Friday, August 21, 2009

Halfway home!

Had chemo #11 today. Another 11 to go. Sometimes it feels like I've just started this process, sometimes it feels as if I have been doing it for years! I got the good news about my CT scan today--everything looks great in gremlins popping up anywhere. Happy day!

It has been so hot this week. I worked on Monday and Wednesday and was supposed to work today, but I couldn't because of chemo. I'm on stand-by for Monday. They don't need as many people so they canceled me--but then they said the back-up person isn't feeling I'm on stand-by. It's all good. I get paid either way.

Today the nurse put me on Effexor...which is an antidepressant that also helps with hot flashes. The Tylenol PM she suggested last time really helps me fall asleep when I first go to bed and when I wake up at night....from the hot flashes. Hopefully the Effexor will help reduce the hot flashes. I used to take hormones for this but can't now because of the chemo.

I don't mind being on an antidepressant. I kind of run to depression anyway. I've always been that way...have to fight depression most of the time. I used to be on a different med that helped "smooth things out" for me. It can't hurt that's for sure!

Jerry Remy is back in the booth where he belongs...just hope the Sox respond and dig their way out of this 5-1 deficit! Ooops! 6-1 deficit!

I don't trust Brad Penny.

Tomorrow is a big picnic in Massachusetts at the McElreath's, I'll be picking Bob and Wini up at noon and heading up to Linwood. Then I take them home, come home and rest for a bit, then it's off to Norwich to meet up with Janet and Jess to go to dinner at Foxwoods and then see the "Legends" show that we have been eagerly anticipating. We'll be seeing "Michael Jackson, Cher, Bette Midler" and I can't rememer who else. Should be lots of fun. I hope I'm not too tired!

Sunday I think I'll just lie in the recliner and enjoy the Sox and Yankees. Or watch the hurricane or whatever it is that's headed this way.

Batten down the hatches folks!

Nighty night.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hot hot hot

It's been hot hot hot....and I'm loving it. I never used to like the heat. I was very affected by heat, in a negative way in the past. I tolerate it better now and am able to do more stuff out in the heat.

This AM I got up and went to the gym. I hadn't been in more than a week--maybe even longer than it felt good to be back in there again. This is odd, as right now there is a show on TV about a guy who works out at least 50 times a WEEK! It's that show "Obsession" that we're recording.

Well, I'm certainly not like that guy. But I do need to go to the gym more. I worked out for over an hour, nice mix of treadclimber, bike, resistance machines, weights and then stretching.

Friday I worked in the afternoon---Jenn was back to work after having the baby. Nice talking with her and hearing about her new life with the baby. It was also good to see her back at her desk. Sheila is in Paris....again...that's getting old. I hope she's back when I go to work tomorrow. I love fooling around with her.

Friday night I had Mark and Carol come over. We had fish and chips from a local place and we gave it three "thumbs down"....and continue our quest for great fish and chips. I told Mark about the red potato pizza that I get from the place in Canterbury and he got all excited.he wants to go with the next time I head out that way.

We were eating on the deck, but had to move into the house because of the damned mosquitos. They were really wicked. I guess they have been bad everywhere this year. Because it's been so wet and we have wetlands next to us and behind us, I guess they like our place even more.

So, we went inside and Carol and I watched Real Housewives of Atlanta (delicious!) while Mark dozed off in Sandy's recliner!

Yesterday I went to Guilford for Trudy's 80th birthday party at her daughter's house. She had called me in the AM to see if I was going to ride down with her and I gave her all kinds of excuses and told her maybe I wouldn't be there, I "didn't feel good" I told her. She was surprised to see me there....which is what I wanted. Of course, she was more surprised to see her daughter from Indiana there. I got to meet them all....and ended up being the official photographer for the occasion. Her daughter's house is gorgeous, very nicely decorated and on four acres!

Speaking of photos, I had wanted Sandy to take some photos of me as there are so few photos of me around. I always end up taking the pictures and have lots of pics of other people but none of me! So today when I got home from the gym I had her take some shots of me in my workout clothes.

I took some photos of her with the dogs and later Carol came over and took photos of us with the dogs out on the front porch, surrounded by flowers. The dogs started howling when we first sat down and we told Carol to keep shooting. The pictures are hysterical. They are all howling and we are laughing.

Then we got them to settle down and they were able to focus on Carol once in awhile so we could get some nice shots. I'll post a couple here when I get time.

Heard from my cousin Barbara, who went to Sweden at the end of July, into August. She and Harvey had a great time and got to see Birgitta and Mats when they were there. They all went out to the island where my grandfather and Barbara's father lived. I am so jealous that she got to see Birgitta and Mats--I miss them. I want to go back to the island so bad...can't wait until next year when Maria and I go over for a visit.

Sandy and Truman were accepted into the national trials in Tennessee next month. We rented a horse stall area to set up our stuff in---it sounds nice...10x10 and a cement floor and electrical hook-up. This way the dogs can get-away from other people and dogs at the trial. We can run the fans to keep them cool.

They also have Wi-Fi at the trial site and I will be able to bring my laptop with me so I can blog about the trial and how Truman is doing. I can also keep up with my email and what my pals on Facebook are doing. Life in the modern age.....

Another busy week, swimming at Jean's, work, swimming again and then chemo on Friday. Hopefully I'll be able to get back to the gym.

Nighty night! STAY COOL!