Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mixed day

Had a good day, went to Groton this afternoon for our SNEAK Board meeting...I had to chair that and the club meeting immediately after, as Lindsay is in Florida and didn't want to come back up to chair the meeting!

It was great seeing all my agility pals again...we got a lot of good work done today. We're planning for our trial which is coming up in April, at the Chester Fairgrounds. I'm hoping that I will be at full strength by then so I can be a contributor to the work effort!

On our way home, I got a call from Chris Whitley...he broke the news to me that Craig passed away a week ago Friday. In the end, Chris had to make the decision to let his Dad go. I can't fathom what that must be like, but I was able to tell Chris that I can recall having conversations with his Dad and his Mom, when we were in the Army together, about what we considered "quality of life" and what decisions we would want made for us if it ever came to that. Well, it did come to that, and Chris did exactly what his Dad had wanted for himself.

The loss of Craig is a big blow to me...although Sandy is probably right, we all lost Craig years ago, when Rita (his wife) died. Craig hasn't been right since and never got over it. There was nothing we could do to help him...and that hurt too.

I will never forget Craig and Rita and all that we did together. They will always have a special place in my heart.

Christopher told me that he would like to remain in contact with me....which really touched me, as he was a baby when I got out of the Army and I've only seen him one time since...when he was about 10 or younger....I told him that he would always have a place to stay in our home. And I mean it...I hope someday he does come to visit...I'd love to get to know him better and I'd love to show him around.

When I got home, everything crashed around me at supper. I was tired, the news about Craig hit me hard...I had to leave the table and go upstairs to lie down for awhile. Now I'm back downstairs, catching up on the news and writing this.

Tomorrow Sharon is coming to the house, for the first watch the UConn North Carolina game with me. I'm psyched about her visit, I've been wanting her to meet Sandy and Bubbles for some time now. Sharon and I met at the Sun games, we sit together at the media table and we hit it off immediately....I can't think of watching a Sun game without her! We have such a good time.

So, I'll go to bed early tonight, or maybe stay up to watch "The L Word" premiere...I'll rest up tomorrow so I'll be ready for the big game. With Caroline Doty out with a torn ACL, the outcome in favor of UConn isn't as guaranteed as it seemed yesterday.....should be a good game....a real test for the Huskies.

Nighty night, hug your loved ones extra tight....

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Marieps said...

Annie, I'm sorry to hear about Craig. He and Rita were "real" people-no phoney baloneys.