Monday, January 26, 2009

Birthdays and Wakes

Ryan's birthday party was fun...we even got to play some Rock Band...I sang of course! Sandy is getting better and better on the guitar. I'm going to have to branch out and take a chance on the drums and up my skills. I can't hide behind the microphone forever!

We forgot Ryan's card at home...and the Garmin that we were going to bring back to Best Buy. I had forgotten my camera and went back in the house to get it...Sandy was on her way out...she grabbed my camera and left the other stuff on the table. We didn't discover it until we got all the way to Waterford...she was going to turn around and go back, but I told her that would take over an hour (both ways) we had to go into the party looking like dopes.

We have to return the Garmin I got her because it doesn't seem to have a battery! It's supposed to have one installed...but it doesn't hold a charge, nor does it indicate that there is a battery. Of course, I apparently threw away the reciept...and the extended warranty we have to hope that Best Buy accepts the "I got it as a Christmas gift...." explanation.

Today, despite the fact that I am still in nadir, I will be going to May Landry's Mom's wake. I will wear my mask which will make me stand out like a sore thumb...fortunately I'm a Leo and love any kind of attention...even negative! I'll go to the wake early, sneak in to see May and scurry home before anyone so much as breathes on me!

I never got to meet May's Mom, although I feel as though I have known her for years. A few years back May asked me if I would be interested in the "job" of being her mother's companion for a few weeks to accompany her to her home on St. Bart's. At the time it was impossible for me to leave for that period of I have regretted that! Not only because I missed out on a trip to St. Bart's...but May's mother was such a character and I missed out on spending time with her...getting to know her. I'll bet we would have had quite a time!

You know May's Mom was a character...look at May, I mean COME ON!

It's going to snow again this week. That's nice. I AM SO SICK OF BEING COLD!!

Sandy is trying to figure out how we could afford to sneak off to Florida for a long weekend...but we have to save our money for our upcoming trips to Tennessee in September and the cruise at the end of October. AND, for the Open House I want to have the first weekend in August...for my 60th birthday; our 25th anniversary (which will be coming up in October); for folks to see the new house and for the end of chemo! Well, the "big chemo" anyway.

So, if you are reading this, consider yourself the date...the first weekend in August...dunno which day yet, probably will go all day.

Well, I gotta go get showered and dressed to go to the wake. I've dropped more weight, so I'll be wearing the size 10 slacks Jean picked up for me last month. Unbelievable.

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