Monday, January 19, 2009

Game Day Addendum

I was really feeling sick this afternoon, took a nap and that helped a bit. I was almost considering calling Sharon and taking a pass on tonight, but I'm glad I didn't!

Sandy took Lily to Rally-O class tonight, leaving the Russells home with me. Sharon arrived, I put the dogs in Sandy's den and we had supper...while Truman and Bub whined and barked.

Sharon brought a "trinket" (as she put it) from Debbie Black, who used to be a professional point guard in the ABL and played for the Sun for a couple of years, too. Deb and Dawn Staley are my two favorite "non Husky" point guards.

Anyway, Sharon is a friend of Debbie and went out to see her over Christmas vacation. She told Deb about my "little situation" and Deb wanted to give me something. The "little trinket" turned out to be a jersey that Deb wore in an ABL All-Star game....this is HUGE!!!! She added to it by writing a message to me on the jersey and signing it! I couldn't believe it...this is SO AWESOME!

Later, during the game, Deb called Sharon on her cell and I got to thank her for the jersey...another thrill for me. Deb was so fierce out on the court, but she is so sweet off the court. It really made my night to get that jersey and to talk with her.

Sharon and I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Huskies decimate the Tarheels....we never expected it would be a blowout! I have no idea what team can beat the Huskies....and I hope this continues right through to the National Championship!

I think I'll invite Lynne to come watch a game with me...maybe she will become a fan. Hey, maybe I should take her to a game!

Oh, Brandi (one of my nurses at the hospital) emailed me today and told me that for some reason the third and sixth chemo sessions really kick you in the ass...NOW SHE TELLS ME!! HA HA! It is bad, but not THAT bad....I have said it before and I'll say it again...I am very lucky. When I hear what other people are going through after their chemo...I have NOTHING to complain about!

Speaking of which, just want to send a big hug to Jimmy Donovan....I hope that everything calms down for you Jim....and you get feeling better fast!

Now it's time for me to climb the stairs and crawl into bed. Big day tomorrow...I'm going to bundle up, lie in Sandy's recliner and watch the Inauguration. IT'S HISTORY, PEOPLE!!! America's Big Day!

Nighty night!


Anonymous said...

Your "trinket" sounds awsome, how exciting to actually talk to a "celeb"! Carol & I LOVED watching the Huskies and NC, powerful gals!! Hope your week gets better, thanks for the shout out and I am finally feeling a bit better....till the next/final course! Stay warm!!

Lynne said...

I'm more than willing to come up and watch a game with you, as long as there's good snacks!

Anonymous said...

Oh Ann, I am amazed and so happy for:
1.You being so positive.
2.You willing to come out of the house...the beautiful one, by the way.
3.All of any part of it! You inspire me!
Love and lots of good karma,