Saturday, January 24, 2009


This is the time when I have to limit my contact with other human beings...due to my immune system. Tomorrow, however, I'm going to "chance it" by going to Ryan's birthday party at noon down in Waterford. It won't be a big crowd, just immediate I think my risk will be minimal.

Called Bob Miller tonight and had a nice conversation. He and Wini were disappointed because they were going to miss the Huskies game tonight...they were going to their friend's house to watch movies like they do every Saturday night. Why don't they tell the friend's to come over and watch the game? They are so polite, these older folks...if it was me, you know what I would be saying...."sorry Charlie, no can do tonight! Come watch the game with me or sit home alone!"

Let's just put it this way...I have never been known for my tact.

To compound the pain...neither one of them knows how to work the vcr to tape the show! And, their cable box probably has a DVR built in...which they don't know how to use. I'll have to get off my butt and go up there to give them an inservice.

It's half time now so I feel free to post here. The Huskies are killing as usual. Come to think of it, Bob and Wini aren't missing much. I think Cincinnati scored four points in the first half!

The big game is going to be on Monday night when they play Louisville. That should be a good one.

Sandy had to work last night and then go to her ACLS inservice and test this morning...she didn't get home until after 1pm! She isn't used to this and went right upstairs to bed. She got up to watch the game, but I don't know how much longer she will last.

I got a bill today from Precision Therapy...the company that examined my tissue samples after my surgery and determined what course of treatment and how much chemo
I should get. It was a bill for $5,000!!! WOW!!! The insurance company had sent me a check to cover $3800 of it...I'm sending them that amount and a copy of the insurance statement and hope that they call it even. If not, I'll be happy to cough up the other $1200 as that is a small price to pay for getting cured. I don't know how much their decision about my treatment has factored into my progress...but I don't want to upset the mojo I've got going here so far!

I overheard Sandy telling Jean about a guy in the hospital...young guy with a family, who is probably going to die of cancer and his wife just got a notice that his insurance has been canceled. That is so unfair! It makes me sick to think about it! I remember when my mother was sick with cancer and they dropped her insurance...what that did to my father (who never complained or showed it)...but my mother would tell me. It put him in a hole financially that we were lucky to survive only because he had a decent job and got support from the community.

I remember once when his old car died and the community GAVE him a car! Can you imagine?
I can...people are so generous and helpful. I see that happening with my illness...people jumped right up...and keep on help, to offer support, well-wishes, anything and everything I need.

Okay..I'm getting too serious. Check out the picture to the right of the blog...that's Taylor (singing), Ryan on drums and Sandy on was taken Christmas Eve when we were playing with the Wii Rock Band that Sandy got me for Christmas. The kids went out and bought themselves a Rock Band...maybe we can all play tomorrow when we are at the house for Ryan's birthday!

Now that's a great that will drive the adults CRAZY!!!! And I don't include myself in that adult category, of course!

Nighty night...gotta go...the second half is starting...I wonder if Cincinnati will break 10 points in this game?

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