted to see for years.  There are rain forests in Costa Rica.  I invited myself to the trip and they told me the web site to check out the details.  I guess they don't really want me to come with them....the website was bogus.  It was about trips in England! WHAT!  They really want to get rid of me!

I don't blame them.  I can be a pain in the ass.  I know it.

Work has been great and lots of fun.  The scenario is very interesting and thought-provoking for the students.  I enjoy doing it.  This could end up being my "signature piece" for my stage career.

We are planning another trip to Dummerston VT coming up in early August.  This time we will drag Jean along, to get her "seasoned" on RV life.   Since she is coming with us to Nova Scotia, she needs to get acclimated.

Sandy also announced that she wants us to go to Las Vegas for a weekend to see Shania Twain.  Sandy is all hooked on Shania after watching a reality show that featured her, her family and her voice.  I don't mind going back to Vegas...we went years ago when I was very heavy, hot and not in shape to walk around and really check things out.  I'd love to go back and see the sights, especially the CSI labs!  HA HA!!
So, we will go to Vegas next year.

Maybe I'll run down to Reno too and visit the crew at police headquarters, Lt. Jim Dengle, Raneisha Williams, Trudy, et al....I miss them.

We are going to head back to Maine with Jean in September and will stay at Moody Beach Campground where we stayed this Spring.  Jack is trying to organize a group of folks to tandem parachute jumps sometime in September and maybe it will be when we are up there.  I'm toying with the idea of doing it.  

Truman had his annual dental work last week and as usual, it was nail-biting time.  When he leaves with Sandy I always tell him I love him and give him a kiss, just in case he doesn't come out of the anesthesia.  As he gets older, we get more nervous about it.  He gets a cardiac work-up before he goes and won't have the treatment if the tests don't come out right...but still we worry.  We did lose Trinculo years ago following a dental procedure. She came out of the anesthesia all right, but died a few minutes later.

Anyway, TMan did well and the doctor said it was his best check-up to date!  He also said that he thinks that having titanium teeth may have saved Truman's life during that fisher cat attack.  I can't say I don't agree with him.

Oh, today Howard had Gaga on the air with him....awesome interview!   I appreciate her music more now.  She sang two songs and both of them were maybe in the top five performances I've ever heard on the show.

Now I have to go hack into someone's cell phone and listen to their private messages...who knows, maybe it will be yours!???.......

Think on that....


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

 Back from another trip in "Jacks in a Box"...this time we went to Vermont for an agility trial.  We headed out Friday, me behind the wheel and the rain pouring down...and the lightning flashing everywhere.  Funny, Bubbles doesn't mind a thunderstorm when she is riding in the car.

This time we moved Bubbles and Rocky's kennels.  We strapped them in on the bench seat at the dining room table, facing forward.  They had been riding strapped down on the floor, under the table--riding sideways.  It seemed to bother them. So, we tried this new way.  Rocky still barked a bit on the way up and less so on the way home.  Bubbles didn't fuss at all.  So, I think we are onto something.

The weather was gorgeous up there.  Not too hot at night, which was good because we didn't have electric hook-up at the site and couldn't run the generator at night.  We slept with the windows open.  It was warm, but not too warm.

Well, Sandy slept good.  I, on the other hand, was getting shoved around by Rocky and bullied by Bubbles on Saturday night, so I did what any self-respecting dog owner would do, I got my ass out of bed and went out to sleep on the couch!   It was very comfy and there was a nice cool breeze blowing out there, much cooler than in the bedroom.  I slept like a log.

I ran Bubbles in two events over the weekend.  That's enough for her.  She did good...she qualified in both and took second place in both!  She actually ran a bit faster for me too!  

Rocky is still too overwhelmed with all the goings on around the ring.  He leaves Sandy out there and goes to visit everyone and it takes some coaxing to get him back.  The result:  no ribbons for Rocky!   We are going to continue to work with him to see if he can settle down.  But we also realize that maybe agility is just not his "thing."  We are willing to have him try other things to see if he might enjoy them more and be more relaxed doing them...like dock diving, lure coursing, etc.  But we also have to be careful about the potential stress on his bones, given the fact that he was hit by a car and heavily damaged in the past.

We really like the campground up there and decided to return in August, bringing Jean with us.  Sandy will go to an agility seminar in the mornings on Sat and Sun and Jean and I can hang out with the dogs.  They have nice walking paths, that Bubbles loves and it's nice and cool in the woods.  They also have a swimming pool that I have never been in, but in August I will go for a dip, at least.  I think we will have a nice relaxing time.

We reserved the site before we left to come home.  We got a double site, with a fire ring and water and electricity hook-up.  We will have a camp fire--something we haven't done in ages.

Speaking of things we haven't done in ages....Sandy announced that next year we are going to go back to Nova Scotia, bringing Jean with us.  I can't wait!   We already figured out how we will see the Highlands without having to drive the RV on all the mountains....we will tow the car and use it to travel through the Highlands.  We can park the RV at Cheticamp or some place like that, roam out and about in the Camry and return to the RV to sleep.

We love Nova Scotia and I have to say that we could live there quite happily.  It's a lovely place, the people are fabulously friendly and we have nothing but good things to say about it all.  We are looking forward to hiking in Keji again, seeing the Highlands, hoping to catch a glimpse of moose and watching the dogs and Jean see the beautiful places we love.  And, oh!  That seafood chowder!

Now I'm watching the All Star game...it's official, I'm a baseball geek.  They showed a great ad for Simon Cowell's new show...The X Factor and the ad alone has made me want to watch it.  Simon is so wickedly clever and right on...I miss him.

Love Papi!  And that kid of his is very talented, doing all those impersonations.  He's onto something there.  Oops!  Papi just whiffed.

Okay....time to sign off...enough meandering...except....tonight my tv show guest failed to show.  I was just going to go into the studio and tell Ellen that we couldn't do the show when who drives up?  Janet!  I said "BINGO"....Janet and I can bullshit our way through an hour!  And sure enough, that's exactly what we did!  It was a great show actually.  Sandy even said so.   So there!  Janet saved the day!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Birthday to Us!

I didn't sit on the jury, didn't hear the evidence and don't have an opinion.  Lots of other folks seem to feel they have some inside poop though. What is it about this case that has created such a stir in the US?  You would think it was a sporting event, the way people were fighting for seats, the tv coverage, etc.

Watching the Sox beat the Jays....and feeling great.  I worked out today, came home and took the doggies for a swim in the pool, nice!  Then I loaded up Truman and Rocket and went to Backus to pick up Sandy.  We took the dogs to Deb Saunders for their PT appointments and then hit Harry's on the way home.  I had a hot lobster roll that was fabulous!  The best around I swear.

I'm feeling pretty good lately.  I started the green smoothie routine and have lost three pounds in the past week.  Nice!   I decided that my system can't handle using kale in the smoothie thought...too much roughage for my delicate constitution.  I've been spending my nights in the bathroom again.  Can't afford to get back into that routine.  I guess I'll have to stick to spinach (yum), lettuce, parsley and other green leafy things for now.

We are headed to Dummerston VT this weekend, for an agility trial.  We love going up there, it's at a campground so we can park the RV right near the ring...so convenient.  We'll be seeing some old pals up there and Hopie said maybe she and Mary would come down to visit.  Hopie is an old Army buddy and we were recently reunited via Facebook after not hearing from each other since the mid 80's!  I love Facebook for that reason...I have been reunited with so many old friends...it's wonderful.

Speaking of old friends, I went to our class reunion Saturday night with my cousin Fran.  It was WONDERFUL being out on the town with Fran again.  We used to hang out all the time when we were kids, I've missed her so.   We saw quite a few old friends from our class and the class before us, who shared their reunion with our class.  I saw people I haven't seen since we graduated...in 1967!   We didn't have a huge turnout and I hope we can do it again next year for our "real" reunion.  It will be our 45th!  It doesn't seem real.

Anyway, had lots of laughs with old friends and caught up with quite a few of them.  We had a great time and closed the place down...well, not really, but we were among the diehards who stayed late.  It was a wonderful evening.

No fireworks next door this year, thanks to Carol who spoke to them about how we feel about the annual celebration.  They would shoot off fireworks and we would have to close all windows, run the AC and put the tv up loud...oh, and pull all the blinds....to decrease the stimulation for Bubbles.  She would be beside herself all night.  Carol and Mark would have to put their dogs in the car and ride around for two hours until the celebration was over.

The next day the neighbor would come into our yard and pick up all the pieces of cardboard from the fireworks to be a "good neighbor"....you should see the size of the stuff they would pick up!  Big hunks of stuff.  Last year I was out on the deck and heard this big THUNK...it was a big piece of cardboard  hitting our glass table on the deck!   I thought it would break the glass!

So, this year cooler heads prevailed and we are grateful for that.  There were some stray booms from other neighbors and it freaked Bub out, but at least the explosions weren't right next door!

Now my tummy is upset...ugh.   I am very tired, I think that makes me sick.  When will I learn?  Never.

Time to shut off the computer and go up to bed.  Early.  I need to do this more often.  No more staying up to midnight.

Nighty night!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

By Popular Demand.....

Happy Birthday Birgitta!

Pam wrote and inquired when I was going to do another blog post as I  haven't been too faithful.  I seem to be on a once a week schedule.

Worked this week, doing a new "scenario"...medical error.   The student has made an error which resulted in me being admitted to the hospital.  They have to admit the error, apologize and tell me that their system to make sure that it never happens again.  Well, they are not recognizing that the scenario says that THEY made the mistake, they are saying that someone in the practice made an error...it's all very interesting.  And, they aren't too good about coming up with a plan of correction.

I used to have to submit Plans of Correction when the Health Dept would inspect the homes and find deficiencies.  We had to develop systems to insure that the deficiency wouldn't happen again.  These students need to learn how to do that.

I point out to them that a lot of folks, when they sue, make the statement, "I'm not doing it for myself, I'm doing it to prevent this from happening to someone else."  Hence the importance of telling the person what you are going to do to accomplish this!  No brainer...

It is an interesting case though and it is a curve that the students are not expecting.

I'll be working two days a week for the next couple of months.  Nice.   I'm also working Monday on a different case, one I've done in the past, but I can barely remember.  I'll have to brush up on it tomorrow.

Got a bad fingernail, again.  This happened the last time I weeded out back, I got an infected nail.  I weeded again the other night and lo and behold, the same nail comes up infected.  It's all hot, red, swollen and, unfortunately, filled with pus.  UGH!   I went on line to find out what to do and guess what?  It was exactly as Sandy told me!  Ha!  I'm hoping the home remedy works and I don't have to make a trip to the doctor.  I don't have time next week for that.  It does make typing difficult with a big bandaid on your finger.

Went for my CA 125 test Monday and haven't heard a peep from them about the results.  I went to have this test before the three months was up because the last test was elevated a bit--although still within normal limits.  Still 16 is a bit more than the 2 that I had been at for some time.  Anyway, I'm not calling to get the results--bad mojo I think.   I'll wait until July 20 when I go back to the doctor, because that's how I roll through life.

Bob and Mike came down for dinner Wednesday and we were so happy to see them.   We had a great time, talking talking talking...as we are wont to do whenever we get together.  We showed off the RV and they may the appropriate cooing noises.  Mike was telling me lots about green smoothies which he and Bob prepare at home.  I like the sounds of the whole thing and will be looking into buying a good blender and then stocking up on spinach, kale, etc.   Trudy used to call me and beg me to eat green leafy vegetables as they are great cancer fighters.  Well, they are great for a lot of things and I'm going to get with the program.  I want to increase my fruit and veggie intake, per Michelle Obama's orders, and a smoothie is a good way to get both!

So, thank you Mike!

Our neighbors are already preparing a huge launch area for their illegal fireworks for next weekend.  UGH!   Bubble freaks out, we have to keep all the windows closed and the AC on...pull all the blinds, turn on the lights and turn up the volume on the TV.  The light show next door goes on for about two hours!   The next day they come through our yard and pick up debris....large hunks of cardboard from the works.  Unbelievable.   Carol and Mark have to take Porter out for a ride while this is going on...he can't stand the noise and lights.  They were going to talk to the guy to tell him not to do it, but I don't know if they did.

Last year I let him know how much it affected our dogs and their dogs, but that doesn't seem to faze him.  If someone had told me what I told him, I'd feel horrible and I would never do it again.  Not this guy.

I think we will be calling the cops.

The governor is going to be starting the layoffs.  I'm sure I will know people who will be losing their jobs.  So sad.  The deal he was offering was not that onerous, I don't understand why some union folks would rather see their co-workers lose their jobs.   I think they think it won't affect them...they will be wrong.  Everyone is affected by lay-offs.   I was a manager and I hated lay-offs.   It caused such heartache and pain for everyone involved.   The job picture in CT is going to look bleaker.  Who knows, maybe I'll be one of the ones who gets a lay-off notice.   I am a state employee after all.

On that note I'll sign off and go back to concentrating on the Sox game...they are losing.  I'm beginning to dislike these interleague games.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'm watching hockey for the first time in my life since the famous USA over Russia game in the Olympics...so many years ago.  But this year the Bruins are in the finals and the games have been interesting.  Maybe as I age I don't mind the lack of scoring....I can appreciate the battle going on between the two goalies; I don't always need ACTION and SCORES.  Whatever...it's been fun watching it.

We had early Father's Day last weekend.  Maria came down Friday and we went up to get Bob and Wini on Saturday to come to the house to stay over.  Saturday I took Wini clothes shopping at Kohl's--her first time in the store.  I got her to try on crop pants which she swore she would never wear...well, she bought a pair of them.  It was hard finding her size...she's an 8 or 10 petite.  We found some tops and two pairs of pants.

Maria stayed at the house with Bob, who was happy to see Wini when we returned.  I don't think he was always remembering where he was and who Maria was.  He did all right though.

Steve came on Sunday and we all went back to Kohls after having a "picnic lunch" to buy sneakers for Bob.  Steve and Maria helped Bob pick out some walking shoes that look fashionable.  Oh, Maria and I took Bob and Wini to church in the AM, dropped them off, went to the flea market and then it was time to go pick them up again.  Bob looked spiffy some of the new clothes I got him, new slacks and nice blue and with striped shirt.  He insists on wearing a suit coat.  Oh well....it's what he wants.

Saturday night Bob got out of bed after a particularly close lightning strike.  I heard him and Wini talking and then he opened our bedroom door and then closed it.  I went out and found him confused in the bedroom and Wini was trying to talk to him.  When he saw me he seemed to realize that he wasn't home.  I took him in the bathroom as I thought that's what he was looking for.  He told me he wanted to go to sleep...so I took him back into bed, tucked him in and kissed him on the head-told him nighty night.  Didn't hear a peep out of him the rest of the night.  Poor guy.  Wini said he was sitting in my office chair out in the hall as he didn't know what door to go into, all of them were closed.

Wini still doesn't accept how impaired Bob's memory is.  She has very unrealistic expectations and gets upset when Bob doesn't remember or is unable to do what she wants.  I told her that even though it mostly means that she is going to have to do tasks herself, it is easier for her to do them then it is to expect Bob to be able to do them.  She agreed....let's see if she remembers.  I don't think she will.

One thing I'll say about hockey, you can write an entry in a blog like this while you are watching the game...it's like baseball in that regard I guess.

We got the RV back from the shop yesterday.  It's great seeing it out in the driveway again.  I vacuumed it out, put sheets on the bed and got the fridge started up today.  We are taking it to Greenfield MA this weekend for an agility trial.  Hope it doesn't rain...it seems like everytime we go to Greenfield there are wicked t-storms.

Rocky killed a squirrel in the yard today.  He's not that good at killing things efficiently...he grabbed it by the tail and shook it.  It didn't die and he went nuts on it...shaking it.  I was hoping Bubbie would take it from him...she knows how to kill things swiftly, silently and efficiently.  Rocky will learn.  I finally got them to come in the yard and I went out and got the poor thing and dumped it in the trash.  It was a big 'un.

Therapy appointment and work tomorrow.  Then home to pack up for Friday's trip.   FUN FUN FUN!


Monday, June 6, 2011

Trial weekend. Well, Sandy had a trial weekend. I stayed home on Saturday with Bubbles and then she and I joined Sandy and the boys at the trial yesterday. It was fun watching the boys run again and seeing some old friends I haven't seen in awhile.

Saturday Bub and I slept until almost 11! WOW! I felt like a slug from all that so I got busy as soon as my feet hit the floor. Cleaned and did laundry. Then I took Bub for a walk in the neighborhood. When we got back I threw on my workout clothes, kenneled her and headed out for the gym.

I did a good 50 minute workout and then my stretches. Put up Ovarian Cancer flyers in the locker room and then hit the road.

Went up to Colchester to deliver two huge trash bags filled with Husky memorabilia. Old posters, megaphones, media guides for UConn and the Big East and a basketball autographed by Rebecca Lobo and Big Girl. Actually, it was originally autographed by the entire 94-95 championship team, but the other autographs wore off over the years. Now I know that you have to apply a fixative to keep the ink from fading.

I took the bags to Lisa's house and dropped them off with Drew. Lisa's granddaughter is going to be the beneficiary of all this treasure. She is four now I think and already a huge Husky fan.

It felt good to be ridding myself of all this stuff and having it go to a good home. It also felt good to see Drew again and on the way back I swung by Charmine's and visited with her...that was good too.

Then it was go home, shower, change and get out to the Sun for the game. Good game, Sun beat the Mystics in fine fashion. Home again, wrote up my game article and then tried to sleep.

Bad night. My stomach was very upset---reflux to the max---probably from the decaff coffee I had at the game. I won't be doing that again.

I had to OD on Pepcid in order to get the acid under control and then I could sleep. Got up at 5:45 to get ready to hit the road with Sandy and the dogs to go to N. Smithfield for the agility trial.

Bad night again last night and I am getting sick of this. Don't know why the bowels are in an uproar again...maybe the reflux, maybe something else, but I have to get this back under control. I hate the multiple trips to the can all night long...losing so much sleep.

Looks like we are going to have great weather next weekend for Maria, Bob and Wini's trip to our house. YAY! We will be having Father's Day early here and I can't wait. It's going to get very very hot mid week and I'm glad I have no obligations during the day on those days. I can sit in the AC and stay cool.

Think I'll hit the gym again tomorrow. I felt so good after my workout Saturday...the best I've felt in a loooooong time. Hoping to reproduce that feeling.

I'm enjoying the Sarah Palin Comedy Road Show. That trip to the Old North Church was a winner. Looking forward to future stops and her take on history. It's all so entertaining. She's earning every penny she's getting for this trip. Who is paying for it I wonder. She has to be getting paid, she doesn't do anything for free.

Life is good, Sox are on a roll, I have my laptop back, the pups are all lovey-dovey and I'm going to get to spend time with the majority of my family this week.


Friday, June 3, 2011

Got my laptop back from the shop...it "only" cost me $400+ and another $18 for a keyboard protector. Should have purchased the latter when I bought the laptop...would have saved me the $400+

It's good to have the laptop back, and just in time for tomorrow night's CT Sun season opener. I just got the news that they picked up Jessica Moore! That means they have Tina, Jess, Renee, Asjha and KG...five former Huskies. Who's next? Ashley Battle? I think it's cool that they are getting all the Huskies here...they certainly know how to play the game. J Mo will be a great compliment to Tina under the basket.

Went to the therapist yesterday and talked a lot about how Sandy and I interact--the problem part of it anyway. Had a good session and talked about it a bit with Sandy last night. There was some hollering and fussing, but we came away with some mutual agreements and understandings...good talk. I'm trying to change how I interact and I realize that I hold too much in and then shut down...not good for resolving things.

Today I was going to go to the gym but the weather was so nice I stayed home and puttered around outside with the dogs. Just left them for the time it took to run down to New London to get the laptop at the shop. It was gorgeous out there.

Oh, I did work in my "office" a bit more and got more stuff squared away, dumped, recycled or stashed neatly away. I still have some boxes of pictures I need to go through with the family; some work pictures and a couple boxes of "toys"....gadgets I had in my old office when I was working. I'll see if Maria wants some of it to sell on Etsy.

Otherwise I think I'll end up recycling the whole lot.

I got a new pump for the pond. A small one, just to use to help with aeration. The pond is looking kind of scummy. We may need to drain it and clean it. We did it the year we moved here, but that was four years ago! Time to clean it I think.

The tornado the other night was so scary. I was watching on Channel 3. They do the best job of keeping people informed. I was disappointed though with that Lt. Vance (or whatever rank he is) of the State Police. He was asked about what advice the State Police had for people who might be out on the roads when a tornado hit and all he did was reiterate the advice Channel 3 was posting about get in the basement, away from windows and put a mattress over you. Hey, how about telling people to get out of their cars, seek cover in a ditch, avoid highway overpasses, etc.? Stupid.

Anyway, I am very familiar with the areas they were showing on the news where the tornado hit. We travel that way when we go to the Big E. It was eery seeing familiar sights, with trees and cars all blown all over the place.

We didn't get the storm. I could hear thunder off in the distance when it was hitting Plainfield, but it barely rained here. Maria said the lightning was awful. Multiple strikes at once and it just kept on coming.

I have a little dog curled up on my lap and it feels soooooooo good.

I went to Bob's on Wednesday and cleaned some more in his room, then went shopping for clothes for him. He had no summer shirts, needed underwear and socks and I also got him some slacks as he has gained weight and his pants don't fit him now. I'm glad he has put on some weight, he needed to.

Wini and I had a good talk and we came up with a plan to provide her with some relief. She was very honest and open with me and I told her I appreciate it. I need her to be that way with me. I told her we don't want her going downhill...if it is too hard, she needs to let us know so we can help. She promised she would. She also told me that she would let me know when she can't do it anymore.

She told me that Bob told her "when I can't live here anymore, I'll go live with Ann." That's a plan, as long as he doesn't try to pet Truman and Bubbles gets used to him!

Watching the Sox now and hoping that they can turn their latest fortunes around. They haven't been doing too good.

The little dog just snuggled in more on my lap and then heaved the little sigh....I love it when he does that.

Okay, I'm off now to watch the game.