Saturday, March 6, 2010

Don't know why, but I could not sleep last night. Stayed up until 3am, listening to the police band on my iPhone, eavesdropping on all the crime in Eastern CT.

I slept until 1pm this afternoon. Got up and had my breakfast on the deck, lounging in the I've wanted to do for what seems like ages! It was great, reading the paper out there, getting a little tan on my bald head!

Speaking of my head, Sandy told me yesterday that the back of my head has black fuzz on it. The top of my head and the sides (that I can see) is white fuzz. So, my hair looks like Bob Miller's hair. He is white on top and black on the sides and back. I held up a mirror and checked out the back last night in the big mirror. Sandy is absolutely right. I have black hair!b

I always did have black hair in the back, but you couldn't see it because it was underneath the blond. I hope the blond comes back to cover it this time too. I don't want to look like the Jack Russells!

I don't know if I've mentioned it here...I believe I have, but I have this "thing" that happens to me over the past few years. I will think about someone (usually in the middle of the night) someone who I haven't thought of in a long time. A few days later I find out that they have died...usually within hours before I had thought of them.

Well, Wednesday night, when I had to come downstairs in the middle of the night because I couldn't sleep, I dozed off for a little bit in the recliner. When I woke up, I suddenly thought of Norma Dallaire. This really scared me as I haven't thought of her for awhile. I had seen her house listed in the real estate magazine for sale last year and didn't know if she had sold the house and moved.

I told Sandy about she would be my witness that I had had this thought about Norma.

Today I'm reading the obituaries and I grazed over this one woman's obit. Something told me to go back and read I did. I noticed the name of her first husband, Joe Dallaire....she was Norma's mother-in-law!!! And guess when she died? Wednesday....hours before I thought of Norma! I am SO RELIEVED...but totally mystified as to why this happens with me. It has happened a few times already and I don't know what it's all about.

I had another (less important) thought the other day. I was trying to remember when was the last time we bought potatoes. It was last summer, when I bought them for Roxie to make potato salad for our Open House. And I can't remember the time before then that we bought them.

And yet, we never lack for potatoes. We have mashed potatoes, cheesy potatoes, stuffed potatoes, french fries, etc.

Why? Because we are related to Jean Brouwer, that's why.

She keeps us in a constant supply of all sorts of potatoes. And are they good! I love her twice baked potatoes, her mashed potatoes are devine (she puts sour cream in them) and her cheesy potatoes rival anything I've had at a restaurant.

I love potatoes.

I love Jean Brouwer.

Tomorrow, we go to Berlin to see Deanna and Lorraine. We're picking up Pat and Charmine and heading out there. Sandy hasn't seen their new house yet. I want her to see it, especially their shower, which I covet.

Deanna wrote an email last night, worried that Lorraine was coming down with a cold. If she has a cold I can't go. Can't afford germs...I'm in my "bad phase" this week. Today she said Lorraine seems to be doing we are a "Go" for tomorrow.

We're also watching the Huskies at 2pm tomorrow...they are playing on ESPNU. Fortunately we get that channel and so does Deanna and Lorraine.

Oh, and I heard from Birgitta. She and Mats will be happy to come to Stockholm with us. We will have FUN! YAY!!! Mats is going to go nuts putting up with us three women! Oh we are going to have fun.

Okay, another game coming up from the Big East tourney, I'm able to get it on SNYHD....I love our Direct TV!!! If I wanted to pay a little more for the special package, I could watch EVERY women's bball game that was on tv. Maybe when I'm old and infirm, I'll spring for that...spend my winters in front of the telly.

Not yet.

Nighty night!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Long night last night. I was up many times doing you-know-what. It's that time in my chemo cycle when I start getting the trots. I'm taking the medication BEFORE it gets too "trotty" so hopefully I won't need that tincture of opium stuff!

I was able to get up, take a shower, get dressed and drive to Norwich for my bloodwork. Actually, I had to turn around in Norwichtown and drive all the way back home as I had forgotten my bloodwork orders at home! And then, when I got to the lab, they tell me I didn't need to bring it. They could have done the blood draw based on my other orders! Oh well...all that sitting in the car rested me up for the rest of the activiities.

I went to Stop and Shop and got oranges to put out to attract the orioles and more finches (as if we need more finches!)....I got a half out into the yard when I got home.

I also went over to Doc's Barbecue that is right next to where the Phoenix cafe is...which used to b e Indian Leap Cafe. Anyway...I was hoping for pulled pork but they were all out of everything but chickens and pulled chicken. They said the fire dept had come down with a huge order and cleaned them out! I had a nice chat with the owner as he made my pulled chicken sandwich. I also got a side of cole slaw. I brought them home to eat them and liked them. However the barbecue was rather bland.

I don't know if it was my taste buds (most likely as my taste is still somewhat off), or the fault of the place. I will try it time, pulled pork sandwich, or ribs...and I will go when my taste buds are at full-strength!

I like Doc...he is a former Navy guy and he told me "if anything is wrong, I would appreciate hearing about it, so I can make it I LOVE THAT ATTITUDE!!! I told him that was the way to do business.

I will be back there.

Carol asked what was the difference in me having my next chemo as an in-patient, instead of at the Oncology Center. Well, here is my understanding. They will push the med really slow---over a span of 9 hours for that one drug alone, plus three for the Taxol, plus an hour or more for the pre-meds I have to take. They can monitor me closely and if I have a reaction they have the equipment to monitor and to take care of the reaction. If my reaction worsens, I'm right in the hospital and have access to all their emergency response services.

I like it because I have a great chance of having a really competent nurse, maybe even Marcia, my favorite! I also won't freeze there, like I do at the Oncology Ctr. It is so freaking cold there! At least at the hospital, they have those blanket warmers and they aren't shy about using them!

I will also have my own room and there's lots of space for Sandy and me and both of our laptops, own television, etc. And good food for lunch and supper!

So, now it's time for me to climb the stairs....and off to bed!

Nighty Night!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

So, things are just about the same here. I sleep a LOT....get up for a few hours, loll around, and then go back to sleep.

Tuesday I was able to go to Joanie's house to party with the girls. A small group this month, what with people off in Florida and others recuperating from surgeries (you can tell we are retirees)it turned out to be Joanie, Fran, Charmine and Pat, Lynne, Sandy and me. I brought the famous mussells and overindulged myself!

I stayed a bit too long though, and despite having taken an energy drink before the party, I crashed HARD on the way home. When I got in the house I had to sit for awhile, I had nothing left in the tank. I honestly didn't know how I would get upstairs to bed on my own., Fortunately, I got some strength and got up there....and crashed in bed.

The next day I slept until 1pm. Got up and ate breakfast, then crashed again for awhile before Carol came over for dinner. We had a wonderful meal...which Carol cooked...and then we watched a dvd she got on how to evaluate puppies for temperament, physical characteristics, etc. She had gone to a seminar that they woman who did the DVD ran. It was fascinating. We learned that if you are going to pick a puppy that you will have doing agility or any other type of work/play like have to pick one that is in excellent physical condition. The "pick of the litter" so to speak.

After Carol left I crashed again. Then had a tough night sleeping. I ended up coming downstairs in the middle of the night and lying in the recliner. When I went
back upstairs I was able to fall asleep and ended up sleeping in until 11:30.

Jean came up this AM and she and Sandy worked all day in the cellar, cleaning stuff out. We're getting rid of a lot of books--the paperbacks will go to the soldiers in Afghanastan. We're also getting rid of (finally) ALL those damned VHS tapes that Sandy has been holding onto for years. She came up and asked ME if I wanted to get rid of them. I said, (very calmly) "sure, if you think we should." Then I went "YES" as she went back down the cellar stairs. I don't know why she wanted to hold onto them...I'm glad they are going.

So, I haven't ventured into the cellar to see what it looks like...but I'm sure I'll like the change. I'm NO HOARDER! We need to lighten our load so to speak.

Sandy found pictures down there that we can hang in the halls downstairs and upstairs and in the spare bedrooms. Nice.

Now I'm hoping that I can make it to the lab tomorrow to get my CBC done like they want, then to the new barbecue place Anne Masterson told us about in Norwich; and maybe even to the store to get cards for Mariah and Lera for their birthdays next week.

Wish me luck.

Oh, tonight Pam has the baby on "The Office," can't wait to see that episode. I'm wondering how Michael and Dwight are going to insinuate themselves into the action. In some gross way I'm sure!

Nighty night!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Another Day

What a difference this day brought.

I called up to the Chemo Center. I talked with my pal, Mary Artery....who called me RIGHT BACK! WOW!!! She talked with Dr. McCourt and they are going to admit me to the hospital to have my next chemo done. She said to "bring your jammies, you'll probably spend the night." Doesn't bother me! I asked to be on "my floor" Four East. She said, "will do."

Then I wrote to Marcia and told her I'd be there on the 19th. I hope she's working that day and will be my nurse.

My taste buds are still off. I feel bad, because I had the leftover pork dinner Jean
made and I couldn't really appreciate it. She worked so hard on it.

I'm knocked hard by this treatment and I'm spending more time in bed. Good thing I don't have to be anywhere special! I still hope to be able to get out to Joanie's house tomorrow night for our "retirees get-together." Sandy said she would drive me.

Here's hoping....

Nighty night...I'm going back to watch the UConn Notre Dame game...UConn has the game well in hand now. The only intrigue is will Tina break the scoring and rebound records in this game.

I'm going to watch and see.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

A blah day....I felt blah and it was blah outside. I did get out for a little bit when I trudged around out back in the mud, feeding the birds.

Watched the Huskies lose and then went back to bed after the Canadians scored their second goal. I had been flipping back and forth between both games, and texting with Katie about the Huskies and life in general.

I slept for a bit, missed Carol, who came over bearing some pork roast for me. I'll have it later, when my taste buds are back.

I almost threw out a whole box of crackers that had been unopened until I broke into them today, I thought they were stale. Just as I was poised over the trash can to drop them in...I remembered that darned problem I have with my taste buds right after chemo. I decided to let Sandy try them to see how they are. Good move.

A couple of hours later I dragged myself out of bed, Bubbles sitting there whining at me to make me get up. Came downstairs and Sandy made me some Campbell's Chicken Noodle (I know...blah) but it did hit the spot. I have perked up a bit and will sit up for a while and watch the Olympic stuff and my Sunday night shows...Simpsons, Family Guy etc. Then off to bed again.

Tomorrow I have some phone calls to make...wish me luck with the nurses!

Nighty night!