Monday, March 21, 2011

Long time no write. I'm thinking maybe this blog has run it's course....I'll keep posting at least until after my next check-up...which by the way I am having the same old trouble scheduling the CT scan for that visit! I have to stop typing now and call them again....

Okay...I just called...nope they haven't recieved the fax for the order YET! I have been going at this since last WEDNESDAY!! I just texted Sandy and told her that I'm not going to arrange anything...if they want me to have a fucking CT scan, they can call ME!!

There...that made me feel better. I'm sick of people who can't/won't do their fucking jobs.

Speaking of jobs...I've been working....helping the Baton Boys with their tv show, working at UConn...picking up three days next month...and working for the Big East tournament and the CIAC high school championships this weekend. I was supposed to go to UConn yesterday to cover the first round games up there, but I got the diarrhea again Saturday night, spent the night on the potty and was in no shape yesterday to drive anywhere, let alone sit for hours.

I have been piling the weight on again, and I'm not sure I know what that is entirely about. I acknowledge that I have been eating more...but I don't think that would account for all the weight, but I hope that I'm fooling myself. No bloat, so that's a good thing!

Anyway, we are going to Disney and I had to admit that I can't fit into a lot of my clothes from last summer...and the other day I had to go buy some larger sized slacks and jeans. OUCH!
Oh well...if the cancer does come back at least I'll have some pounds to lose before I get into the danger zone! I will have "stores!" Ha haaaaa

We are busy getting ready for Disney. Since we have rented a villa, with two outdoor patios, a king sized bed, queen sized sofa bed, kitchen, laundry, whirlpool and other amenities, we are SUPER PSYCHED! We are packing light...since we can wash clothes if we need to. My bag weighs only 21 lbs! We have purchased the meal plan, which provides lunch and dinner, snacks and drinks, and will go to the store to lay in breakfast supplies. I'm toting a bag of coffee because I can just imagine how much they charge for a bag of coffee at the Disney store! Sandy is bringing her tea...and I have my "tea to go" packs to add to water for my drinks.

We plan to hit the workout room a lot while we are there, to try to get into a routine. Also going to use the pool a lot and go to the water parks a few days. It is going to be 89 down there on Friday, so it should be hot enough for a swim.

We are so excited about this trip, our sixth trip to Disney, but our first trip down there alone. No Jean, Maria, Audge, kids, etc.....we enjoyed those trips, but it will be great to be there alone.

Oh, we are toting our laptops with us this we can keep up with Cityville...ha ha! Don't want those crops to rot! I'll try to blog our activities every once in awhile. We'll be taking pictures with our toting cameras this time.

We are going to get butter beers at Harry Potter world and I may spring for a wand from Olivanders for Sandy. She could use one I'm sure.

The new RV is safely parked in Jean's driveway. We had one little "incident" when Sandy got the cord for the awning jammed up in the works and we couldn't put it up or down. It was stuck part way open. She agonized over it all night, but the next day we heard that a lot of people with RVs have done similar things with their awnings and we got lots of suggestions. One of them worked. YAY! So now we know what to do.

We took the rig out Friday night to the Crystal Mall. Sandy wanted us to practice driving in parking lots. Well, all she did was drive it to the Mall, pull into two parking spaces (to see how much room it takes up and to see if she could get it between the lines. Then she turned the reins over to me. I too, pulled into a parking spot...coming closer to perfect than she did (polishing my nails now) and then I showed off by driving it down the aisle in the parking lot and making the tight turn at the end of the row into the adjacent row. Sandy was impressed. She did not want to try it.

We are planning our first trip-on Easter weekend to the Chester Fairgrounds for our agility club's trial. We'll park there near our other RV buddies, who will be available to help if we have problems. They expect us to conduct tours of the new "home" and told us they also expect us to make them a lobster dinner! WHAT?!

We are going to get an estimate of how much it will cost to have a paved "pad" put in our yard off the driveway for the RV, so we can keep it here. When we get back from Florida I'll call the guy who did our driveway in Norwich. He did a good job on that and on sealing our current driveway, without gouging us like some of the other guys around here.

We still can't believe that we have the's like a dream. I think after we take a trip or two it will sink in. And it will be fun.

Okay...I'm going to bite the bullet and call about that damned CT scan again. Wish me luck!