Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Busy busy busy

Yesterday I worked at UConn...doing the "groin pain" gig. When I got there in the AM they asked if I could work the afternoon session too--on a case I had never done before--a "bad news" case. I said "SURE!"

I saw the video on the case during my lunch hour and then I got to go over it briefly with Jan, who I was teamed up with. This is the first time that I've worked with another Standardized Patient in the room with me. The scenario is this: Jan is the wife and I am the guy's sister-we were told by the police that he had been in an accident and we should go to the ER. The students have to come in and break the news to us that he's dead.

It's a great case and a lot of fun...if you don't think about the bad news aspect of it too much. Jan is great as the "widow"...she even cries if the student is really compassionate. I won't say anything about the students...most of them did an excellent job. One student though...well, suffice it to say I laughed my ass off on the way home.

I don't mind doing this case, it's alot less onerous than the old depression case I used to do. So, when they asked me if I could come work it again on Wednesday afternoon, I was truly bummed that I couldn't due to a doctor's appointment. Then they asked me if I could work Friday afternoon...but I have chemo on Friday AM...I think it would be pushing it to drive all the way from Providence and work in the afternoon.

Then, this morning the doctor's office called...whoever made the appt for me made a mistake, he doesn't do appts in the afternoon, he's in surgery then. So they rescheduled me to 10am and I called UConn and told them that I could work! YAY!

Saw my old neighbor Todd today at Stop and Shop, he brought me up to speed on the old neighborhood--Gary moved, Darrell moved out, etc. Then I went up to the old 'hood to drop off stuff to Trudy and got filled in on the rest of it. I hate to say it but the place looks very dilapidated now. Not our old house...they are keeping that up nicely...but several of the houses look bad. The house they are trying to sell sits vacant, someone broke the garage windows out. Darrell's house looks like a frat house with bottles, etc spilling out onto the lawn.

I told Sandy all of the above and we agree that we are very lucky that we moved. 'nuff said.

Well, I have to get ready for a Relay for Life meeting tonight. Last meeting before the big event.

Oh, I got a message from Katie that she may be coming to visit with the kids the week of June 6-11th. I have to call her to find out about this. This is very exciting news! I haven't ever met Timmy and of course baby Lera yet and the last time I saw Mariah I think she was three or so! And of course that was the last time I saw Katie too. Can't wait to see them and spend some time together. We'll have to take them around to see the sights.

Okay, enough...gotta run.

Nighty night.