Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Good Friday

I had a hard time sleeping again last night. Ending up sleeping until 11:30 again! I got up, had breakfast, sat out on the deck in the sun (as I fantasized about so many times this winter), got too hot and had to sit under the umbrella!

I ran down to Walmart and Kohl's, looking for canisters and that crock pot I've been wanting. I checked Walmart first--they had what I wanted in the crockpot--but decided to wait to check out Kohls again. I'm glad I did...the same pot was on sale there and with my 15% off coupon, I ended up getting the pot and two canisters (large) for less than what WalMart was charging for the crockpot!

Now I have my slow cooker! YAY! This one also included a small warming pot that you can use for warming maple syrup (which I wouldn't do I don't think) or warming hot fudge sauce (that sounds good) and they have other little recipes for party dips, etc. that I will try.

I was feeling quite peppy as I went about the stores...but of course, when I got home, I could barely drag the purchases inside. I reheated some of my pizza that I had made a few days ago, ate lunch and then I dragged my ass upstairs. Slept for two hours and it felt so darned good.

Sandy went out and got me fish and chips from Milano's for supper. Mary had highly recommended their fish and I thought I would try them. They were very good...light batter, good quality fish. They increased the amount of mayo and tang in their cole slaw, which made me like it better than before. I would recommend this meal.

Talked to Grace tonight. Poor thing, she had called a few times and didn't reach me and then I just wasn't feeling up to chatting on the phone--I rarely enjoy chatting on the phone. Well, she called tonight and we had a nice talk. I promised her that soon I will be feeling peppier and will be able to finally come out there and take her out for that birthday meal that we missed back in December. Her birthday is the most important day to her and I feel badly that I missed it this year--first year in like forever!

Maria and I are plotting to meet up with Bob Miller the day he goes to Washington...I'm waiting to hear from Wini regarding exactly what day he will be there....we will drive up with him...stay over and drive back. But, only if the day works out right for Marieps as far as work is concerned.

Tomorrow I have another CT Scan so you know what that means---my favorite--drinking that chalky crap en route to the hospital. I'll see if I can choke both bottles down this time. I remember that they gave me more to drink just as they slid me into the machine last time. Sandy was joking that she would undergo the CT Scan for me, tell them she was me and see if Dr. Lachance notices anything funny! That would be hysterical! The more I think about it...the more I'm loving the idea.

Janet is coming with us and since I have to fast after midnight tonight, we will be stopping at the "Middle of Nowhere Diner" to have breakfast/lunch on the way home. I'm already looking forward to that.

I have the Sox game on now. Jerry Remy is out ill....hope it's nothing serious. He missed part of the preseason broadcasts due to some kind of infection....makes you wonder. Sox are playing the Angels who are mourning the death of their young pitcher. What a horror that was! They are all wearing his number--24--on their uniforms and they have it "etched into" the pitcher's mound--the site of his biggest pitching triumph the night he was killed, just the other day.

Just goes to show you.....

Nighty night.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Day after the Championship

Quiet day. Read all the stuff on the internet about the Huskies' win....good stuff.

Went to Frank and Jean's tonight for dinner--prime rib with mashed taters; string beans; corn and asparagus. YUM!!! And pumpkin pie for dessert.

Tomorrow I go to Mohegan a high-roller watch the WNBA draft day festivities. I'm going to bring my laptop and my I can follow stuff on line and take pictures for Sportspage. Will be good to see certain folks tomorrow--particularly the Sun staff; Coach Thibault, Mike DiMauro, Jen and Sharon...who will be arriving late. I'm not looking forward to the less-than-warm-welcome I get from the other media folk. Oh well...their loss.

That's it for to bed now!

Nighty night! GO SOX!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Huskies' Night!

Hard time falling asleep, again. I don't know what it is...I drink my Sleepy Time tea, I do all the right things to help me fall asleep---but it doesn't happen for me. I lie there for hours. This AM I woke up early--let Bubbles out and went back to bed. I slept for a long time. As a matter of fact I didn't get my butt out of bed until 12:30!!

Watching the Sox play...Beckett looked so good in his start. Struck out 10 batters. It feels SO GOOD to see Fenway Park, hear Don and Jerry broadcasting the game, hear the sounds of the crowd and the game....if only the sun was shining, it would be PERFECT!

Speaking of perfect...I have no doubt that my Huskies are going to "get 'er done" tonight. Becca says she thinks the first half might be competititive. I kind of hope so...but then again Pam said she hoped they win by 50...hmmmmm....that sounds good too! Maybe the game will have BOTH!

I'll be going to Barb and Mary's tonight to watch the game. Sandy foolishly forgot that Tuesday was game night and volunteered to cover for Lisa at work! She was going to stay up when she thought the game started at 7pm...but when she realized this AM that it isn't going to start until 8pm I said I would cancel Barb and Mary from coming here and I would see if I could go there. They are so gracious and immediately said yes! So I don't have to watch it alone and be quiet while I do!

Tomorrow I fully expect to be celebrating the Sox winning their home opener and the Huskies going undefeated and being National Champions!

Oh...and Rescue Me starts up again tonight on FX...and I'm recording it on the doesn't get any better than that folks!


Nighty night!
Later: Came back on to say THEY DID IT!!!! And I am so happy for them! I watched the game with Barb and Mary...had a great time--thanks Gals! Big celebration tomorrow at Gample...wish I could be there but we are going to Jean's for dinner and besides, it would be too much for me. YAY HUSKIES!!!! I'll watch the celebration on the a shut-in. :)

Monday, April 6, 2009


My Dad is one of my biggest Dad and Harry Truman....and Obama is slowly climbing into hero status with me too.

But Bob Miller is the man I have always looked up to as I was growing up and even right until this day. I have tried to pattern myself after him as far as my job accomplishments were concerned, my involvement in civic things and in trying to as fair as I possibly be. My Dad is honest, hard working, giving and fair.

I talked with Bob on Saturday...he called to check on me and it was funny, I was just getting ready to pick up the phone and call him.

He told me that he is going to go on one of those WWII vet trips to Washington, to see the WWII veteran's memorial. He has a young man who has been working with him to make all the arrangements and follow-through on the details. They will be flying down to Washington at the end of May. I wish I could be there to see this...maybe I will sneak down in my new car and get pictures. I'll have to talk to Wini and find out the details. I think it is so nice that they have FINALLY built a WWII vet memorial and that they are making this effort to bring Vets down to see it.

Bob didn't talk much about his experience in the war, he didn't see combat, fortunately, but he was assigned to work in a POW camp in Manila and told us some stuff about the Phillippines. I often wondered if he would like to go back and see it--I asked him finally and he said "no, not really." He wanted to see Italy more---so we took him in '04, and I'm so glad we did!

My brain is so mushy right now I can't remember if I posted this story on here already! It's all good...I love my Dad and I don't mind repeating myself when it comes to him.

Today is a slow day....real slow apparently! Last night I went in the spare room to lie down because (weak stomach people stop reading)...when I lie down, the gas starts BLOWING out of me. I think it has something with the bowels being stimulated by me lying on my side--anyway, every night it's the damned same thing--GAS GAS we learned to yell in the Army (but it wasn't THIS kind of gas they were referring to)...and Sandy can't stand it. I mean it really, really even bothers me.

So last night I got up and went to the spare room...I laid there in my bathrobe and a blanket over me--blowing out the gas. I figured I would get that job done and then I would go back to bed. Which is exactly what happened....except I didn't wake up until 5AM!!! I went back to bed, in my bed.

Bubbles and Truman got up to go do their thing at their usual time...Sandy got up with them. I slept and slept. Sandy came back to bed and every once in awhile Bub would get up and we would convince her to go back to sleep. I did get up with her once and then we went back to bed.

Sandy finally got up and checked the clock--it was 12:30!!!! I guess we both needed to sleep! Sandy has been exhausted lately and all the work she did, driving that John Deere must have tuckered her out, the poor dear.

So today we are slugs. Catching up on the shows we've recorded on the DVR--Survivor; Friday Night Lights; Amazing Race; and now we are watching Millionaire Matchmaker. Sorry to all of you working stiffs who had to get up and go out in the rain to go to work! I feel your pain!

I am feeling peppier and peppier (is that really a word?) and I think things are really going to be on the upswing from now on. The hair is coming in faster than Sandy thought it would...the taste buds are working again---I just made homemade pizza--with really good pepperoni; cheese; anchovies; onions and sun dried tomatoes....yum! I could taste it all!

Just after I wrote that I got up to get another slice of pizza and I could feel the damned fatigue hit again! Oh well...back to the drawing board. I will say that I have more "energetic" moments during the day....and the amount of time I have this energy is growing. I still "hit the wall" every day, but it's all okay...I can see the light.....


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Semi Final Sunday

The work crew--Mark, Sandy, Jean and Frank

Frank "pulls down" tree..while Jean watches from safe distance.

Mark, taking down 2 cedars on the side of the house by Cliff and Cathy's.

I am commiting blogging while the game is still in progress. I think it's safe to say the Huskies are going to win---they are up by 25 points!

I was so nervous about this game--Deanna called and said she keeps reminding herself "we have Maya and they don't"....and we also have Renee

and Tina and KG and Tiffany! Tina sure is doing a great job....better than last year! She and Appel have been battling all night and Tina is really doing a wonderful job on her.

I had a little burst of energy today and decided to push it for a few hours---you have to start somewhere, right? I snuck off to Ocean State and got potting soil, some cool corduroy shirts, a sweatshirt and one of those anti-gravity chairs (for the deck). I loaded the car myself, headed home and got busy potting plants.

I had picked up some herb seeds the other day. I consulted with Carol about planting them in the ground or in pots. We decided I could plant them all in pots. So, that's what I did--parsley; basil (two types); cilantro; and chives. I have rosemary too... but I am not sure if I will plant them in pots...I think I'll put them out in the garden somewhere...if Sandy will give me some space.

Anyway I hauled the wheelbarrow around, potted plants, filled the bird feeders, put the plants up in the cellar under the famous grow lights we have down there....and then came in the house, made myself a soup and sandwich lunch and collapsed in the recliner.

Linda Blake called from great to hear her voice, although I had to tell her that she has a bit of a southern drawl to her speech...which surprised her. We had a great chat--they hope to be home in time for her to join us when we go out later in the month. Here's wishing them a safe voyage home! Linda admitted she's ready to be home. I can't imagine what it's like living on a boat for that long of a time....I'll bet it's fun but scary sometimes too.

Mark came over with his chainsaw, joining Frank who brought his chainsaw--between them they cut down four of those nasty cedar trees--the ones that are choking out the other trees. Frank cut back all the grape vines that were all over a tree near the shed. There are still more cedars that neeed to go, but it looks so good out there already! Jean raked and Sandy hauled the branches and cut tree trunks with her John Deere--she was very happy.

I took pictures of the work and workers..I tried to upload them in a way that makes sense...but Blogspot does whatever the hell it wants to put up with all the unexplained images!

I know it's going to rain tomorrow--too bad...I really enjoyed the sun today--but I know that it's not ALL about me--just most of it--HA HA!

The sun will come out again...soon.

In the meantime--tomorrow the Sox play the Rays--Beckett on the mound---Tuesday UConn will play Louisville for the National Championship.

Let it is GOOD!!!

BTW.... my sense of taste is back and my hair is really starting to grow! WHOOPEEE!!!
Nighty Night!