Monday, August 6, 2012

"Quick" update.   Work on the bathroom seems like it's taking forever, but in reality it's "only been a month."  Of course, I had totally unrealistic expectations of it taking two weeks.  Cue loud, maniacal laughter....

We've been glued to the Olympics.  Have enjoyed seeing the runners and the bball team (women).  Sandy wants to run she did in high school.  She has been reading a lot about it and talking a lot about it, but I don't really see her running anywhere.  I'm trying to encourage her to come to the gym with me, I need a gym buddy and maybe that will get her jump started.

She should go running with Rocky again.  He loved it and she did too.  I think I will push her to take him out some time this week.

I, of course, have no desire to run or do anything that involves sweating a lot.  I would be happy to be able to get to the gym and workout again.  I haven't been in some time due to the gut problems, first the runs and then the pains.  Now it's the fatigue that keeps me from going.

Sandy got me some stuff called "Gripe Water"'s for babies with colic, hiccups etc.  I took the adult dose and it really helped with my abdominal pains!   It's $10 a bottle and worth every penny!  Can't believe that something so simple has helped so's so nice to not walk around in pain all the time.

Where the hell did they get the name Gripe Water though?  I don't get it.  It's composed of ginger, fennel and bicarbonate of soda.  Weird.  I'm not griping about it, mind you, just find it curious.

Okay, signing off....USA USA USA!!!