Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I watched the Inauguration today...first one I've seen since Jimmy Carter I think. It was fabulous...I actually turned it on at 6:30 and there were so many people out there already!

Obama's speech wasn't super rousing...but it got the point across. We all have to pitch in and do our part...that's the best way to get out of this mess. Aretha was great, the poet was okay...Yo Yo Ma and the guys were fabulous!

They were running late...I dunno but Obama may be the first President who wasn't sworn in on time...he automatically became President at noon, even though he hadn't been sworn in! That was different.

I'm still feeling very weak and I had a spell of dizziness this morning that concerned me. I figured out that if I sleep with my legs drawn up to my chest (like the fetal position) I don't hurt as much and I can sleep better. The hot flashes wake me up instead of the aches and pains! Damn hot flashes!

My new atomic wristwatch arrived today. I've been wanting one for quite some time...ever since I saw Lynne and David's atomic wall clock. I have been pricing them and of course, was attracted to the most expensive ones. Well...I found one for a great price...and I celebrated my health status by purchasing it. It's kind of big for my new wrist....but it works and I really like it.

That said, I won't get to enjoy it for long...Sandy is going to kill me. I made the mistake of answering a phone call from Backus and BAD NEWS...they want her to work tonight! OH WHY DON'T I LISTEN TO HER and NEVER ANSWER the phone when it's from BACKUS??? WHY OH WHY!

Oh and as long as she's going to kill me anyway...this morning Sandy was talking about the Vice President-Elect and she called him "Ben Lidden"....and INSISTED that was his name! I was laughing so hard and when she saw me write it down, she started yelling...knowing that I would be putting it in this blog. She is so funny sometimes...and she really knows her political figures!
So, this will be my last blog entry...it's been real.....


SueBear said...

Repeat after me..."Sandy? Sandy who? You must have the wrong number." LMAO

Jack Ballenger said...

Thanks Sandy! Now I can't remember his REAL name! God help me.

Lynne said...

Can't wait to see the atomic watch. Don't forget to show it to me Friday. And stop picking on Sandy!