Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas is over and it was very good.  I am glad it's over though, I was quite tired through most of it and last week some kind of infection settled in my right cheek and got worse through out the weekend.  I have an appt for tomorrow to see my nurse.  I suppose I will go back on antibiotics to get rid of it. 

Maybe this is what has been taking my sense of taste away.  I hope so...I hope it isn't the chemo.  Of course, if I don't get my ability to taste back, it might help me with the diet!

Maria arrived Friday at Mohegan Sun.  I picked her up and off we went to Lazizah for lunch.  I had the tuna wrap which is absolutely yummy...and on the diet too, as they use lemon instead of mayo.  I picked up hummus and other goodies for Saturday and got the pies I ordered and then we were on the road to Stop and Shop.

Of course, S&S was packed!  With two of us running around the store, we were able to finish and be out of there fairly quickly.  I picked up a Boar's Head ham to cook and got the roasted turkey breasts I had ordered from the deli--hint to all....the turkey breasts at S&S are a cheap, easy way to feed guests! 

We came home and cooked the ham.  Maria made a great glaze for it with brown sugar, Swedish dark mustard and apricot preserves.  That cooked up in no time.  I sure wish Sandy could eat ham...I love it and would make it more often if she did.

Saturday AM we got up a little late and got to work after breakfast, setting stuff out and then Sandy and Maria left to go get Bob and Wini.  I stayed home and dusted and vacuumed downstairs.  Folks started arriving after noon and we were off in holiday mode!

Roxie, Andrew and Virginia, Steve, Audrey, Luke (and Bingo the puppy); Bob and Wini, Maria, Jean, Frank and Sandy and me...nice group.  We missed seeing Phil and Austin, but they had their own party to prepare and Phil is on crutches, so he wasn't coming down here. 

We had Bob and Wini open their gifts first after we all ate.  They had to be back to Putnam by 3:00 so they would have a chance to nap before it was time to go out again to Wini's son's house.  Bob didn't seem to get what the gifts were, but he enjoyed himself and Wini appreciated the gifts.   Then Sandy drove them back home with Jean going along for the ride.

Then the rest of us dove into our gifts.  It was great having the gang there showing what they got for presents.  The puppy got passed around from lap to lap...she is so sweet.  She laid on my lap and fell asleep!   She certainly will be accustomed to lots of noise...if she can sleep with that group...

I got pretty tired and sick feeling shortly into the gathering...so I pretty much stayed in the recliner and let Roxie and Sandy do the work.  I am so lucky to have them!  I get pissed at how tired I get and if I let it go too far, I feel so yucky.  I am sick of it!  HA!

Tomorrow I have my first appointment with the personal trainer.  I'm going to be looking for her to come up with a daily routine I can do at home to get myself energized.  Also a good stretching program, so I can get maximum benefit from any workout I do.  Stretching after exercise is so critical and I want to get the most out of it. 

I don't usually make New Year's resolutions, but since I am in therapy it doesn't hurt to set a "therapy goal" for this year...I am going to work on how I say things to people....it has come to my attention more and more that I come across too strong in a negative manner.  I'm going to work on that.  I think that would be beneficial to others and to me.  I don't intend to hurt people's feelings, but apparently I frequently do...and that's not good.  I am also going to work on responding in a better manner when people "push my buttons. "  I studied some of my family dynamics this weekend and identified how some people do things that illicit a negative response in me. 

It's funny that it has taken me until I'm 62 to do these things, but better late than never.  Faith-my therapist-is going to salivate over this stuff....sometimes she is too agreeable with me...she tends to "take my side" in things I bring up and I'm going to tell her to push back on me more. 

Okay, enough of the long term goals, I have a short term goal I need to achieve:  get out of my new pj's and get the house cleaned!   Oh, and make some turkey soup in the crock pot...using the leftover meat and the bones....YUM!