Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Today is a "down day"...not that I'm feeling down...but everything else is "down"...I feel icky, very, very tired and weak. I went to get my bloodwork done and had to have Sandy drive me.

We went over to Lazizah afterwards to see Iffat and Bassem...they were happy to see me and I got a big hug and high five from Iffat. I got the asparagus soup, with sun dried tomatoes and wonderful homemade croutons...I also got a tuna wrap...delish! I got a white bean salad and a slice of cheese bread for supper...but right now I can't eat it. I'm having a protein shake strength to eat.

We stopped at Arremony's on the way home and I got a loaf of pumpernickle and some treats. We dropped off two Whoopie Pies for Carol and Mark..and found out today is Mark's birthday...he called tonight to thank us and to tell me our timing is impecable.

I took a nap when we got home...seemed like I just made it up the wiped me out. I haven't felt this wiped since just after my surgery...I hope Brandi is right and there is something about the third chemo that kicks your ass...I still have the diarrhea. Sandy picked up two HUGE bottles of Imodium for me today...I've already gone through one of the smaller ones she bought just last week!

Imodium is not an addiction I was seeking.....

I'm going to log off and go back upstairs to bed. The UConn men are playing tonight and I can watch them on the flat screen Sandy got for me up in the bedroom. I am really enjoying that tv...I never watched much tv in the bedroom before, but I've been getting good use out of this one lately! I roll over in bed and put the news on first thing just about every morning.

Anyway, I'm too tired and weak to stay up downstairs...I'll be better off in my nice warm bed, watching the Huskies and petting my little doggy who will be lying right next to me I'm sure.

I'm hoping I have more pep tomorrow, I have to go to Uncas in the afternoon for Mortality Review. It will be a short meeting, one one case to review. If I need her to Sandy will take me over and wait for me. I do want to go, I want to see the folks over there...I haven't been there since October!

So, here's hoping that this chemo reaction ends tonight and I get rid of this feeling of exhaustion...and weakness.

Nighty night!



Anonymous said...

good night Annie, love you. russ

Lynne said...

Here's hoping the Huskies win last night made you feel better. See? I at least check the scores :)