Thursday, September 3, 2009

Big Moon

Can't remember when I last posted. Sandy was off most of this week, so we did some stuff. Tuesday night we had Carol and Mark over for steak, corn from Sandy's garden and Sandy's great red potatoes cooked on the grill. I got sick, actually, sicker after I ate and ended up in the tub of hot water, trying to get my stomach to calm down.

That didn't work. My stomach had been bothering me since Sunday. Yesterday I had to go see the doctor anyway for my check up prior to chemo. I had to go a week early as there were no appointments available next week.

It's just as well I went yesterday. Saw Dr. McCourt...another new doctor--for me. She's very nice as all of them in that practice are. When she palpated my abdomen I came up off the table with the pain...and I'm usually quite stoic at the doctor's office. She doesn't know what it is and wanted me to go for a CT scan to have it checked. She and I think it's something with my stomach...not the cancer coming back.

I couldn't stand the thought of drinking that crap on top of how my stomach felt, so I told her I wanted to see how it goes. She told me to call and let her know if I wanted the test.

I felt a bit better this AM and went to pick up Lynne for our long-delayed trip to Ikea and to Lenny and Joe's for lobster that I had promised her for her birthday way back in July! We had a great time shopping at Ikea and then we got to the restaurant, after a nice, leisurely drive down Rte 1. They don't sell whole lobsters until after 5:00, so we each had a lunchtime special...the hot buttered lobster on a roll, with french fries and cole slaw.

I felt pretty good walking around Ikea, but at the end the weight of my shopping bag was starting to pull on my abdominal muscles, which made my stomach start hurting again. I kept getting twinges off and on the ride home and at the restaurant. By the time I dropped Lynne off and drove home, my stomach was back where it was yesterday. So, as I promised Lynne and Sandy, I called the doctor and told them I wanted a CT scan. Of course that was 3pm and now it's after 8pm and no one has called me back, so I guess I'll call again tomorrow. Hopefully I can get scanned tomorrow or Saturday and they can figure out what the hell this is.

I have a feeling and so does Lynne and Carol that this may be adhesions. It does feel like my stomach or something near is is very inflamed. Of course Bubbles and Rocky manage to jump on me and land on the worst spot for pain. Not fun.

The good news I got yesterday was that my latest CA 125 test showed that my cancer level dropped even THREE! YAY!! I am three away from my goal of zero...which most people say can't be accomplished.

We were supposed to go to the Woodstock Fair tomorrow...I guess those plans are foiled by my abdomen...oh was going to be expensive anyway.

I'm going to enjoy the moon tonight and the sun tomorrow. And maybe fit a CT scan in the schedule.

Nighty night!